Will My Beard Stop Growing? Get the Facts

You may be wondering will my beard stop growing at any point? It sure looks like that for many people, although the straightforward answer is that a beard will not stop growing. This brings about a lot of questions, and there are some nuances to this, so let’s dig deeper.

Will My Beard Ever Stop Growing?

Not while you are still alive. While the growth rate of the hair may reduce until it reaches a terminal length with time, the beard continues to be replaced; therefore, it is not correct to claim that a beard stops growing.

You may be trying to determine if your beard has stopped growing. A beard does not stop growing. However, your beard may enter a phase when it looks like it has reached the end of the road.

Does All Beard Grow to The Same Length?

Do All Beards Grow to The Same Length?

Not every beard will grow to the same length. How your beard grows depends on some factors, some of which can be controlled, and others can’t.

Diet, for example, plays a vital role in how individual beards flourish. Your nutrition is essential in how well (or not well) your beard grows. How well you care for your beard also determines how well it grows.

But beyond that, your genes play a vital role as well. It is essential to clarify because, despite best efforts, some beards don’t grow as well as others, leading some people to assume that their facial hair may have stopped growing.

While beard growth is in stages, and sooner or later, you’ll reach a point where growth seems to have stopped altogether, the truth is that there is no stage when the beard stops growing. To explain this better, we must look at the beard’s growth phases. Many people term the stoppage of beard growth a stage; the last phase of beard growth is referred to as the Telogen growth phase. The Telogen beard growth phase is the last of the three stages of hair growth. 

When your beard reaches the Telogen phase, as hair follicles release the hair, new ones are produced. The length of your beard at the transition phase doesn’t increase, making many people assume that the beard has stopped growing. This phase is peculiar to older people, although genetics also play a heavy role. So, the Anagen phase is the period when the beard grows. Certain factors enhance this growth, but once it enters the transition phase, preparatory for the Telogen phase, it reaches a terminal length.

How Much Will my Beard Grow in A Month?

Your beard can grow around half an inch in a month. This is purely an estimation, and some factors can affect this. Read on to learn more about factors that can affect how much your beard will grow in a month.

Factors That Affect How Much Your Beard Will Grow

As the beard prepares for the Telogen phase, it moves briefly into another stage known as the catagen phase, which shrinks the hair follicles. Unlike the terminal phase, the Anagen phase, the first phase of hair growth, sees hair growing rapidly and increasing at a length of about an inch every two months. That means your beard is growing well; it normally should grow at least half an inch in a month. Many things affect this stage, like genetics, but it produces the most flourishing period in beard growth for any individual.

The longest phase of beard growth is the Anagen phase. You always want your beard to grow for as long as necessary. Unfortunately, you may find your beard entering the terminal phase earlier than expected, by which time your beard seems to have stopped growing.

While in reality, the beard never stops growing, it appears so when it reaches the terminal phase. Poor maintenance and poor diet may also cause this. The secret to keeping your beard growing is ensuring it stays longer in the Anagen phase. While this can’t be maintained perpetually, it can still be elongated, as we would see. The Anagen phase can be made to last for between two to six years.

What is a terminal beard length?

Does A Beard Stop Growing as You Get Older?

Yes! Well, that is partially true. It has more to do with the terminal length of your beard than age.

What is The Terminal Length of A Beard?

Let’s talk about the terminal length of a beard. As you grow older, your beard hits its terminal length, so it doesn’t grow longer again. The mustache’s terminal length differs from that of the cheeks and chin. However, the terminal length of the beard ranges from 12 inches to 36 inches. When the beard is in the Anagen phase, it will likely grow until it reaches that length. However, if the beard has reached the Telogen phase, it has reached the terminal length.

 Remember, it grows at the rate of an inch every two months.

This means that the beard hair doesn’t grow longer anymore however only sheds for new ones to grow. This is what many people confuse as a stoppage of growth. In reality, it is common to see people wonder if their beards stopped growing when the beard has reached the terminal length. It takes three to twelve months for the beard to get its terminal length.

