63 Beard Facts, I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know

beard facts you need to know

A beard can definitely make you look and feel more masculine and attractive. Not only that, but it can also positively affect your health. There are many rumors about beards on the internet, so in this article, I will present you with a lot of beard facts that are proven to be true. Some of these beard facts are funny, some are gross, some are based on psychology, and some are about the famous pirate Blackbeard… I am sure you will enjoy reading these! Please let me know of any beard facts you may know that I did not find.

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Funny Beard Facts

Is there a fear of beards?

Yes, there is! It is called Pogonophobia and is derived from the Greek words “pogon”, which means beard, and “phobia”, which means fear. The fear can be mild and barely noticeable, but some people are terrified when they see a man with a beard.

Is there a million-dollar-worth beard?

Yes, two of them. Back in 1984, Gillette offered Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill from ZZ Top to shave their heads. In return, they would’ve received the amount of money that today would be worth $1 million. However, they both turned down the offer.

Can a university ban beards?

Yes – and Brigham Young University is one of these. There are some exceptions to that rule, but those are very strict and men on campus are expected to be clean-shaven. Only a small group of people who wear beards to honor their faith, such as Muslims, are allowed to wear them.

Do amateur boxers have beards?

According to the official rulebook of the International Boxing Association, amateur boxers are not allowed to wear beards. According to boxing coach Dennis Shimmell, the reason behind this is that facial hair has a coarse texture, which can potentially lead to cuts.

What does B.E.A.R.D. stand for?

You might have heard of this acronym, which stands for Being Exceptional Among Regular Dudes. I’m sure you didn’t know that!

Are men more likely to compliment your beard?

Yes! Different types of research have found that women naturally prefer men with beards. However, those have also found that, if you have a beard, you will most likely get more compliments from other men than from women.

Did the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team Ban Beards?

Yes, players were not allowed to have any facial hair, not only beards. However, the regulations against having a beard completely disappeared in 2015.

Can anyone grow a beard in the British army?

No… there are some exceptions to this rule, but generally, a beard is a symbol of a Pioneer Sergeant. The tradition dates back to the 1700s when Pioneer Sergeants had to look masculine and be respected as leaders.

Scientific Beard Facts

Do beards protect from harmful UV rays?

Yes! Different studies have concluded that having a beard can protect you from 90-95% of UV rays. However, it is still recommended to use sunscreen if you plan to spend a whole day on the beach enjoying the sun.

Is there a correlation between beard growth and baldness?

Yes, there is! It is linked to the number of sweat glands located on the man’s face and the top of the head. If your beard grows bigger, the top of your head will become sweatier, which is not an ideal environment for hair to grow.

Can beards help to heal your skin?

Not directly. However, note that if you have sensitive skin, your razor needs to be perfectly clean. If you suspect that it has even a tiny amount of bacteria, you might want to skip shaving for a few days and let your beard grow so your skin can repair and heal.

How much time does it take to care for a beard?

This beard fact is really amazing! Statistics say that the average man spends around 800 hours (33 days) of his life caring for his beard. Also, specific research concluded that 75% of men do at least a little facial grooming every day.

Can a beard help with allergies?

Yes, it can! If you suffer from certain allergies, you might notice that growing a beard lessens the symptoms. It is because some allergies are caused by particles that float throughout the air, and a beard and mustache will prevent most of those from entering the body through the nose and mouth.

What is the best season to grow a beard?

Scientists have found evidence that summertime is the best period of the year for growing a beard. It is because testosterone levels are elevated during hot days, which has a significantly positive effect on beard growth.

See, I would have guessed the Fall because that seems to be most men who decide to start growing a beard. Of course, the scientific beard facts have proven me wrong again.

Does eating meat help your beard grow?

Yes! Meat contains protein, and a type of protein known as keratin is the building block of your hair. So, the more protein you eat, the more keratin your body will produce. Hence the more your hair will grow.

Do beards make you look more aggressive?

Yes, they do. Our brains tend to perceive men with beards as more aggressive. It is mainly because a beard is a sign of active testosterone levels, which is directly related to more aggressive behavior.

Do genetics play a role in beard growth?

After numerous types of research, scientists have concluded that hair growth is linked to genetics. Most likely, if your father and grandfather didn’t have much facial hair, neither will you. Of course, different factors affect your facial hair, but good DNA is definitely essential.

What is the DHT hormone?

Hormone Dihydrotestosterone is another factor that directly affects hair growth. Being produced in the gonads, it is one of the main factors that affect hair growth or loss. No matter if you are completely bald or have long hair and a big, bushy beard, you should thank your DHT hormone.

Is sleep important for beard growth?

This is a very useful beard fact to know since sleep significantly affects your beard growth. At the same time, as you sleep, your body detoxes and repairs. It allows your internal functions to work correctly, directly affecting your beard growth.

Does shaving make your beard grow faster?

No, it doesn’t. Contrary to popular belief, shaving your beard will neither make it thicker nor grow faster. After shaving, your facial hair is left with blunt tips, making it feel coarse or stubbly. However, after that phase, your beard will be the same as it was before shaving.

