Can You Get Split Ends on Your Beard?

Can You Get Split Ends on Your Beard?

Beard requires tender loving care and maintenance like the hair on your head. When you get split ends beard hairs, it doesn’t mean you should automatically shave off your beard. Nevertheless, split ends can happen. One of the best ways to handle this is to find the cause of this damage. You can do numerous things, both with grooming and personal health, to help fix the split ends of your beard and prevent any future occurrence.

Split ends in your beard hair can be caused by dry facial hair.

Split-ends in your beard hair are typically caused by damaged or dry facial hair. The strands in the beard split at the tip of the follicle, leaving your beard frizzy or scraggly. Generally, dead ends on a beard are typically caused by poor grooming. They can also be caused by prolonged exposure to heat sources such as hair dryers, beard straighteners, or the sun. Beards with split ends tend to have coarse and dull or frizzy and wavy hair that sticks out on the edges.

Longer beards tend to develop split ends.

The longer your beard grows, the higher your chances of experiencing split ends. That is why you typically see split ends in long beards. If you find it is becoming more difficult to style your beard appealingly, or perhaps the split ends of your beard make it look unbecoming, you might have to rehydrate your skin and the hair follicles above it using beard care products. Doing this can help improve your beard hair’s texture.

Can You Get Split Ends on Your Beard?

Why do I Have Split Ends on my Beard?

Just like the hair on the head, one can have split beard ends when the cuticle becomes damaged and weathered. This results in the splitting and cracking of the hair end. There are various reasons why this damage occurs. They can include:

  • Poor nutritional health
  • External aggressors
  • Incorrect hair and beard care

The unfortunate thing about split ends is that they are extremely damaged to the point that they split. To get rid of them, you will have to cut them off. You can do this by trimming your beard to the point where your beard is no longer broken.

Split ends in your beard occur due to dry and damaged hair follicles. There are numerous causes for a split-end beard, including overexposure to the sun and lack of adequate beard maintenance.

Research has shown that your hair cannot be repaired once you have split ends on your beard. You will have to trim away the excess.

Certain hair types are more prone to split ends in their beard.

Men with coarse hair tend to suffer from split ends in their beards more than other hair types. It could be that you have a long beard. Long beard styles are more prone to split ends due to insufficient lubrication from the skin’s sebaceous glands. These glands are located within your hair follicle, which means it can be difficult for the sebaceous oil to run down the length of your beard.

The most effective way to avoid split ends in a long beard is to trim your beard with a pair of sharp scissors. Longer beards tend to have more split ends as the hair dries out. Therefore carefully trimming the ends with scissors can help eliminate your beard’s split ends quickly.

How to fix split ends on a beard

How to Fix Split Ends on A Beard

Getting split ends in your beard can be quite frustrating. Fortunately, fixing them is easy. You can fix your split ends by using scissors to cut them out. If you notice that you have more split ends in different areas of your beard, you are better off using a sharp razor or beard trimmer to shave off a portion of your beard. Doing this helps to ensure your beard doesn’t look patchy while keeping your hair length uniform.

You must use sharp razors, as dull blades can cause the hair on your beard to become frayed, possibly creating more split ends on your beard.

How to Prevent Split Ends on Beard

To prevent split ends on your beard, you can use various beard products, from beard butter and balms to beard oils. These products can help you grow glowing, lustrous beard hair, stopping splits ends in your beard from forming.

We have a great article about how to make your own beard shave butter at home. This allows you to control the ingredients you use in the product. A homemade natural beard butter can help avoid hair follicles drying out and getting split ends in your beard.

We also recommend maintaining your beard using the right beard shampoo and conditioner. This means creating an enhanced routine that conditions and cares for your beard. For instance, you can use your beard oil every morning and after you clean your beard. When cleaning your beard, ensure that you use a moisturizing beard wash that alters your hair texture. A moisturizing beard wash can help your beard to become softer, making it easier to style.

How to Stop Split Ends on Beard

The most effective way to stop split ends on a beard is to pay close attention to your beard at every growth stage. You must also maintain a proper beard care routine by ensuring your scissors and razor blades are in shape. To this end, your razor blades should be newly sharpened or freshly replaced. The last thing you want is to trim or shave away your beard using a dull pair of scissors or blades, which can cause split ends, razor burns, and ingrown hairs.

After brushing your beard hair out, take the time to inspect the ends and trim off any split ends you see using your blade. When doing this, ensure that your professional beard split-end trimmers have been sharpened and oiled for use. If multiple sections of your beard have split ends, you are better off buzzing down your beard with a razor.

You should never leave split-end beard hairs on as they could split even further, making your beard rough and wiry. This is how to get split ends out of the beard.

Split Ends Beard Care

Split ends beard care is just as crucial as overall beard care. The first thing to do when you have split ends of beard hairs is to trim your beard with a pair of sharp scissors. Doing this removes the unhealthy hair, leaving behind healthy hair that can grow without broken and brittle ends. This helps stop any dead ends on the beard from worsening by increasing toward the root or shaft of your hair. This is especially important if your beard is long.

Also, you need to thoroughly wash your hair and use a beard conditioner. After drying your beard, you should apply beard oil, preferably made with essential and natural oils. Brush through your beard with a comb or bristle brush. When brushing with a comb, use one made from wood rather than plastic, as plastic combs have narrow teeth that can result in more split ends of beard hairs.

Alternatively, you can also use the following products to care for your beard:

Check out the best homemade recipes for shaving creams that can keep your skin moisturized. For extra moisturizing, you can try the best recipes for shave butter you can make at home. You can add your own natural ingredients and increase the moisturising of your skin during shaving.

If you are truly serious about split ends beard care, you can begin consuming a healthy diet filled with B, D, and A vitamins; and Omega-3 fatty acids. A healthy diet of eggs, leafy greens, walnuts, and fish can help alter your body chemistry, promoting healthier hair and skin.

Should You Trim The Split Ends on Your Beard?

If you have split ends on your beard, you are not alone. Split ends on beards are common. Generally, split ends on your beard could be the aftermath of having a dry beard. Your beard hair will resemble unraveled rope at the ends making your beard appear bushy.

Try and trim the split ends on the beard as soon as you notice them to stop the rest of the hair from splitting further up.

Ensure you trim your beard by retaining as much length as you can. To split end trimmer beard, you must have a pair of highly sharp scissors. You will also need to clean your beard before you can cut the split ends out.

Split Ends Beard Tips

The moment you notice that you have split ends of beard hairs, your hair is already cracked, and that crack is likely to travel up to the root if you do nothing about it. You can stop the crack in its tracks by trimming off the dead ends.

Get your sharp scissors or beard trimmer to trim the damaged area of your beard. Doing this helps leave a cleaner cut, which is much less stressful on your weakened hair.

Trimming Split Ends on Beard

Most men with split ends of beard will require a full trim. This is because more than one section of the beard has split ends. However, if you notice that only an area of your beard has split ends, you are better off using a pair of scissors to whittle it down.

When doing this, ensure that you don’t remove too much hair. You also have to consider the overall lines and shape of your beard to ensure a uniform cut.

A Wrap Up – Can You Get Split Ends on Your Beard?

Proper beard care and maintenance are primal to keeping your beard in good health. If you want to avoid split ends on your beard, consume a rich diet, wash your beard with the right shampoo, utilize beard oils or beard wax, and be careful of any driers or heat that that comes in contact with your beard.

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