Why Does My Beard Hair Grow in Different Directions?

Why does my hair grow in different directions?

If it is your first time growing a beard, you might find it growing in various directions. You may notice it growing either outwards or upwards. In some instances, you may notice growth in a circular pattern.

Is it Normal That My Beard Grows in Different Directions?

Is it Normal That My Beard Grows in Different Directions?

Well, the quick answer is yes. It is normal to see your beard growing in different directions. Many men will experience unique beard growth patterns on different parts of their beards that are non-identical.

To deal with the issue, the best thing is to “train” or teach your beard to grow in your preferred direction.

While having a beard that is growing in different directions is nothing unusual. You may find it more challenging to achieve that perfect beard look you want to sport.

In this post, we will help you learn everything you need to know about dealing with an unruly beard growing in different directions. Read on.

Why Does My Facial Hair Grow in Different Directions?

Unfortunately, most of us are not blessed with perfect facial hair that grows in the right direction all the time.

First things first. As mentioned, it is normal to see your facial hair growing in different directions. Just as how your eyebrows are not always identical in appearance, so too can your beard appear dissimilar on both sides.

I know my eyebrows grow slightly differently, just as my beard hair grows in different directions also. Most men will have facial hair that grows in the wrong direction, so you and I are not alone.

Several factors can affect facial hair growth, and that beard hair may grow in different directions. Of course, one of the major factors is the makeup of your genes. Your ethnicity and diet can also affect your seemingly unwieldy beard growth pattern.

These factors can determine how well-nourished the hair follicles in your beard are and, thus, the direction of the hair growth. The pattern of beard growing in different directions is unique. Like human fingerprints, no two persons have the same irregular beard growth patterns.  

Sometimes, you might notice that the left side of your face has a different beard hair growth pattern from the right side. You might even notice the different growth directions on the same side. 

There may even be spiral patterns present. Some men even experience their mustache or beard growing straight out or upwards. 

As you can see, you are not alone. Many other men, such as myself, are in the same predicament. It’s ok and let’s read on to learn more about what we can do.

Can I Change the Direction My Beard Grows?

The bad news is that there’s no way you can change the direction of your beard growth. You can, however, train or teach your beard to lay and stay in specific directions.

You cannot achieve this overnight as it will take some time and effort on your part. After all, having a great-looking beard is not always easy, right? 

As soon as you notice that your beard is growing in different directions, the best approach would be to start training your beard to lay in your preferred direction, particularly in the early stages of growth.

It’s important to note that it will be more difficult to train your beard once it has fully grown, although it is still possible. In addition, starting the training during the early stages will give you more time to focus on the scalp of your beard.

As mentioned, hair follicle nourishment is an important factor in determining beard growth. Thus, you must always take care of your skin underneath the beard.

How Do I Make My Beard Grow in a Different Direction?

While there’s no way to change beard growth in different directions, you can train it to lay in the direction you want. Following are some useful tips:

How Do I Make My Beard Grow in a Different Direction?

Brushing Your Beard

This is the best method to train your beard to lay in your desired direction. It is also helpful in enhancing hair growth as it helps redistribute naturally-occurring sebum, exfoliates the skin surface, and promotes blood circulation.

While brushing your beard is recommended, you must avoid over-brushing. Brushing twice daily is ideal – once in the morning, then again in your nighttime routine. Brush gently to avoid beard scalp irritation.

Always brush your beard downwards unless you train it to lay in another direction. Downward brushing strokes help achieve a better shape and promote growth.

Combing can also be beneficial when training your beard. It is particularly helpful for detangling and styling. Combing is recommended for longer beards that require detangling and taming.

Using Beard Styling Products

Beard styling products can play an essential role in beard taming. During the early stages of growth, you may forego waxes or balms.

But, if you have a thick, long beard that you’re training to lay in a specific direction, you need to use beard styling products. In short, be best friends with waxes or balms. Apply them using your comb or brush every morning to tame and moisturize your beard.

When applying wax or balm, always do it downwards. This will help train your beard to settle in a normal downward direction.

Using Beard Oils

Beard oils can function as styling products and nourishing and hydrating agents. They benefit not only your beard but the skin under the beard as well.

When used particularly at night with your comb or brush, the oils will work wonders on the growth of your beard. They will also help in training your beard. Do not forget to apply oils and massage your beard downwards.

Trimming Your Beard Regularly

You want to train your beard that grows in various directions to lay towards your chin or inwards. One good way to achieve this is to trim your beard on the sides. You are practically training your beard to define your chin. 

The trimming of your beard using the out-to-in technique may not be easy to do yourself. Thus, it may be a good idea to let your trusted barber do it for you. But, if you insist on doing it yourself, research the best trimmers for this purpose.

Why Does My Beard Grow Different Lengths?

Uneven beard growth is also known as a patchy beard. It is often due to your inherited genes. However, it may also be caused by a poor diet, hormone variations, and stress.

Regardless of your genetics, however, you can encourage thicker beard growth. For one, you can adopt a healthier diet. You can also include the following in your daily routine:

  • Exercise regularly to promote blood flow and better hair growth.
  • Get enough sleep, and reduce your stress levels as it can impact beard growth.
  • Exfoliate regularly, clean the facial skin to clear away dead skin cells, and enhance blood circulation.
Why Does My Beard Hair Grow in Different Directions?

Why Does My Beard Grow in One Direction?

You may notice your beard growing in one particular direction, say upwards. The culprit is usually the direction of your beard follicles. However, there can be other factors like:

Does Sleeping on One Side Affect Beard Growth?

Yes, it does, and it is also a common reason for your beard to grow in a particular direction. I notice on the side of my face that I sleep on more often; my beard does not grow as thick and tends to stick up more than the other side.

Does Beard Growth Depend on Genetics?

Yes, good beards can run in the family! Beard growth can be affected positively or negatively based on genetics. So if you don’t like the direction your beard is growing, you can blame your family tree.

Why Does My Beard Grow the Wrong Way?

Some facial hairs grow straight downwards, while others grow more to the side. This way, one side may appear longer than the other, but this is only because of the wrong growth direction on a side of your beard. This may be due to the same factors that affect beard growth: genetics, diet, and ethnicity, among others.

How Do I Get My Beard to Grow in the Right Direction?

There are several ways of fixing the problem. The first is to train your beard to lay in your preferred direction. You can also grow your beard long so the weight can pull the hair down. It is also not advisable to wash your beard daily as it will wash the natural oils away.

If you think trimming one side is the best solution to make the sides match, you’re making a mistake! This will only work if your beard is growing at a faster rate on one side. It won’t work if the growth on one side is in the wrong direction.

If the cause of the problem is some hairs growing to the side rather than downwards, just train your beard to lay down by brushing or combing in a downwards direction a few times daily. Hold the beard down with the brush or comb for several seconds after every stroke. Your hair will eventually grow down.

Why Does My Beard Grow More on One Side?

Beard may grow differently on either side or in various areas due to your hair follicle dispersion. You can have different numbers of follicles on every side of your face. 

Every hair follicle is independent of all others and needs to undergo all stages of hair growth. Thus, you may experience thicker or faster beard growth on one side.

So, Why Does My Beard Hair Grow in Different Directions?

In an ideal world, your beard grows evenly and in the right direction. However, that is not always the norm. Don’t fret, as there are ways to train your beard to lay in the desired direction.

We’ve learned it could be genetics, how you sleep at night, or how you care for your skin underneath. There are many factors and you may never know the real reason. However, there are a few helpful ideas in this post you can put into practice to correct the issue.

I learned a lot from researching this topic, and I’m putting into practice many of these tips. I hope they will help you as well. 

Doug Wells