Guide To Mens’ Eyebrow Grooming

Guide To Mens’ Eyebrow Grooming

In recent years, it is true that men have actually become pretty interested in grooming, be it hair or be it beards. However, we can’t forget about the eyebrow game here.

If you are wanting eyebrows that look pretty great and that will suit your face then you really need to make sure that you know what you’re doing.

Guide To Mens’ Eyebrow Grooming

After all, mistakes on your face will be pretty obvious and hard to ignore.

Naturally when it comes to eyebrow grooming, this is something that will improve when you get much more confident; and your eyebrow grooming skills will also improve when you reach a point where you know what you like and what you don’t like.

However, here we can equip you with all of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of eyebrow grooming – this will just help you to get started out and avoid any rookie mistakes.

Do Men Need To Groom Their Eyebrows?

Here’s the thing, no one is saying that this is absolutely essential. You do not have to groom your eyebrows if you are really against doing this. What would be the point in that?

If you are happy with your appearance then just go with it. Do not feel the need to conform and do not feel pressure to pick up the tweezers.

However, if your eyebrows are getting you down because they look a bit too wild and unruly, and ultimately, they are ruining your overall look then now is time to give them a groom.

If you are unhappy with your eyebrows then this can taint your appearance and also your confidence which is not cool. If you are noticing that you are forming a unibrow and you feel especially conscious about it then it is time to groom your eyebrows.

On the other hand, thinner eyebrows can be especially common on the older man and this can be something that men feel self conscious of.

That’s right, it is not just wild and unruly brows that can be a confidence crusher, you might find that having barely any eyebrow game can give your confidence a knock.

Realistically speaking, you do not have to groom your eyebrows. However, if you are at a point in your life where your eyebrows are making you feel less confident and less content about your appearance, then now might be the time to start grooming your eyebrows.

Debunking The Myth Of Embarrassment

We know that eyebrow grooming has become more common amongst men over recent years, but we know that men can still get embarrassed about having to do this.

Ultimately, there is not all that much that we can say to completely change the way that you feel. However, what we do want to say is that this is not something that you should feel ashamed of.

Sure, you don’t need to walk around with a banner informing everyone you know that you groom your eyebrows. But, if someone points out that you look different or even if they ask you outright if you groom your eyebrows, then what is the harm in saying yeah?

The truth is, the only thing that grooming your eyebrows really says about you is that you take pride in your appearance and how you look. To us, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this.

You need to come to your own decision when it comes to picking grooming or embarrassment. Would you feel better with groomed eyebrows and people noticing this, or would you feel better with un-groomed eyebrows and people noticing this?

Ultimately, we assume that you are here because you will want to learn how to groom your eyebrows. So, our natural conclusion is to groom your eyebrows and feel much more confident in yourself.

Ultimately, the appearance of your eyebrows will really help you to feel more confident in yourself because they are on your face. And not only that obvious factor, but when people talk to you they will most likely make eye contact and this will draw a lot of attention to your eyebrows.

You will be pleased to know that we have a lot of tips and a lot of advice that can really help you to get those perfect natural-looking eyebrows and this will give your appearance and your confidence a boost.

Getting The Right Shape

It is important to note that there are some key things that you need to remember when it comes to getting the right shape for your eyebrows. You might find that for most of your youth that you have never needed to touch your eyebrows. However, things change.

As you get older you might find that your eyebrows are in need of a lot more work just so that you can keep your eyebrows really neat and tidy.

All men will have different kinds of eyebrows, you might find that your eyebrows are quite thick and quite bushy – or you might find that you have more sparse and thin eyebrows. Either way, you will definitely benefit from grooming your eyebrows.

STOP! Put the tweezers down, man. You need to listen to our advice before you go in on your eyebrows. You need to really work out the shape of your eyebrows first because not every kind of eyebrow shaping technique will work for you.

You need to have a level of restraint and control because over-tweezing can be especially common amongst inexperienced eyebrow groomers.

We have all been there. It can be especially easy to get too carried away when you start plucking your eyebrow hairs. Ultimately, this can feel like a test of self-control. You need to have the restraint to be able to know when to stop.

This is especially important because you don’t want to give yourself eyebrows that really don’t suit you. You will want to make sure that you only get rid of the eyebrow hairs which compromise how groomed your eyebrows look. Have some control, refrain from over-tweezing at all costs.

