Air Travel: Can You Bring A Shaving Razor On A Plane? 

Can you bring a razor on a plane?

I’m an avid wet shaver that loves to use a safety razor. I started planning an overseas trip for the summer and wondered can I bring my shaving razor on a plane?

I wanted to know if I could pack a razor in my carry on in case my luggage got lost. Also, what other shaving supplies I could take on the plane?

Discovering what you can or cannot bring with you on a plane can be pretty confusing, considering that there are many rules. Each airline tends to have its own rules; however, most airlines use the TSA’s airport security guidelines.

Razor On A Plane

Can I Take a Razor On A Plane?

The simple answer is, yes, you can!

You can fly on a board with a razor. Nevertheless, it is not every type of razor you can carry onboard an aircraft. For instance, while you can bring cartridges or disposable razors onboard an airplane in your carry-on luggage, a razor blade in a holder like a utility knife or box cutter is strictly prohibited.

If the blade isn’t attached, you can take a safety razor with you. There should be no issues with this so long as the razor blade hasn’t been installed. One thing to note is that you will need to put your safety razors in with your checked luggage. Moreover, you should never forget that the final decision lies with the TSA agents at the airport security. The security agents have the right to confiscate any items they deem necessary. Ensure that your carry-on items are appropriately packed and made for inspection while you go through the security checkpoints.

Can you travel with a safety razor?

As stated earlier, the question can you bring a razor through security is quite challenging to answer. This is especially true since there are different types of razors, all with their unique rules. If you have invested in an expertly crafted and beautifully designed safety razor, then you care about how your skin looks and how you shave. Naturally, if you are going on a trip, you want to take it with you.

However, if you are traveling by air, you will quickly discover that traveling with a box full of loose razor blades might not be the smartest thing to do. In fact, after a quick x-ray, you are bound to get pulled aside by TSA agents and your blades confiscated.

Since arguing with the TSA isn’t the best course of action, the last thing you want is for your high-quality and treasured safety razor blades to be removed from your carry-on luggage. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure you, your safety razor, and the blades make it to your destination.

Can you bring a razor through airport security

Can you bring a razor through airport security?

The first step is to remove the blades. Yes, you can! Following current TSA guidelines, you can take your safety razor with you on a flight. The guidelines even state that you can add it to your carry-on or have it in your pocket. To do this, according to TSA, you need to remove the blades from the razor, as that is the prominent bone of contention.

Note that even if you take the blades out of your safety razor, you could still get stopped by security. You should expect this. The TSA agent will scan your bag and see if it contains a safety razor. The agent then has to confirm that there isn’t a loaded blade inside. If you forget the blade in your safety razor, the security agent will most likely take the blade out and place the razor back in your bag.

 This is merely a precaution and shouldn’t cause you any bother.

What should you do with your blades?

If you intend to check your bags, you can place your blade in them. The great thing about a checked bag is that you can put your safety razor with the edges intact without your bag getting flagged. With your blades removed from the safety razor, you must find a place to store them for the flight securely.

Nevertheless, if you are traveling with just your carry-on, you have no other choice but to dispose of your blades. By law, you cannot have razor blades inside a plane’s cabin. The best bet would be to remove the blades at home and purchase replacement blades at your destination.

Can You Have Your blades in your checked bag?

You will want to store your safety razor properly if you have a checked bag. A great way to do this is to store your safety razor and blades in a specialty razor travel case or a sturdy toiletries case. Placing your safety razor in a case can help keep your razor and the rest of your shaving kit secure. Some razor travel kits have additional storage inserts to fit grooming scissors and fingernail clippers.

One reason you want to use a carrying case to store your safety razor is two-fold. For one, you can be sure your blade isn’t bouncing around coming into contact with your gels, creams, lotions, or toothpaste.

Secondly, if something goes wrong due to a change in cabin pressure, toothpaste or shampoo can gunk your razor damaging what is most likely the most expensive component of your shaving kit. Furthermore, some abrasive liquids can stain or corrode the metal on the razor, especially if you are on a long-haul flight.

