12 Gross & Weird Beard Facts

Gross and weird beard facts

If you have a well-groomed beard, you are probably very confident about how amazing you look. However, there are some gross and rather weird facts about beards you probably didn’t know. In this article, I will present you with 12 gross and weird beard facts you may not have heard yet.

12 Gross & Weird Beard Facts

I have included 12 gross and weird beard facts below. These will help you spark the conversation and show your knowledge the next time you talk to somebody about beards! Pull out one of these beard facts next time you gross someone out.

The eighth beard fact is super weird! I had better get a prescription for a beard.

Do Guys with Beards Die Young?

According to one study, there is a correlation between wearing a beard and a shorter lifespan. The study found that having a beard was linked with early deaths from a wide range of causes, but most notably cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers suspect that the risk of death is increased mainly due to lifestyle differences. According to statistics, bearded men are usually shorter, less likely to be married, have a less active sexual life, and are even prone to smoking. On the other hand, hormonal factors might still be at play.

Do Beards Have Poop in Them?

Probably not, but… a spokesperson from a certain Albuquerque lab reported that a few bearded volunteers had traces of fecal matter in their beards. There were a few more reports that beards are correlated with fecal matter, but still, these reports were based on a solitary local news report, not a scientific study. This beard fact has made me want to rewash my beard today. 

On the other hand, recent research has discovered that beards contain more bacteria than dogs do! So, wearing a beard might require some extra time in the shower. Wow, the thought of that is super gross!

Can Beards Protect You from Skin Cancer?

This beard fact surprised me. Beards definitely have a role in protecting you from skin cancer. According to research from the University of Queensland, beards can protect you from exposure to 90% of harmful ultraviolet rays. That way, beards can protect you from skin cancer, at least in those specific parts of your face and neck.

As Alfio Parisi, the associate dean for the School of Health, reported to The Independent, beards will never be as sun-safe as sunscreens, but they block UV rays. Although bearded men might need less sunscreen, they still risk burns on the rest of their bodies, especially on the nose and ears.

Can Beards Cause Issues with Eating?

Weird beard facts

Yes, they can. Imagine having heavy mustaches and a bushy beard, and you will eat a cheesy burger somewhere or maybe have a warm soup. In most cases, even after eating carefully, you will have to wash your mustache and beard hair, too.

However, you don’t have to shave off your facial hair to eliminate these issues. All you need to do is to take proper care of your beard and mustaches and maintain a proper grooming routine. Using beard shampoo, oil, wax, and conditioner regularly can easily help you eliminate these issues.

Here are some products we recommend for properly maintaining your gorgeous mane.

Do Beards Smell?

Without a proper grooming routine, beards can develop a specific, gross smell. Beards naturally trap dust, bacteria, and even fungus, so not having proper beard maintenance can lead to a bad odor over time. 

How Long was the Longest Recorded Beard?

The longest beard ever recorded was 17 feet and 5 inches, and was grown by the Norwegian immigrant Hans Langseth. He started to grow his beard for a contest when he was 19, but we don’t know if he ever won.

Hans died in 1927 aged 81, and his beard was preserved and donated to the Smithsonian Institution 40 years later. In his older years, Hans traveled around the US as a part of the circus troupe, showing his beard to the amused audience. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the current longest beard today is 8 feet and 2.5 inches, worn by Sarwan Singh from Canada.

Similarly to Hans’ beard, this weird beard fact felt like it was really long. For other awesome historical beard facts, check out our post with the same name.

How Much Beer Can a Mustache Trap in a Year?

We already mentioned that beards and mustaches can cause minor issues when eating (or drinking). Although this answer depends on the size of the mustache and the frequency of drinking, it’s thought that the average mustache will capture one and a half pints each year, on average.

My mustache seems only to collect the foam off the top of the pint. However, I will take this beard fact at a frothy face value.

Were Beards Prescribed in the Past?

Yes, they were! In the Victorian era, doctors used to prescribe beards to their patients and other people in order to prevent illness. Back in that period, doctors thought that a thick beard could act as a filter that would trap harmful particles before they enter the mouth and finally get inside the body. Men were encouraged to grow beards as needed.

I told you this beard fact was wild! 

Can a Beard Protect You Against Jellyfish?

Gross and weird beard facts

This beard fact may be more of a wives’ tale. Because there is no specific evidence that suggests that having a beard can protect you from jellyfish, but some people obviously believe it to be true. The first man that ran, cycled, and swim the entire length of Great Britain, Sean Conway, wore a beard to prevent jellyfish from stinging his face while swimming. So, the next time you want to prepare yourself for a long-distance swim, make sure to grow a beard for maximum protection.

Is There a World Beard and Mustache Competition?

Yes, there is. It is held throughout different parts of the world, every two years. There are different style categories that are judged, and each competitor tries to prove that his mustache, partial beard, or full beard is the most impressive in the world.

Thanks to this beard fact I’ve got a new goal in life!

Do Beards Keep Your Face Warm?

Yes! This beard fact might seem a little weird, but feel free to try it yourself. There was research in which bearded men were shaved, but only half of the face. Then, the men went out to spend a certain time in very cold conditions. Almost all participants reported that the shaven side of their faces felt much chillier compared to the other face where they still had long facial hair.

12 Gross & Weird Beard Facts – Wrap-Up

Although all these beard facts are either gross, weird, or both, I hope that you found them interesting. If you want to read more about beards, check out our other beard fact articles: Blackbeard Facts, Funny Beard Facts, Psychological Beard Facts, and Historical Beard Facts.

If you know some gross or weird beard facts that we haven’t mentioned, please let us know. We will gladly research them and add them to the list.

I made a round-up of all the beard facts I could find in one post. Check out this post and let me know if there was any that I missed.

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