Why Is My Beard Not Growing Anymore? Reasons and Helpful Tips

Why Isn’t my Beard Growing Anymore?

Growing your beard out can be quite a rewarding experience. The entire process comes with many highs and lows… ups and downs. When you think about it, it is a process you can put years into. This makes it all the more sensible to be highly protective of your beard when you identify a problem or believe something is wrong with it.

One of the most prevalent issues facing beard owners is that their beard isn’t growing as much as they expect them to. It could even be possible that their beard has simply stopped growing. If this sounds like you or you have been frustrated before with the performance of your beards, you will enjoy this article. 

Why Isn’t my Beard Growing Anymore?

You need not fret if your beard is not growing as frequently as you desire. It isn’t unusual for your beard to experience periods when growth slows or stops. Fortunately, the good news for anyone trying to grow a beard is that the period will not last forever.

If it feels like your beard has stopped growing, there are various ways to spur your beard growth. You do not need any special quick-fix serums to make it happen. This article also highlighted three prevalent answers to the question: why is my beard not growing anymore?

Why is My Beard Not Growing?

Possible Reasons You Don’t have a Full Beard

Here are some possible reasons why your beard isn’t growing full. We also discuss ways to overcome these challenges and grow that full, healthy beard you want to have

Poor diet choices might prevent your beard from growing properly

One of the reasons your beard might not grow on your cheek might be traced to your choice of meal. The ability to grow healthy hair is akin to developing a healthy body. This doesn’t mean hitting the gym 20 hours a day; it simply means considering the importance of nutrition beyond how it makes you feel.

Nutrition is essential for hair growth. You must ensure you get the appropriate omega fatty acids, protein, and vitamins. For beard growth, you need an optimum amount of Vitamin E, iron, and trace minerals such as magnesium, copper, and selenium.

A diet high in lean protein from fish and lots of vegetables and fruits can ensure your beard has what it needs to continue growing properly. Additionally, drinking water is essential.

Beard split ends could be why your beard is not growing

Beard split ends are typically caused by over-shampooing, over-blow-drying, and combing or brushing too harshly. Generally, split ends happen when a solitary strand of hair breaks into a minimum of two at the end. In extreme situations, the strand can break into numerous ends.

A major reason why this happens is that most plastic combs tend to have microscopic chips or cracks. These combs can cut through your dry hair just as a saw would. Various cheap plastic combs can splinter and snap off quickly, easily breaking your hair. The same goes for metal combs and brushes. Metal brushes are especially painful when misused; the metal teeth can scrape on your cheek.

The most effective way to combat this is to get high-quality plastic combs, particularly ones that have been hand sawed. This design method ensures the combs are perfectly smooth and formed. Purchasing high-quality combs ensures that your hair doesn’t get snagged, nor do your ends become damaged.

Beard hair breakage can cause your beard not to grow properly

One primary reason why your beard isn’t growing is down to breakage. When your hair is overprocessed, brittle, and dry, it will eventually break off, appearing not to grow past a particular point. While shampooing and ensuring your hair is the right thing to do as it promotes hair growth, going overboard can result in breakage and dryness. This is especially true for curly and wavy hair.

When Will my Beard Get Thicker?

Like me, you probably can’t wait for your beard to grow thicker and fuller. Sometimes I feel like a 40-year-old schoolboy waiting for my beard to grow on my cheeks. Here are a few ways I’ve found to help make your beard grow faster. 

3 Steps to Make Your Beard Grow Faster

3 Steps to Make Your Beard Grow Faster

While men’s facial hair tends to grow about half an inch per month, on average, some situations can slow your beard growth down. These include beard dandruff, ingrown facial hairs, beard split ends, and breakage—and encourage beard growth.

Let’s look at ways that we can prevent these situations that slow beard growth down. So you can grow that beard of your dreams. 

To effectively grow your beard long, you need to eat the proper nutrients and vitamins your body needs to prevent the already grown hairs from breaking and promote hair growth at a healthy and average rate.

Moisturizing using beard oil can help make your beard grow faster

One of the most effective ways to promote healthy beard growth is to use high-quality beard oil to moisturize your beard. When your hair is dry, regardless of where it is, it becomes brittle and susceptible to breakage.

 As with the hair on other parts of your body, split ends could cause your cuticle to become frayed. As a result, this will lead to hair damage and negate all your growth. 

Using hydrating beard conditioner can help make your beard grow faster

Few people wash their beards using regular soap or shower gel. At the same time, others utilize beard shampoo to fuel hair growth. You can go a step further by applying a high-quality beard conditioner to your beard. 

Applying the conditioner after using a beard shampoo can help soften your beard. This makes your beard less likely to break compared to using just shampoo. Furthermore, if you want to increase your beard growth rate, you will need the hair to be healthy and soft to reduce the occurrence of split ends.

