Can You Fly With Razor on Ryanair?

Razor on Ryanair

Although based in Dublin, Ryanair is a popular low-fare airline across Europe. There are chances that you are planning your next travel via Ryanair. If that’s the case, what items can or can you not take with you on the plane? If you are a frequent flyer, you must have found that the rules around using razors on planes vary.

Since most of us shave daily or several times a week at least, we always need a razor while we travel. So, it is not unusual to travel with a razor on Ryanair. Many travelers hope to save money on their checked baggage and thus want to maximize the use of their hand luggage, so it’s not unheard of to put razors in it. Also, the rules are always changing for security and health reasons. So is taking your razor on a plane a good idea? Could it cause any problems for you?

So, let’s get aboard Ryanair and see what the regulations are. Can you fly with a razor on RyanAir? We find out.

Razor on a Plane on Ryanair?

Can I Take a Razor on a Plane on Ryanair?

First, RyanAir prohibits pointed or edged weapons and Sharp Objects on board in the hand luggage. Although sharp objects may be allowed in the checked baggage, they should be securely wrapped to prevent injury to screeners and personnel handling inspectors at the airport. Do razors fall into the category of sharp objects?

To avoid doubt, RyanAir refers to sharp objects as scissors, knives, and razors. So, no, you can’t take a razor in your hand luggage.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, especially with razors. This is because there are different types of Razors. While the rules about what types of razors can be brought on a plane differ worldwide, what type of razors are allowed on RyanAir?

Ryanair allows disposable razors and wet razors with blades covered and the mesh in hand luggage. Also, electric razors and traditional safety razors are permissible in hand luggage. Although this may differ if you’re traveling from or to the United States, the safety razors shouldn’t have blades longer than 6 cm.

Traditional razor blades are, however, not allowed on board and can only be carried in checked luggage.

Can You Bring a Shaving Razor on a Plane?

If you’re flying aboard Ryanair, you want to know if your preferred razor is permissible onboard.

Can you bring a shaving razor on a plane aboard Ryanair? There’s no straightforward answer to the question.

Typically, any razor that has an enclosed blade or is contained in a disposable plastic cartridge, or if the entire razor is disposable, is allowed on board. If your shaving razor is deemed dangerous, you may have to look for an alternative.

First, can you fly with a disposable razor on RyanAir? Yes, you can. Disposable razors can be taken on the plane because they are not deemed a threat. Disposable razors do not have detachable blades and are often not meant to be permanently used. Therefore, disposable razors are the razors most suitable for air travel.

Let’s look at another type of razor.

Can You Travel With A Safety Razor on Ryanair?

Well, from the name, it should be safe, right? That’s not always true. Safety razors have blades that can be detached, which raises a safety concern. Most safety razors won’t qualify for hand luggage on RyanAir, so you should have them safely wrapped in the checked luggage. However, if you’re traveling within Europe, some sharp objects whose blades aren’t longer than 6cm can be allowed.

What if a straight razor? Can you fly with a straight razor on Ryan Air? You’re not allowed to have your straight razor in your carry-on bag. If you must travel with it, it must go into the checked baggage, well concealed.

Can You Bring a Razor in Your Carry-on With Ryan Air?

So, you now know the kind of razors allowed. Let’s focus on your carry-on bag. What are the razors you can have with you? Can you take a razor in your hand luggage? Of course, that wouldn’t be a problem as long as the razor is disposable.

You can have disposable razors and electric razors in your hand luggage. You’ll likely have problems traveling with safety razors or straight razors in your hand luggage.

Can You Bring A Razor Through Airport Security?

Razor Through Airport Security?

Airport security is meant to detect and eject inappropriate or dangerous materials for flights. So, can you bring a razor through airport security? Yes. If it is a straight or safety razor, you must have it well concealed. Electric razors do not pose serious risks and can be brought through security.

A lot also depends on the discretion of airport personnel. Each country has sets of regulatory protocols that must be followed. While you may be allowed to have some form of straight razors on board in Europe, they are strictly prohibited in America.

Can I take an electric razor on RyanAir?

On RyanAir, like on all major airlines, you don’t have any problems with electric razors. Since they have no sharp edges, electric razors can be taken on the plane aboard Ryanair. An electric razor works not by cutting hair but by pulling it from the pores. Your electric razors can go in your carry-on as well as checked bags.

Can You Travel With Razor Blades on Ryan Air?

If you must travel with razor blades, be prepared to have them in your checked bags. That’s because razor blades are among the items on the prohibited list. All kinds of razorblades for use with safety razors are strictly prohibited in hand luggage on Ryanair.

The only way to travel with your razor blade is to safely pack it in a way that cannot injure inspectors in the checked baggage.

Can You Fly With Aerosol Shaving Cream on Ryan Air

Aerosols and shaving creams fall into the Liquids in hand luggage policy, which states that all liquids in hand luggage should be kept in containers with a capacity of not more than 100ml. Also, the liquids must be in single, transparent, and resealable plastic bags. So, you can fly with your aerosol shaving cream on Ryanair.

Can You Bring A Razor on A Domestic Flight With Ryan Air

Razors can be brought on domestic flights. But straight razors and safety razors can’t be brought in the hand luggage. If you’re on a domestic flight anywhere in Europe, you are allowed to have some kinds of razors with you if the blades aren’t longer than 6cm

Can You Bring A Razor on an International Flight With Ryan Air

If you’re traveling on an international flight, you need to know the regulations and where you’re going. Those flying to and from the United States can only have disposable or electric razors in their hand luggage. All blades used in razors must be safely concealed in the hand luggage. On RyanAir, you can’t have safety razors and straight razors in your carry-on bags for international flights.

For more information on flying with razors, read our detailed guide here

Is a shaving kit allowed in flight on a plane?
Is a shaving kit allowed in flight on a plane?

How Many Disposable Razors Can You Take on A Plane on Ryan Air

Disposable razors are meant to be used and disposed of, so you may need more than one. Disposable razors can be taken with you on the plane, and there are no regulations on how many disposable razors you can have.

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