The terminal length of the beard is simply the longest the strand of hair can grow, and certain factors influence this length.

Factors That Influence The Extension of The Anagen (Growth) Phase

As a reminder, the Anagen phase of hair growth is the stage when the beard is actively growing. It is often the first stage. The duration of the Anagen phase varies for many people depending on several factors.

So, this part will explore simple ways you can prolong the growth stage (Anagen) of your beard. Here are some factors:

Genetics can influence beard growth.

There’s very little you can do about this. Genetics plays a vital role in virtually everything about our looks and physiology. If you don’t have lots of facial hair by design, you will likely have very little beard length.

However, if your genes support long beard length, there are still things you can do to improve it. Let’s look at them.

Nutrition also affects beard growth.

The health of your beard depends heavily on the type of food you eat. If your diet contains very little protein, your hair growth will suffer. Not just your beard hair will stop growing but all your facial and body hair.

To improve beard length, ensure you eat foods containing lots of protein, minerals, and vitamins, especially vitamins A, B, C, and E. Remember to drink lots of water. One of the immediate signs of poor diet is poor hair and slow beard growth. Not only do they reach the terminal length faster, but they also aren’t strong. Also, ensure you eat a balanced diet and eat in moderation.

Exercise plays a role in how much your beard will grow.

One of the purposes of exercise is to regulate the hormones in the body, besides burning excess fat. When the hormones in the body are well balanced, hair production is well regulated.

Also, when you don’t exercise well enough, the body may not produce enough hormones needed to regulate the perfect production of hair.

The amount of rest you get can influence how much your beard will grow.

While exercise is excellent, you must rest your body well for optimum health. If you do not rest your body well, you won’t experience fast facial hair growth as it should. Remember, none of these is in isolation, so while you should rest well, you must also ensure you eat well and drink lots of water.

Skincare can play a role in how much your beard will grow.

Remember, hair grows on the scalp, and a healthy scalp equals healthy hair. You should keep your beard and skin fresh and hydrated by using beard oil.

Also, don’t forget that the hair on the cheeks prevents air from circulating the skin, so you need to improve circulation by massaging it and using a beard brush. If air can circulate better, your beard will grow better.

Will My Beard Stop Growing? FAQ’s

Here are a few frequently asked questions you might have about the growth of your beard. Also, I answer questions related to the main question. Will my beard stop growing?

Does My Beard Stop Growing as I Get Older?

No, your bead doesn’t stop growing as you grow older. Instead, your beard may reduce in length as you’re more likely to hit the terminal length as you grow older. Your beard doesn’t stop growing as new hair replaces the ones that fall off, but the length is shorter as you grow older.

Does My Beard Stop Growing At a Certain Length?

Hair stops growing when the length has become terminal. The terminal length is determined by how long the Anagen phase lasts. The length that this occurs differs from person to person, but once it reaches the terminal length, it stops growing longer.

How Much Does My Beard Grow in A Month?

The beard grows at the rate of half an inch a month. That’s the average length. However, this doesn’t mean the hair will continue growing monthly. Once it reaches the terminal length, it stops growing.

What is the Terminal Length Of A Beard?

The terminal length of a beard depends on several factors, although the average length is between 12 and 36 inches.

Will my beards stop growing?

Will My Beard Stop Growing? The Wrap-Up.

Your beard does not really stop growing, as I explain in this article. However, your beard might pause growth at a certain length.

The reason is that, sooner or later, a beard gets to a terminal length, falls off, and is replaced by new strands. This shedding process can make many men wonder if their beard has stopped growing.

As you grow older, it’s not technically wrong to say your beard stops growing stops, although it doesn’t. We’ll rather say it stops growing longer at a point. Certain factors can influence this stage.

So if you are like me and are always tugging at your beard to try to make it grow faster. Just relax and follow these simple instructions in this article. As always, I wish you the best on your beard journey.

Doug Wells