Also, you really need to try and make eyebrow grooming part of your routine. You do not want this part of your grooming routine to feel like a chore.

By incorporating your eyebrows into your grooming routine you are making sure that you top up your eyebrow grooming and that you also keep them well-maintained.

What does this mean? You will save yourself work in the long run. After all, there is no point in grooming your eyebrows and then letting them go wild again.

You need to make sure that you keep on top of your eyebrow grooming routine and that you make your life easier by ensuring that your eyebrows stay as neat and tidy as possible.

Doing Your Eyebrows At Home

Here’s the thing, we completely understand that you might not feel so confident in getting your eyebrows done by a professional. Or, you might not even want to spend the money on getting your eyebrows done.

This is also perfectly reasonable. Shaping and doing your eyebrows at home might be an option that suits you the best and that feels the most comfortable to you.

However, if you are going to go for the DIY route then there are a few problems that you might encounter.

Well, we say problems but ultimately there will be some mistakes that you need to make so that you can learn from them.

And, you will need to work out exactly what you like and this will help you to build your confidence.

The biggest mistake that comes with doing your eyebrows yourself is that you might make mistakes and then you will have to suffer the consequences of these mistakes.

The consequences being that you will have to walk around with your slight questionable DIY eyebrow job. This can be less than ideal but ultimately, your eyebrows will grow back.

When it comes to doing your own eyebrows you need to remember that less is more. What do we mean by this? Well, do not go overboard with tweezing your eyebrows.

This is something that can be relatively easy to do because if you have never tweezed your eyebrows then you can get carried away.

It does not matter whether you tweeze, or wax (ouch) your eyebrows – it can be easy to overdo them. You might start tweezing your eyebrows and then you will think that every eyebrow hair is straggling and ruining your look.

This will not be the case, although this is a pretty easy trap to fall into. You need to have a mirror handy when you are plucking your eyebrows just so that you can monitor your eyebrow progress.

Put Your Trust In Tweezing

Put Your Trust In Tweezing

So, you will know that there are a whole host of techniques that can help you to achieve groomed eyebrow hairs. These techniques can be DIY or they can be professional.

However, we recommend above all that you really put your trust in tweezing. You will find that you will only need minimal tweezing to just make sure that your eyebrows look reasonably neat and tidy. 

The technique that you go for is totally up to you – and no one knows your eyebrows like you do. Essentially, you just need to work out what is best for you and then just stick with this.

If you are concerned about your monobrow region then you might find that having this waxed will suit you the best.

This is because the hair will not grow back as dark compared to if you pluck your eyebrow hairs.

This would be a much better technique if you have extremely thick and dark eyebrow hairs.

However, if you opt for waxing then you will find that you are better off getting this done by a professional rather than attempting this yourself.

We say this because you really do not want to risk ripping off half of your eyebrow. That would be less than ideal. And, this is a much bigger deal than just making a rookie error and tweezing one too many eyebrow hairs.

Keep Calm

When it comes to tweezing your eyebrows you really need to keep as calm as possible. You have probably worked out for yourself that going too heavy on the tweezers can do more harm than good.

You might end up with eyebrows that look especially sparse, and in the worst case scenarios they can end up looking significantly worse than before you started.

It is important to note that having thicker or bushier eyebrows is not such a bad thing. This is something that is especially common in men and can actually be more complimentary than you realize.

You do not need to have perfectly shaped eyebrows in order for them to look good, ultimately you will just want your eyebrows to suit you.

Make Sure To Find Where Your Eyebrows Start And End

There is much more to eyebrow grooming than meets the eye… You will need to do a slight amount of planning before you start tweezing. Before you even pick up the tweezers, you need to work out where your eyebrows start and where your eyebrows stop.

In order to do this effectively, you will need to use a fine-tooth comb and you need to hold the comb in a vertical position right in the middle of your nostril.

When you have managed to work out where your eyebrows should start by doing this you can then use a tweezer and pluck any of the bigger or the rogue hairs that are in the middle of your brows.

It can be a good idea to leave some smaller hairs as this can help make your eyebrows look more natural and less finely groomed.

Next, you will want to find where your eyebrows end. In order to do this you will need to take your fine-tooth comb so that you can make a line that goes from the tip of your nose to the outside corner of your eye.

You should remove any excess hairs that are more on the outside of the fine-tooth comb line.

