Will More Blades Guarantee An Improved Shave?


Are you looking for a new razor blade? If yes, then you should consider buying a good quality razor blade instead of cheap ones.

Do More Blades Mean A Better Shave

Cheap blades are often poorly manufactured and don’t last long. They also tend to dull faster than high-quality blades.

Though there are lots of great razors out there, many men find shaving to be a chore. Yet, most men use razors, whether they shave their face or trim their beards with a razor.

So why do so many men struggle with this task? The answer is simple: Most men just aren’t very good at it. Though it may sound harsh, a lot of men lack knowledge surrounding razors.

For example, you may be wondering whether additional blades will provide a better shave. Find out the answer to this question right here. 

What Are The Functions Of Razor Blades?

The first thing that you need to know about razor blades is that they have several functions. This primarily includes cutting hair.

In addition, razor blades can help prevent nicks and cuts from occurring when you’re using your razor. Finally, razor blades can even assist in keeping your skin smooth and soft.

How Have Razors Changed Over Time?

Razor blades have changed considerably over time. They have been used for centuries as a grooming solution. These razors are known as straight-edge razors, which means that they feature a single sharpened edge on one side.

However, these days, you’ll see more modern versions of straight edge razors. You’ll notice that they come with multiple blades.

This is because they offer a closer shave than other forms of razors. Many men favor these razors due to their simplicity and versatility. 

Different types of razor blades began to emerge at the beginning of the 20th century. These changes were primarily ushered by Gillette.

It was during this period that Gillette introduced its famous double-edged safety razor.

This product featured two blades that could be swapped out easily. As a result, men were able to get a close shave without having to worry about getting cut.

After this, other razor brands also began to make double-edged razors. Though Gillette remains one of the leading razor brands in the world, there are lots of other options available too.

For instance, you can choose between disposable razors, cartridge razors, electric razors, wet/dry razors, and others.

Will The Number Of Blades Impact Your Shave?

Do More Blades Mean A Better Shave

You may wonder if an extra blade will give you a better shave. After all, you might think that the more blades you have, the better your shave will be.

However, this isn’t necessarily true. There’s no guarantee that adding more blades will improve your shave. Instead, the number of blades you use actually depends on how well you shave.

The reason for this is that only one blade is required for a shave. One blade is sufficient to remove a hair follicle from your skin.

This is why straight edge razors are considered effective since they often contain just one blade and yet they can provide a high-quality shave. 

In fact, a larger number of blades can be detrimental to your shave. This is because it increases friction. Friction can cause irritation and discomfort.

This raises the chances of you getting razor burn. Razors with an increased number of blades merely cut deeper into your skin than single blades. 

What Guarantees A Better Shave?

To ensure that you get a better shave, you should focus on certain factors. First, you need to understand what type of razor you want to use.

Once you’ve decided on the kind of razor you want to buy, you should look into the features it offers.

For example, you should consider the length of the handle, the size of the head, the material it’s made of, and so on.

The cleanliness of your razor can have an impact on the quality. If you don’t wash your razor regularly, then you run the risk of spreading bacteria around your bathroom.

This can lead to bad odors and infections. To avoid such problems, you should always keep your razor clean.

Another important factor that you should take note of is the shaving gel that you apply before using your razor. The right shaving gel can help you achieve a smoother shave.

In addition, the right gel can prevent ingrown hairs from forming. Ingrown hairs can be painful and unsightly. They can also lead to cuts or even infections.

It is recommended that you shave after showering. This helps you remove any dirt and debris that may clog up your pores. You should also moisturize your face thoroughly before applying shaving cream.

Moisture prevents dryness, which would lead to irritation. Showering helps to soften your hair, meaning that it is much simpler to shave. 

To help your chances of getting a clean shave, it is advised that you use aftershave. Using aftershave can increase the effectiveness of your shave. It does this by limiting irritation.

Aftershave is also designed to smell enjoyable. This means that you won’t feel like you smell unpleasant when you step out of the shower.

Whether you are neatening facial hair or shaving it off completely, we recommend changing your blade routinely. Changing your blade ensures that you get the best possible shave every time.

It prevents the blade from being dull. Dull blades can hurt as they scrape against your skin, preventing you from achieving the closest shave. 

How Do You Choose The Right Razor Blade?

Do More Blades Mean A Better Shave

When choosing a razor blade, you want to make sure that you get one that is made from high-quality material. A quality blade will ensure that it lasts longer and provides a smoother shave.

It’s important to remember that not all blades are created equal. Some blades are more expensive than others. However, if you purchase a quality blade, you’ll save money in the long term. 

You should also choose a blade based on its design. There are different types of blades available.

Some are designed for men, while others are meant for women. Some are designed to suit your needs, while others are for general usage. 

If you want to get the most out of your razor blade, you should invest in a good razor. When buying a new razor, you should check whether it has adjustable settings.

Adjustable razors allow you to adjust the angle at which the blade hits your face. This makes it easier to adjust the razor to the contours of your face.

An additional consideration is whether you want a disposable single-use razor or one that can be used multiple times.

Single-use razors are cheaper, but they do not last very long. On the other hand, multi-use razors tend to cost more, but they usually provide better value for money.

The issue with disposable razors is that they can be harmful to the environment since they are often made from materials that cannot be recycled. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Razor vs Manual Razor: Which Is Best?

There are two main types of electric shavers – manual and battery operated. Both offer similar benefits.

Electric shavers are convenient because they don’t require you to manually trim your beard. They also tend to be quicker and have a reduced chance of cuts. 

Meanwhile, manual razors are easier to clean. Moreover, they usually provide a closer shave. As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to both varieties. 

Can You Use A Razor For Your Whole Body?

Yes, you can use a razor for your entire body. However, you should change the blade regularly if you plan on doing this, as it may be somewhat unsanitary to use the same blade for your face and the rest of your body. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, many factors affect how well you shave. These include your beard length, your skin type, your shaving technique, and the type of blade that you use. 

Hopefully, this razor blade guide can improve your shaving technique. If you follow these tips, you’ll have no problem achieving a close shave every time.

Doug Wells