Best Beard For Triangle Face Shape – Choose your Fav!

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This article aims to highlight the best beard for a triangle face shape. However, before doing that, it is essential to know what a triangle face shape is. Let’s begin!

What Is a Triangle Face Shape?

A triangle face shape consists of cheekbones with a medium width and a wide forehead. It carries some similarities to a heart-shaped face.

A face can also be called triangle-shape if it has a narrow jawline that tapers down to create a point. Having a narrow jaw means that you have to select a beard that provides you with additional width. The type of beard you choose can make your pointy chin even more distinctive.

How Can You Tell If You Have a Triangle Face Shape?

Knowing if you have more than a triangle face shape is more than just looking at your face in a mirror. You should get the measuring tape out to take a couple of measurements. Some of the things you should measure are:

  • The width of your forehead measures from your temple to the other. This measurement will provide the exact measurement of your forehead’s widest part.
  • The height of your face begins from your hairline to your chin. On average, the height should be 1.25 to 1.75 times the width of your face.
  • The width of your cheekbone measures from both edges beneath your eyes. This measurement should be less than that of your forehead.
  • The width of your jawline should be measured horizontally from its widest points. This measurement should be less than your cheekbones.

Aside from these measurements, you can be sure you have a natural triangle face shape by noting if you have angular and sharp facial features instead of soft and round. The moment you are sure your face is triangular, you could choose to grow one of the short beards listed in this article as they perfectly fit your facial structure. Alternatively, you could select any long styles that don’t come with a mustache. You could also have a pointy chin due to your tapered-down jawline.

Best Beard For a Triangle Face Shape

Best Beard For a Triangle Face Shape

Classic Full Beard

The classic full beard is excellent for triangle face shapes and other face types. It requires at least 2 inches and can be as long as 4 inches. This beard helps create a round boost to your natural jawline. By design, it helps balance out the trademark triangle face features. This is especially true if the sides are trimmed short.

Short Boxed Beard

The short boxed beard is an excellent choice for a triangle-shaped face, known for being clean and sharp. It consists of a full beard that is only half an inch long. You might have to shape and trim this beard to make each edge frequently and line look angular and sharp. This can result in this beard style framing the bottom part of your face.

Another feature of this beard style is that it has a few variants that are compatible with the triangle face shape. For one, the low box style has a cheek line about an inch lower than its typical growth. The high box has a cheek line that goes as high as possible. Also, the high box variation makes an excellent choice for the triangle face shape because it helps hide cheekbones, while the low box variation makes your face look taller.


The Hollywoodian beard style consists of an extended goatee coupled with an extension part moving up on both cheeks. It measures around an inch over the jawline. For this style, you will have to shave off all hair from your sideburns and upper cheeks. The beard is only available around the mouth, the bottom of the jawline, and the chin.

It makes a great beard style for triangle faces, as it helps enhance your narrow jaw. Considering that this beard requires about an inch of hair, you will need to grow your facial hair out for two months.

Verdi Beard

If you are looking for a beard style that fits your triangle face but doesn’t want a long beard, you can try out the Verdi beard. The Verdi is about 2 inches long, and you must wait about four months to style it. It also comes with a mustache that acts as the beard’s focal point which can have curled tips.

The Verdi beard requires you to keep the sides short while making sure the rest of the beard remains natural. This style and a mustache ensure your face is framed nicely. It can be a great way to hide your pointy chin while ensuring your jaw looks wider.

Heavy Stubble

Heavy stubble helps define your jaw without hiding its natural features. The heavy stubble is one of the best beards for a triangle face shape as it provides good length and width to even out your narrow jawline. The perfect length for this heavy stubble is a ten-day beard growth. A heavy stubble beard can make your face even more attractive.

best beard for triangle face

Garibaldi Beard

The Garibaldi beard is an excellent idea for those that want a triangular face shape. It is best suited for individuals who wish to enhance their face’s lower portion. The Garibaldi beard is perfectly compatible with the triangle face as it can help completely transform your jawline and chin thanks to its huge rounded-out and wide button.

This beard style can also help make your jaw wider. You should note that this beard style requires patience, as you must wait for at least eight months to grow it. This is because the style needs at least 4 inches of length.

Irrespective of the beard style you choose, you must ensure that you take proper care of your beard and the skin beneath it to ensure your style looks its best.

Best Beards For A Triangle Face – Wrap-Up

Getting the ideal beard to make your face stand out should not be hard work. Even with a triangle face, there are assorted beard styles that can make your face distinct. This article has explored several beard styles for the man who wants to make a statement with their triangle shape.

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