Do Not Under Any Circumstances Trim From The Top

You should now be at the stage where you have finished tweezing the start and the end points of your eyebrows. Now that you have done this, you need to shape your eyebrows a bit more. To do this, you can try to tweeze excess hairs that are from the bottom of your eyebrow.

You might have one question on your mind right now, and we don’t blame you for that. We suspect that the question on your mind is: why should you start from the bottom?

Well, if you have ever come across a guy who has especially arched eyebrows then this will be a sign of them tweezing their eyebrows from the top.

Here’s the thing, you need to have hairs on the top of your eyebrows so that you can keep them looking as full and as youthful as possible.

We also want to mention that there will be occasions where your eyebrows will end up growing super long, and you might not be able to tweeze them all that much.

Your eyebrows might need more trimming than tweezing, and that is totally normal.

In order to trim your eyebrow hairs properly you can use an eyebrow comb in order to brush the eyebrow hairs up, and then you will need to use precision tip scissors so that you can trim the eyebrow hairs accurately.

Using The Correct Tools And The Correct Products

Here’s the thing, it is always important to bear in mind what exactly you are wanting from your DIY eyebrow grooming session. For instance, if you are just wanting to tweeze a few eyebrow hairs all you will really need is a good pair of eyebrow tweezers.

You might have never noticed any kind of difference between different eyebrow tweezers, but this can be something that is especially worth investing in.

You will want durable and long-lasting tweezers that really grip onto your eyebrow hairs and that ultimately do the job properly. 

You do not want to have to constantly repurchase tweezers. You will want to make the initial investment and then trust that they will serve you well for an extended period of time.

You might find that tweezers are more of an investment than you initially thought, but you need to weigh up all of the options and work out what is the best for your personal finances.

Making that initial investment in good quality tweezers will ultimately save you money in the long term. So you will thank yourself for spending a little more than you imagined in one go, rather than making multiple purchases over time.

However, you might find that you are someone who will benefit from more tools than just tweezers.

You might consider that other tools will be absolutely essential in helping you to achieve your desired eyebrow look. There are a lot of different tools out there which you can invest in and decide to try out on your eyebrows.

An example of this is eyebrow styling cream. That’s right, you can use eyebrow styling cream to help you to tame your bushier looking eyebrows.

Eyebrow styling cream is not for everyone, but you will find that using styling cream on your eyebrows will give that extra long lasting hold.

You will get a medium and also a reworkable hold so your eyebrows will not look stuck to your face, but they will not eb totally unruly.

If you are someone who has thinner eyebrow hairs then you will notice that using eyebrow cream will give you thickness and also volume. However, do not be fooled.

You will not be dealing with super thick eyebrow styling cream. Here, we have recommended an especially lightweight formula that will not weigh your eyebrow hair down.

Another tool that you might also find really helpful when it comes to eyebrow grooming is precision eyebrow trimmers. They will usually have detachable heads or you can just find that the precision trainers have a 2-in-1 functionality.

Investing in this tool will be especially worthwhile if you have a beard, as you will be able to use your trimmers on this too.

Additionally to this, you will find that using this kind of tool will let you get that really precise and professionally groomed look from the comfort of your own home.

Never Be Afraid To Use Eyebrow Gel

Never Be Afraid To Use Eyebrow Gel

Another myth that we plan on debunking in this piece is the usage of eyebrow gel. You might feel that this is not something that you should be doing.

We don’t know why this is a thing, because eyebrow gel can really help you. We are not talking about deep and dark eyebrow gel that really makes your eyebrows stand out. We are talking about using clear eyebrow gel here.

Using clear eyebrow gel is a really great way of making your eyebrows look naturally neat and tidy. Using clean eyebrow gel really does not look as though you have groomed your eyebrows.

It just makes your eyebrows look natural, but a bit less wild. Tamed eyebrows can really help to frame your face, so if this is something that you struggle with then you might want to give this a go.

However, we do have some advice to bear in mind even when it comes to using the clear eyebrow gel.

The same thing applies to the eyebrows in general, and the ‘go-to’ rule that can really be applied to any kind of eyebrow situation is to have a light hand and go as easy as possible. This applies to the clear eyebrow gel as well as the tweezers.

