Best Beards For A Rectangle Face Shape

Beard For Rectangle Face

Surprisingly, the most popular rectangle face shape beard styles are typically worn by celebrities. This means that if you are searching for a beard style that suits your face, you are bound to find many options to select from and can make just about any beard style work for you.

If you are patient in exploring the various styles available, you will see something that fits your contour.

However, if you think growing a beard appeal to you, we have the following assorted styles:

Top Beard Ideas for Rectangular Face Style

Beard For Rectangle Face shape

Wolverine Beard

The wolverine beard is an excellent choice for those that want to try something different. It combines a shaved chin, a stubble mustache, and mutton chops to create a unique look. It is one of the best beards for a rectangle face shape as it adds width to the face, not length.

You should note that this beard style requires a ton of maintenance and must regularly trim your mustache and chin.

Mutton Chops

Mutton chops are a great style with just about any face shape requiring additional width. The mutton chops are long, with thick sideburns parallel to the jaw. Mutton chops look great on those with a long face, and if you have a rectangle face shape, this beard style is for you. Your chops must be too long or ridiculously wide, which can result in your face appearing even longer. Another thing to note is that mutton chops can be challenging to shape, so getting expert hands to shape your beard is ideal.

The Garibaldi Beard

The Garibaldi beard is an excellent beard-style option for those that want a more rugged look. This beard can be described as a full beard coupled with a rounded bottom. It is an excellent beard for those with a rectangle face shape as its round base provides volume and width to your face. You will need about seven months; however, this beard is worth it.

Verdi Beard

The Verdi beard can be described as a variant of the full beard. This beard style consists of a thick mustache that connects to the beard. You should see the Verdi beard as a style that provides you with more volume and width, making it the perfect choice for rectangle faces. To achieve the Verdi beard, you must be patient, as it takes 5 to 6 months to grow the beard and the mustache that makes it stand out.

The Full Beard

While it is necessary to avoid long beards when you have a rectangle face shape, that doesn’t mean you cannot pull off a full beard. The full beard style works for this face shape so long as you ensure it is shaped and trimmed. This beard style can provide you with the necessities you need.

To achieve this beard style, you will have to be patient. This is because the full beard takes some time to grow, typically around four months. When growing your full beard, trim the bottom and ensure it remains rounded. Doing this stops the beard from adding length to your face.

Beard idea For Rectangle Face shape

Short Beard

A short beard is excellent for you if you have a rectangular face shape. Considering that the main feature of a rectangle face shape is the length of the sides, it can be challenging to create a traditional look when you select the wrong beard style. It is still possible to grow a full beard; however, you need to ensure the width of your face is proportional to the length of your beard.

Furthermore, you should consider having a slightly longer top lip than a bottom lip, which can help you perfect a symmetrical look.

Classic Full Beard

The classic full beard looks great on guys with a rectangle face shape. This beard style is unique because you don’t have to do too much to grow it. You should be patient if you are having trouble growing your beard. Alternatively, you can use some beard products like beard oil to spur hair growth.

Below are my favorite products to help spur beard hair growth.

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The classic full beard has to be trimmed relatively short. This ensures it doesn’t get too long. When thinking of a traditional full beard, you should consider beards worn by Jon Hamm and Ben Affleck. The classic full beard is often natural looking and full; however, it is short enough.

The Short-Boxed Beard

The short boxed beard is a great beard style for just about any face shape. This beard style is accepted almost anywhere, so much so that it is also known as the corporate beard. It has clean, sharp lines while remaining simple. You need about an inch of hair length to achieve this look. And this can take about two months to achieve. Alternatively, you can grow the high box beard that makes your face look longer than it is.

The Beardstache

The beardstache has become a trendy beard option in recent times. The beardstache combines the mustache and the beard, with the mustache joining up with the beard to cover the entire lower half of the face. If you have a rectangle face shape, then a beardstache is the beard style for you. It can make your beard look longer. You don’t have to worry about adding length to your face or hiding your jawline.

Beard style For Rectangle Face

The Stubble

The stubble is a great beard choice for those with an oblong face, so much so that this beard style is one of the most appealing. You are better off growing with a stubble beard if you have a long face. Growing a stubble beard might be up your street if you have a rectangle face shape. Fortunately, there are a plethora of stubbles to try out, experimenting on which one is best suited for you.

A Mustache

Consider a solid mustache if you are interested in the best beard for a rectangle face shape. There are various styles, so you might experiment with them to find the one that best suits you. Remember that for a rectangle face shape, you must avoid mustaches that make your face look longer. This means avoiding mustaches like the horseshoe. Furthermore, you should avoid thin mustache styles as these can make your face appear narrow.

Some of the few mustache styles that befit the rectangle face shape are the Handlebar mustache, the Chevron mustache, the Walrus, and of course, the beardstache. Each style will give your face additional width, making you more attractive in the long run. You should also remember that growing a long and thick mustache means being extremely patient because growing a mustache can take 6 to 8 months.

You should also be aware that growing a beard isn’t the same as growing a mustache; you must care for your mustache by using mustache products such as mustache wax.

Below are two of my favorite mustache waxes.

That’s A Wrap Of The Best Beards For A Rectangular Face

You can give your face a unique touch with these assorted beard styles for a rectangular shape. While growing the perfect beard might take time, be patient, give it all it takes, and expect your beard to come out as expected

Doug Wells

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