Can You Fly With a Razor on WestJet Airlines?

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Can I take a razor on the plane on WestJet Airlines


When flying, it is better to beware than to be sorry. One of the essential travel companions of every man (and woman) is the razor. However, it is not all kinds of razors that you can fly with. Let’s check with WestJet Airlines to know what their protocols are.

WestJet Airlines is a Canadian airline and is the country’s second-largest airline behind Air Canada; and operates local, U.S., international and chartered flights.

Just like with airlines in the United States, WestJet Airlines also have strict guidelines, and things like razors fall under the spotlight. To avoid problems with security, it’s essential to know if you can fly with a razor on WestJet Airlines.

Can I Take a Razor on the Plane on WestJet Airlines?

Before we answer that, what type of razors are allowed on WestJet Airlines? This question is essential because WestJet recommends that any sharp objects, including razor blades, scissors, and box cutters, should be left out completely from the carry-on bag if they don’t meet specific requirements. So, can you take razors on the plane?

Yes, Razors are allowed on WestJet Airlines if the blade isn’t longer than 6cm. You should pack it nicely in the checked baggage if it is. However, if you’re flying into the United States, only disposable razors are allowed in your hand luggage. Generally, the rule with sharp objects like knives, scissors, and box cutters is that they must not be longer than 4 inches.

So yes, you can take a razor on WestJet Airlines without any problems if they meet the requirements in terms of length. If you’re also a user of electric razors, you won’t have any issues as they are allowed in your carry-on and checked baggage. Remember, the electric razor is not a sharp object, so it poses no threat.

The point here is to remember that while you can carry most razors on Canadian flights when traveling to the U.S., the rules may change a bit.

Can You Bring a Shaving Razor on a Plane?

If you’re traveling and you think you may need a shave, will you be able to bring a shaving razor on board? While flying local on WestJet Airlines, you can have certain types of razors as long as they meet requirements. On international flights, the destination determines what you can have in your carry-on.

Can You Fly With A Disposable Razor on WestJet Airlines?

Yes, The disposable razor is allowed on virtually all airlines, including WestJet, and can be part of your hand luggage without any problems. This is because the disposable razor can’t be detached, so the blade can’t be considered a dangerous object, which is what air travel security works against. Although if you’re going to use a hotel, you’re most likely going to be provided with a disposable razor, having one with you would not harm, especially on WestJet Airlines.

Can You Travel With A Safety Razor On WestJet Airlines?

The CATSA, the body responsible for regulating air travel security in Canada, says any razor with a blade of more than 4 inches is not allowed in carry-on baggage. However, you can keep them well sheathed in the checked baggage. Because the safety razor fits into the removable razor category, it is always recommended that you remove the blade and keep it away from your hand luggage if the flight is bound for the United States. Otherwise, safety razors are allowed on WestJet Airlines.

It’s essential to also ask about the straight razor.

Can You Fly With A Straight Razor On WestJet Airlines?

The answer also lies in the length of the razor. Once the straight razor’s blade is longer than 6cm, you can only have it in your checked bags. If the razor is less than 6cm in length (measuring the blade), it is allowed on WestJet Airlines. If you’re traveling to the United States, straight razors of any length are not allowed at all except in checked luggage.

Can You Bring a Razor in Your carry-on With WestJet Airlines?

When flying with WestJet Airlines, you can bring in disposable and electric razors without restrictions. This is regardless of your destination. Can you take a razor in your hand luggage? Yes. Especially disposable razors and electric razors. However, other types of detachable razors must follow the specifications highlighted above.

When a razor is not allowed in your hand luggage, it serves very little use on your flight. So, if you must travel with a razor in your hand luggage, ensure the blades aren’t longer than four inches. But for local WestJet Airlines flights, you can mostly travel with a razor in hand luggage. Again, you must be conversant with the rules of your destination.

Can you bring a razor in your carry-on with WestJet Airlines

Can You Bring a Razor Through Airport Security?

Airport security is responsible for determining if something is dangerous or not. So, can you bring a razor through security? Although there are guidelines, yet to be safe, keep sharp objects in checked luggage. But you should be able to bring disposable electric razors through airport security. If your safety or straight blades are deemed dangerous, you should keep them safely wrapped in your checked luggage.

This article has a detailed guide on traveling with razors on airplanes.

Can I Take an Electric Razor on The Plane with WestJet Airlines?

Yes, you should have no problems taking an electric razor on WestJet Airlines. This is also the case with most international flights.

Can You Travel with Razor Blades on WestJet Airlines?

On WestJet Airlines, you’re allowed to travel with razor blades if the length of the sharp part isn’t more than 6 cm. This is, however, not applicable to those flying into the U.S. It is prohibited in any form or length.

Can You Fly With Aerosol Shaving Cream on WestJet Airlines?

Being a liquid, the aerosol shaving cream is subject to the CATSA regulations on liquids on flights. Unsealed, open, or opaque plastic bags of any size with liquids, gels, or aerosols in containers of any size are prohibited. Also, liquids, gels, or aerosols in containers larger than 100 ml/100 g (3.4 oz.) in unapproved containers or packaging are also prohibited on WestJet Airlines.

Can You bring a Razor on a Domestic Flight with WestJet Airlines?

If you’re flying domestically with WestJet Airlines, you’re free to carry a razor on board as long as the length doesn’t exceed approved limits.

Can You Bring a Razor on an International Flight with WestJet Airlines?

Yes, you can. The only exception is U.S. flights. You’re only allowed to have disposable and electric razors in your hand luggage if your destination is America.

How many disposable razors can you take on a plane on WestJet Airlines

How Many Disposable Razors Can You Take on a Plane on WestJet Airlines?

How many disposable razors do you need? On a flight, you shouldn’t need more than one. But if you do, there is no specific limit to the number of disposable razors you can have, considering that they are safe. This, however, depends on the discretion of airport security.

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