Even if you remove your blade from your safety razor, you should still wrap it up in a cloth to protect it from potential spills.

How many disposable razors can you take on a plane?

According to the guidelines on the TSA website, you can carry disposable razors on a plane. Not only that, you can take as many as you like. You can also bring on disposable razors with replaceable cartridges. When traveling with disposable razors, try and wrap or sheath the disposable cartridges properly, ensuring that no one is in danger of getting cut when they reach into the bag.

How many disposable razors can you take on a plane?

Can I take an electric razor on a plane?

Yes, you can take an electric razor on a plane. You can take as many as you like, so long as they are in your checked luggage. If traveling internationally, try and remember that various countries use different voltages, so you might need to confirm if your electric razor will work at your destination.

Can you travel with razor blades?

While the TSA guidelines are clear on the types of razors you can travel with, it becomes pretty murky when trying to figure out if you can travel with razor blades. As stated earlier, you can travel with razor blades; however, they have to be in your checked luggage as the law says you cannot have blades in the cabin of an airplane.

Can you fly with a straight razor?

No, you cannot fly with a straight razor. While a straight razor provides an excellent shave, it functions like a knife, and for obvious reasons, the TSA will treat it as contraband and confiscate it if found in your hand luggage. If you must bring your straight razor with you on your journey, you are better off placing it in your checked bags. While the TSA guidelines don’t exactly answer the question, there are a couple of guidelines concerning razor blades without cartridges and box cutters.

Can you bring a razor through airport security?

Of course, you can bring a razor through airport security, so long as you follow the TSA guidelines. If you have a straight razor, you should place it in your checked luggage. If you have a safety razor, you can either put it in your check luggage or place it in your carry-on luggage so long as you remove the double-sided blade. The same goes for cartridges; they can be placed in your checked bag or hand luggage.

What about the rest of your shaving kit?

It doesn’t make sense to bring just your razor with you on your journey. You need to bring the rest of your kit. For one, you can bring your shaving cream since the TSA guideline on aerosols can apply to your shaving cream. This means that your container must comply with the 3:1:1 Rule.

It might be slightly confusing if you are more of a shaving soap guy. The TSA security guidelines do not specifically take a position on shaving soap. However, the procedure does say you can bring a bar of soap on board, so long as it isn’t a liquid item. Liquid items must follow the 3.4 ounces or less Rule in your hand luggage.

FAQ About Taking A Shaving Razor on a Plane

While airline rules have some restrictions for safety razors, you have a break regarding other shaving accessories. You can carry it alongside the shaving soap if your liquid is within the 3.4 ounces threshold. Of course, this must fit inside a quartz-size bag.

For people who would love to have things of large size with them, such should go into the checked-in bag. With this, your shave cream, aftershave balm, and oil can be with you, provided you follow the stipulated guideline.

Can You Shave on the Airplane?

Who would want to shave on an airplane?

Well, someone might need to, and this section answers the question.

The aircraft operatives do not care about people shaving on the airplane as long as they do not constitute a nuisance to fellow passengers. Besides, don’t forget that most planes often have tiny bathrooms, so shaving inside such an enclosure could be incredibly uncomfortable.

Also, be reasonable when shaving and ensure that there are no strands of hair scattered over the bathroom floor after shaving.

How do you Pack when Traveling with a Safety Razor?

Someone who travels frequently needs to have the grooming kit organized and well-arranged to become accessible when needed. You can consider buying a toiletry kit to make things easy.

Safety razors are hard and will fit perfectly inside your toiletry kit. However, the blade should not be loaded on the handle. If left loose in the toiletry kit, the safety blade can slide from side to side and damage the case.

The TSA officials might give you a hard time if you have a safety razor with blades in your carry-on bag. When traveling, take some unused blades with the packaging still intact. Also, consider getting another pouch for the blade.


After reading this article, you should have no problem understanding what you can or can’t take on a plane with you when traveling. The vital thing to note is that any item with an exposed blade that is easy to remove or access can be termed a dangerous object. These items will need to be checked into your hand luggage.

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