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Product Talk
A few words from some of our bearditioners out there (if you’d like to share your thoughts/stories on the products, we’d love to hear. Shoot an email to [email protected], subject: product talk.

“USA Love List’s beauty editor Angie Barnes likes Beardition and she doesn’t even have a beard. The company is dedicated to natural men’s grooming basics that work well and smell good.”

“I have to say, from first impressions, I was simply blown away by the constructive thought behind each and every product, along with the efficient execution within this versatile brand. I had no idea looking after your beard could be so complex, yet enjoyable at the same time! Beardition, as a brand, comes across as fun, quirky, cool and totally passionate about the ever growing popularity of facial hair grooming. I would certainly be proud to display this awesome range of products on my very prestigious bathroom shelf!”
-The Male Grooming Review (UK)

“We are also proud to announce that Beardition is our first ever winner for products gaining a five star score across the board. We couldn’t knock them for trying!”
-The Male Standard (product review)

“Try Beardition – styling + profiling shave cream, a natural shaving product. It is formulated with oils, natural exfoliants, and disinfecting properties. Shaving is a deep exfoliation. It sheds dead skin cells and removes hair, opening the pore. Why would you slather cheap, toxic junk on for this process? Do your face some good and use a nourishing, conditioning and beneficial medium. Finish with an after shave to protect those freshly opened pores. Beardition – legitimately cool after shave has aloe, tea tree and willow bark (natural salicylic acid). Aloe will tone and nourish; willow bark keeps pores clear and tea tree is anti-septic. Happiness for all shavers comes in this bottle.”
-Angie Barnes (beauty editor, USA Love List)

“A good shampoo and conditioner are a must for any beard of significant length. Beardition feels great, works great and smells great too! I can’t say enough about the fragrance. Gawd, it’s good. Love the design and packaging. Everything looks really cool and manly enough for me to consider using on my best dude feature. Beardition was one of my favorite birthday gifts this year.”
-Justin (Nashville, TN)

“I’ve been a bit scruffy lately so I tried Beardition’s beard oil and holy smokes, this stuff smells amazing!”
-Drew (Nashville, TN)

“Beardition Beard Oil was the first I’ve tried that has consistently been the best. I have tried around 5 or 6 others and none compare to how good this stuff works. It has the best smell of any of the oils, and leaves my beard incredibly soft. Whenever anyone needs a recommendation, I always recommend Beardition Beard Oil. Get on it.”
[email protected] (Instagrammer)

“This is amazing stuff! (shampoo/conditioner/oil) Smells great, makes the beard super soft and helps skin instantly. Beard owner reports that his beard has never felt this good and manageable. Highly recommended. Bonus: Made in Nashville.”
-Katie (Instagrammer)