This beard fact finally clears up and debunks the myth that shaving makes your beard grow faster. So beard brothas just let it grow.

Trimming your beard occasionally is healthy to avoid split ends. However, there is no need to shave just to stimulate beard growth.

Gross and Weird Beard Facts

Do guys with beards die young?

According to a certain study, having a beard is correlated with a shorter lifespan. However, the study also suspects that the risk of death is increased due to differences in lifestyle. For example, people with beards tend to be shorter, prone to smoking, and even have a less active sexual life.

Do beards have poop in them?

Probably not. This “fact” originates from a spokesman from a certain Albuquerque lab who reported that some volunteers had traces of fecal matter in their beards. However, those traces were actually molecules that can be found in many different things, including even some foods.

Can beards protect you from skin cancer?

According to research from the University of Queensland, beards can protect you from up to 90% of UV rays. That way, a beard can protect you from skin cancer, but you should always use sunscreen if you plan to spend the whole day enjoying the sun.

Can beards cause issues with eating?

Yes, they can. It can be a bit tricky to eat a cheesy burger or a warm soup if you have big, bushy mustaches. However, you don’t need to shave your beard – you just need to maintain a proper grooming routine.

Do beards smell?

Beards can develop a gross smell without a proper grooming routine. It is because beards naturally tend to trap dust, bacteria, and even fungus.

How long was the longest recorded beard?

The longest beard ever recorded was 17 feet and 5 inches. It was a Norwegian immigrant Hans Langseth, who started to grow a beard for a certain contest when he was 19. However, we don’t know if he ever won.

How much beer can a mustache trap in a year?

The answer depends on the size of the mustache, but an average mustache will capture one and a half pints each year. Take this beard fact at face value!

Were beards prescribed in the past?

Yes! Beards were prescribed by doctors in the Victorian era to prevent illness. It was because doctors thought that a thick beard can act as a filter and trap different viruses and bacteria.

Can a beard protect you against jellyfish?

Although there is no specific evidence, some people believe that this fact is true. The first man that ran, cycled, and swam the entire length of Great Britain, Sean Conway, wore a beard to prevent jellyfish from stinging his face.

Is there a world beard and mustache competition?

Yes! It is held every two years in different parts of the world. Different style categories are judged, including length, density, and so on.

Do beards keep your face warm?

Yes! There was research conducted on bearded men who shaved only one side of the face. The men had to spend a certain amount of time in cold conditions, and almost all participants reported that the shaven side of their faces felt much chillier.

Blackbeard Facts

Was Blackbeard a nickname?

Yes – and his real name is still a mystery. Documents state that he called himself Edward Thatch, but some newspapers used to refer to him as Edward Teach. The origin of his nickname is much easier to figure out; most people who had seen him have described him as a tall man with a big, black beard.

Was his flagship an ex-slave’s vessel?

Yes! By the end of 1717, Blackbeard came across a 200-ton French slave ship known as La Concorde. He seized the vessel and gave it a new name – Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Did he really put flamming matches under his hat?

We can’t know for sure, but certain stories confirm this belief. According to “A General History” from 1724s, when it came to action, Blackbeard used to stick light matches on both sides of his hat. On top of his naturally wild and fierce look, this made him look even more frightful.

Did Blackbeard’s ships use flags with a heart-stabbing skeleton?

No, that’s a myth. According to historian E.T. Fox, there is no evidence that his ships ever had flags with that design. Some reports say that his ships had black or even “bloody” flags, but none of those reports go into the details.

Did Blackbeard ever settle down?

He tried to settle down at one point, but old habits die hard. After his ship Queen Anne’s Revenge sank, he decided it was time to put an end to his adventurous life. He settled down in the coastal town of Bath, but not long after, he sailed out of town and returned with a loot-filled French ship. However, he swore that the ship was abandoned when he found it.

Did Blackbeard throw a party with another famous pirate?

Yes, he threw a wild beach party with Charles Vane, who came with his 90 men to ask Blackbeard for support on the attack on Nassau. After days of heavy drinking on the beach, Blackbeard and Vane parted ways and never crossed paths again.

Who was responsible for Blackbeard’s demise?

Alexander Spotswood, Virginia’s lieutenant governor, was responsible for Blackbeard’s demise. It was because of the cordial relationship between Edward and North Carolina’s governor, which seemed quite suspicious to the public. After a night of heavy drinking, Blackbeard and his men were attacked, and although the pirates put up a really good fight, Blackbeard was killed.

Was his head put on display?

Yes – it was a morbid warning for other pirates. His head was mounted on a tall pole at the intersection of two rivers, where it stayed as a warning for two years.

Was Blackbeard mentioned in the novel “Treasure Island”?

No, but his second in command, Israel Hands, was mentioned.

Has Blackbeard buried any treasure?

He probably didn’t. Stories about buried treasures are usually legends, and there is only one confirmed case. Many historians state that pirates were aware that their adventurous life might end at any moment, so they spent most of their gold enjoying life while they still can.

Psychological Facts about Beards

Does having a beard affect how people perceive us?

According to many studies, yes it does. A beard can affect how people perceive our age, social status, and even aggressiveness. On top of that, wearing a beard can have a positive impact on a man’s masculinity.