Using tea tree oil can help make your beard grow faster

You can promote healthy beard growth by shampooing your beard using a gentle beard shampoo and tea tree oil extract. Tea tree oil is essential for hair growth. 

Also, it is a natural disinfectant that removes build-up and dead skin, exfoliating your skin to prevent ingrown facial hair, acne, and dandruff.

A Few Things to Remember, if Your Beard is Not Growing Anymore

Keep the following in mind to give your beard the best opportunity to reach its potential:

Don’t shampoo your beard with head shampoo or body soap.

Using head shampoo on your beard is a big no-no! Head shampoo is designed for a more aggressive scalp cleaning and is not ideal for use on your beard. Also, it is tempting to use an all-in-one body wash on your beard. Please don’t do that. That will strip out all the natural oils and leave your beard itchy and dry. 

The most effective way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to use hydrating and gentle beard shampoo and a conditioner a couple of times a week. 

Don’t shampoo your beard too often. 

Shampooing your beard too often could result in you stripping your hair of its natural oils, which causes it to become even drier and more prone to breakage.

Fortunately, many beard shampoos are formulated to be gentle when cleansing your skin and beard. This formulation ensures that your beard still retains its natural oils. You can also help your beard growth by replenishing any lost essential oils. This helps to keep it nourished, reducing the occurrence of breakage.

Alternatively, you could consider purchasing a beard kit with a repair formula. This kit is usually created to help reduce dry skin and cure breakage.

Why is my beard not growing anymore? How quickly should facial hair grow?

Beard and facial hair do not differ from regular hair regarding how quickly it grows. On average, we grow around 6 inches of hair annually. This is calculated at about half an inch a month. This growth rate can be hampered, especially if your hair isn’t healthy.

Problems such as poor diet, patchy spots, dryness, and incorrect beard products can all cause growth issues. A key component of healthy hair growth is blood circulation; without it, hair cannot grow.

There is a maximum length for hair growth, and while it varies from man to man, it is typically agreed that the terminal beard growth length is around two years.

Why Isn’t My Beards Growing: FAQ

This section is designed to answer various questions you might have about the growth rate of your beard. 

Why isn’t my beard growing full?

One main factor that determines beard growth is genetics. If the men in your family – your father and grandfather – didn’t have full beards, the odds are not in your favor, sorry!

Low testosterone levels that result from stress and other factors might also harm your effort to grow a thick and full beard. 

How can I grow a beard?

You can do many things to influence your beard growth. Ensure you develop healthy daily habits, as it can affect your beard. Also, moisturize your beard, and ensure to use the right products.

Consume foods rich in optimum nutrients like protein, fruits, and vegetables, sleep well, exercise, and above all, be patient; you won’t grow a beard overnight!

How much will my beard grow in a month?

For most men, the hair reaches its full length in six months. However, expect a healthy beard to grow 0.5 inches every month. One primary reason why your beard isn’t growing anymore could be down to it reaching its maximum growth limit.  

Another reason my beard is not growing properly could be that it is normal for that to happen. Fortunately, there are various ways you can naturally boost your beard growth.

Why is my beard not growing fast?

The dominant hormones in men are dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone.  These hormones are responsible for the deep baritone voice, sexual differentiation of organs, and facial hair growth.

While DHT takes care of beard density, testosterone is responsible for the thickness of the beard. If your body is low on these vital male hormones, your beard growth will also suffer. 

When will my beard get thicker?

Thick and full hair is the desire of many. This happens as you advance in age from 18 through 30 when the beards develop in thickness and coarseness. So, it might not be time if you don’t have thick/full hair.

However, ensure you take care of your beard by washing it with the right shampoo, often hydrating, using high-quality beard oil, and feeding well. 

Will my beard stop growing?

Beards do not stop growing. It might appear like your hair stopped growing because, ideally, it will reach a maximum length, fall out and start growing all over. 

Many things also affect the growth rate and length of your hair. With a healthy lifestyle, however, you can keep your beards at optimum length with terrific texture and shape. 

Why Is My Beard Not Growing anymore.

Why Is My Beard Not Growing Properly? The Final Verdict.

You might want a thick and full beard, but you might be disappointed with the growth rate of your beard. This might be traced to poor diet, beard split ends, hair breakage, genetics, etc.

If your beard is not growing properly, we have actionable tips that can revive your beard. Moisturizing using beard oil, hydrating beard conditioner, and employing tea tree oil to support beard growth.

Finally, if your beard is not growing anymore, avoid using head shampoo or applying excessive shampoo to your beard. The efforts you put into taking care of your beards will pay off soon. 

Doug Wells