Can You Wash Your Beard With Soap?

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Washing your beard should never be complicated; however, there is an art to it. Do it wrong, and you could end up with an abrasive, unmanageable, and dry beard. Considering that your beard is on your face, you might think there is nothing wrong with washing it every day; however, washing your beard daily is not the best move.

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering if you can wash your beard with soap. You might also wonder if it is okay to use face wash on your beard and how many times a week you should wash it. Fortunately, you can get an answer to all these questions.

Should I Wash my Beard With Soap?

When it comes to washing your beard, you should never wash your beard with soap. Neither should you wash it with face wash or regular hair shampoo, as these compounds can strip your beard of its natural oils. This can make your beard flaky, itchy, or get beardruff.

Can you wash your beard with soap? Can I wash my beard with Body Wash?

What is The Best Way to Wash Your Beard?

When washing your beard, the most effective way to do so is to use a beard wash. A mild beard wash with gentle conditioners can help ensure your face is refreshed and your beard is healthy.

Body washes, regular soaps, and face washes have all been created to serve an entirely different purpose: to clean your face and body. Due to this, they are created with highly potent chemical cleaners. These cleansers can be harsh on your face, making them unsuitable for your beard.

Considering the hair on your face is a lot different from the one on your head, your face is much more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. Using a body wash, regular soap, and face wash on your beard can strip away your beard’s natural oils, making your face itchy and flaky. Continued use of these products can result in your beard having dandruff or beardruff.

An excellent beard wash can ensure your beard retains all your natural oils while keeping your skin healthy and moisturized. This also means that you don’t need as many oil products to make your beard softer, healthier, and better looking.

Can I Use Beard Wash Every Day?

The simple answer is no; you should not use beard wash daily. You should wash your beard just twice a week using beard wash.

Twice a week is a reasonable average, as washing your beard too often can result in you stripping your beard of its essential and natural oils. This can result in the beard becoming flaky and dry. Washing your beard every day using beard wash can also result in your skin becoming rough and your beard having dandruff.

When washing your beard, always use a mild beard wash made with gentle ingredients and conditioners. This can help make your beard feel fresh while remaining soft.

What Can You Use to Wash Your Beard?

When washing your face, you should never use regular soap, shampoo, or body wash, as these products are harsh on the skin underneath your beard. This means you can use beard shampoo to wash your beard.

If you have an oily beard, you are better off using shampoo. However, you can choose to wash your beard with just water. We’ve outlined the benefits of using beard wash or just water below.

Can I wash my beard with just water?

You can also choose to use just water to wash your beard. While there are good beard shampoos on the market, you should note that even the most gentle beard shampoo has some elements that can cause your skin’s natural sebum to become stripped away. When you use water, you don’t have to worry about this issue.

Furthermore, you save money when you wash with just water since you aren’t paying for a beard wash. You also get less flaking and beard dandruff since water doesn’t come with all the harsh chemicals present in there. Your natural oils remain in your beard, which can help your beard stay moisturized. All of this, in turn, can help you avoid dandruff and flaking.

Should I use beard wash to clean my beard?

The simple fact is that it can be harder to wash out some products when you use only water. Washing your beard with water cannot be a great choice if you have an oily beard. Some men have oiler skin than others. This happens because the sebaceous glands generate more sebum oil than required.

If this seems like you, then using just water to wash your beard won’t be enough. Ensure that you do not use regular shampoo, face wash, or soap when washing your beard, as this can cause your skin to dry.

 You will need to use a beard shampoo to eliminate the excess oil and the smell that comes with it.

Can Body Wash be Used For Shaving?

The body wash isn’t recommended for shaving as it wasn’t created for that purpose. While it is possible to use body wash for shaving, it isn’t something you should do regularly. When you shave using body wash, you run the risk of razor burn and skin irritation.

Can You Use Regular Shampoo on Your Beard?

No, you should never use regular shampoo on your beard. It is one of the things that all grooming experts stand against. Using regular shampoo on your beard is a faux pas, as the harsh chemicals used to create regular shampoo could cause the skin underneath your beard to become irritated.

While these chemical compounds do not do anything for the skin on our scalp, the skin on the face is susceptible and reacts more to these chemical compounds.

Do I Use Body Wash Before or After Shaving?

For the majority of people, the answer to this question is relatively straightforward. They believe you should wash your body—ergo, use body wash—before shaving. This school of thought believes you must wash all the grime and dirt from your body before shaving.

If this is your line of thought, I am afraid you are wrong. Using body wash before you shave can negatively affect your face. When you use body wash before shaving, you eradicate all the essential and natural oils that help protect your skin.

This lack of natural oils means your skin can feel irritated and dry, making it even more challenging to get a close shave. To avoid all this, you are better off using your body wash after you shave.

As a rule of thumb, you must prepare your skin and beard for a shave. You can splash some warm water onto your neck and face. Doing this helps wet your skin, soften the hair, and make shaving easy. Wetting your beard can also help ensure that your skin doesn’t dry out like it would when you use soap.

Can I Use Body Wash to Wash my Face? Can I use body wash on my face?

Can I Use Body Wash to Wash my Face?

No, you should try not to use body wash to wash your face; there are many reasons for this. The main reason why you shouldn’t use body wash to wash your face is that body wash contains surfactants—the term given to compounds that separate the grime and dirt from your body, water, and anything else in the shower.

These surfactants have not been created for use on the hair, and most of them are quite harsh for hair, especially facial hair. The last place you should put these harsh cleansers is your face.

Can I Use Body Wash on my Beard?

You should never use body washes and bar soaps designed for your body on your beard, as they provide an extremely harsher clean. The ingredients are great when you want to scrub the day’s grime from your body. However, using them on your face can result in your skin drying out. It can also make your beard itchy, flaky, and full of dandruff. These ingredients can also cause you to have unhealthy growth and split ends.

The hair on your face is very different from that on your head, so using anything other than beard shampoo (AMZ Link) or beard wash can strip the natural oils from your hair. Using a body wash on your beard can make your skin flaky, which only a high-quality beard oil can fix.

Can You Wash Your Beard With Soap? The Wrap-Up

Many people love to grow and care for their beard, However, it’s easy to make innocent mistakes when it comes to taking care of your beard.We’ve covered why it is important not to use soap or body wash on your beard.

In this post we detailed the best practices on washing your beard and helped you with some products to try. Hopefully we covered most questions surrounding how to wash your beard correctly. Let us know if we missed anything you wanted us to cover.

If you have been washing your beard the wrong way or using the wrong products, don’t worry! We hope this post has help you establish a better plan going forward for your most healthy and best looking beard.

Until next time beard brothers.

Doug Wells