Are men who grow beards better with babies?

Either they are, or it’s just how women perceive them. On a psychological level, men with beards are seen as more masculine, older, and of higher social status. Women tend to look at them as a better choice to provide for their offspring.

Are beards correlated to short-term sexual desire?

According to many studies, yes they are. The busy, no-time-for-shaving look seems to be a lure for women looking for a partner without a long-term commitment.

Does a beard have a positive impact on getting a job?

This fact can vary because it mainly depends on the type of job. If the job is related to sales and communication, wearing a beard can help because it is related to maturity, trust, and confidence. However, men in CEO positions are usually clean-shaven, because wearing a beard can be related to being non-ambitious and non-enterprising.

Is wearing a beard an advantage in a fight?

Wearing a beard is not considered to be an advantage in a fight. Similar to a mane of a lion, a beard can be perceived as a way of showing off. That kind of attitude might do more bad than good in a fight.

Do beards affect self-perception?

Yes! Even having a fake beard can significantly change your self-perception. If your brain is telling you that you are manly, you will subconsciously act in a more masculine and assertive way.

Historical Beard Facts

Was Abraham Lincoln the first US president to wear a beard?

Yes, he was. He grew it because an 11-year-old girl advised him that he would look better and more authoritative with a beard, which was important for the following elections.

Did the CIA try to get rid of Fidel Castro’s beard chemically?

Yes! The US government had a theory that messing with Fidel Castro’s beard would mean messing with his power. They put certain chemicals in his cigars and shoes, thinking it might interfere with his beard after entering the body. However, they never succeeded.

Was there a tax on wearing a beard?

Yes, there was. In 1697, Russian Tsar Peter the Great introduced a tax for wearing a beard, with the intention of modernizing the country. By paying the tax, people were required to carry a “beard token”. However, the tax was eliminated in 1772.

Was wearing fake (gold) beards ever a thing?

Yes, many pharaohs in Ancient Egypt were known for wearing a false gold beard, which was related to religion. Even some female pharaohs, such as Hatshepsut, used to wear fake beards.

Who invented the first beard care products?

The mass production of beard care products started in Great Britain. One of the first oils created for mass production was macassar oil, but it was very thick and covered everything it got in touch with. Better alternatives became available later in the 20th century.

Stroking another man’s beard as an invitation to a duel?

It was considered a very offensive gesture in the middle ages. Stroking another man’s beard was a gesture that meant a challenge for a sword duel or a fight.

Beard Facts and Myths

Is beard itch avoidable?

Beard itch IS avoidable. However, you will need to take proper care of your beard. Also, if your beard is longer than stubble, you should use beard oil, which moisturizes the skin under the beard.

Will I be able to grow a beard if I can’t grow one in my 20s?

Most probably! Being able to grow a beard mostly depends upon genetics, and for most men, it is a continually progressing journey. If you don’t have a beard in your 20s, you might have it in your 30s, or even your 40s.

Can I wash my beard with regular shampoo?

It is NOT recommended to wash your beard with regular shampoo because it doesn’t work the same for your beard as for your hair. Regular shampoo contains certain ingredients that will rid your beard of natural oil, which will cause it to become dry.

I would also not recommend washing your beard with soap either. Check out this option below for a quality beard shampoo and conditioner.

Will a beard make me hotter in the summer?

A beard won’t make you hotter during summer days. On top of that, it will also protect your skin from sunburns and will keep your face cooler.

Do I need to trim my beard?

Yes, you should trim your beard occasionally. Split ends are not only an issue with long lady hair but with beards as well. By trimming, you will keep your beard healthy and at full growth potential.

Will shaving make my beard thicker?

Unlike popular belief, shaving won’t make your beard thicker. The best way to make your beard thicker is to simply let it grow. 

Is beard hair pubic hair?

You probably haven’t heard about this beard fact before, but a beard is considered to be pubic hair. It is because any hair that grows in a place it didn’t grow before puberty is considered pubic hair.

Can I fix my patchy beard?

If your beard is patchy, it doesn’t mean it will stay patchy. If you give it a couple of months, it will most likely fill up. It is because different spots on your face grow hair at different paces.

Do I have to shave before a job interview?

No, you don’t. Although some professions, like catering, will require you to be clean-shaven. Recently, the US army and NYPD have allowed men to grow beards.

Does a beard grow at a uniform pace?

No, it doesn’t; some spots on your face will grow hair faster than the other spots. You might need to grow a beard a little longer and then trim it as necessary.

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Viking Revolution Beard Comb & Beard Brush Set for Men - Natural Boar...
Viking Revolution Beard Comb & Beard Brush Set for Men - Natural Boar...
Wahl USA Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Beard Trimmer for Men - Electric...
Wahl USA Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Beard Trimmer for Men - Electric...
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Motanar Professional Grooming Scissors for Personal Care Facial Hair...
Merkur Mk34c Double Edge Razor with Heavy Duty Short Handle
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Beard Facts I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know – Wrap-Up

These were some of the most interesting beard facts (and myths) I am sure you didn’t know. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it! The next time you talk to someone about beards, you will have enough information to spark the conversation.

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