Even though we have recommended using clear eyebrow gel, you really need to make sure that you are delicate with this. Brow gel will not work to its full potential if you really layer it so that your eyebrows become sticky and waxy looking.

In fact, if you build up your clear eyebrow gel too much then your eyebrows can naturally look darker and potentially a bit wet. That is not the naturally neat look that you will be wanting. 

It is also important to mention that there is only so much that clear brow gel can really do. For instance, if you are someone who has annoying sparse patches in your eyebrows then we need to be really clear on the brow gel front: brow gel will not fix this.

The whole purpose of eyebrow gel is to keep your eyebrows in place, the only way that you would be able to fill in sparse patches is by using tinted eyebrow gel but this can be especially obvious looking.

You might even find that when you use your brow gel that some bald patches will naturally look less severe and they will sort of fill themselves in.

This can happen through the direction as to which you are brushing your eyebrow hairs in. This isn’t always the case, but this does not have to be an awful thing.

This is something that will make your eyebrows look more naturally neat and this could add to your eyebrow look rather than anything else.

Let’s Talk About Grey Eyebrow Hairs

Here’s the thing, grey hairs happen to all of us and when they start appearing in bulk then this can feel slightly intimidating. You might be at the point where you have reached the temptation to pluck all of your grey hairs.

However, you should not do this. You should definitely leave a few grey hairs in your eyebrows – especially if you have more grey hairs than darker eyebrow hairs.

If you pluck too many grey hairs then your eyebrows can end up looking sparse and in worst cases they can end up looking patchy which is not ideal.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you have grey hairs in your eyebrows then there is an especially high chance that you have grey hairs on your head too.

So, you will find that your eyebrows will actually match your natural hair color – so your eyebrows will look especially natural and especially neat.

In summary: leave your grey hairs alone. If you only have two to three individual grey hairs then they can be plucked but any more than that then you will find that you will end up with sparse looking eyebrows.

Should You Shave Your Eyebrow Hair?

The short answer to this: NO WAY. Shaving your eyebrow hairs is one of the worst ideas that you can think of for so many reasons.

If you have ever shaved your facial hair before then you will know that once you start shaving then the hair will grow back really quickly.

So applied to your eyebrow hair will mean that your eyebrows will grow back in no time.

This is due to the nature of shaving and how it works. When you are shaving any kind of body hair, you are shaving your hair from the surface.

This means that the hair will then need to be shaved again and again because this is just being done at surface level. The actual root of the hair is not being removed. 

This means that the hair that you shave will actually grow back much thicker than before and then this will stand out much more noticeably on your face.

You can certainly shave your beard and moustache but we really draw the line at shaving your eyebrow hairs. This is asking for a disaster to happen and mistakes will be especially tricky to correct.

Should You Get Your Eyebrows Done Professionally?

Here’s the thing, it is obvious that there are benefits to getting your eyebrows done professionally because there is the given factor that they will look pretty great.

However, you need to pick the right professional who is suitable for you and your eyebrows. We say this because there will only be certain kinds of salons that you are comfortable with going in.

You might be better suited to getting a professional who is mobile to come to your home, opposed to going to a stereotypically ‘feminine’ salon.

You will be pleased to know that anyone who is an experienced professional will not be a stranger to doing men’s eyebrows.

You will find that this is a much more expensive method than doing your own eyebrows, but if you would rather have a professional take a look at your eyebrows then this would be the perfect grooming method for you.

Ultimately, the process will be quick and simple and will alleviate a lot of stress on your part.

In Conclusion

Overall, when it comes to your grooming choices with regards to your eyebrows then you really need to do your research.

This is not something that you will work out overnight, you might need some time to be able to decide what type of grooming method is the most suitable for you.

It is true that everyone has seen an especially questionable eyebrow look, and this is not ideal. You really want your eyebrows to look neat and natural and not like they have been sculpted.

Whether you are going to be brave and tackle your own eyebrows or whether you are going to put your trust in a professional, you will need to do your research and you will need to be confident in your grooming choice.

You also need to spend a small amount of time working out what kind of grooming method suits you best, you may only need to tweeze a few rogue hairs or you might need a much more drastic technique to achieve your desired eyebrow look.

If you spend time working out what eyebrow grooming technique will work best for you, then you can’t go far wrong.

If you are not confident enough to take on your own eyebrows then you can definitely put your trust in a professional to help you out with your eyebrows.

Doug Wells