Number 3 Buzz Cut With Beard

Number 3 Buzz Cut With Beard

Did you know that the Number 3 Buzz Cut is one of the most popular buzz cuts at the moment? Neither did we, although it isn’t really a surprise.

While its versatile styling option can vary from one man to another, this buzz cut is long enough to cover the scalp.

Number 3 Buzz Cut With Beard

Men often pick either Number 3 or 4 buzz cuts as they are both great medium-length buzz cuts that can work for almost any occasion.

We’ll take a closer look at the Number 3 buzz cut, its length and some examples. Of course, we also find out how to trim it for yourself, giving you an individual look.

What Is A Number 3 Buzz Cut?

One of the most popular buzz cut lengths, the Number 3 Buzz Cut is 10mm (3/8 inch) long.

This definitely is a good hair length to cover the top of the head, although this does also depend on your hair color and the color of your skin.

Lighter hair and skin colors usually tend to show a lot more.

However, you don’t have to have a 3 all round. You can also have a Number 2 (6mm/1/4 inch) on the side and the 3 on the top.

If well done, this option can look very neat and tidy. A big benefit is also that it allows the buzz cut to grow naturally without looking messy after a few days.

There is however one big advantage of trimming a Number 3 cut all around. It’s so easy to maintain and even trim yourself. 

Some other buzz cut hairstyles are very time consuming, whereas 3 is quick and easy, and it always looks great.

Benefits Of The Number 3 Buzz Cut

For men who love their long hair and bear, it can be a big decision to go short. Often the Number 3 buzz cut is a first step for men to try out a shorter hairstyle. 

Easy To Maintain

But 3 is not just a good starter haircut, it’s so easy to maintain. Men who had longer hair before might  find themselves surprised why they never tried it before.

For any styling a little more complex, like fading, it’s best to regularly go to a barber.

Still, you won’t need a professional hairstylist for the Number 3 buzz cut. As a military-style induction cut, this buzz cut is trimmed to an equal length all around. 

Without additions, that’s a straightforward DIY task. Even if you chose to go a little shorter with a 2 on the sides, you could also manage this yourself.

Easier To Wash And Dry

Less hair doesn’t just mean less trimming but it also washes much easier and dries quicker. In addition, shaving a Number 3 removes plenty of time from your grooming routine over a longer period of time.

You don’t need any particular gadgets for this buzz cut. Just use your hair clippers with a clipper guard.

Feels Smooth

As a rule of thumb, shorter hair makes edges look sharper which means it also generally feels more prickly.

The nice thing about the Number 3 buzz cut is that it’s just long enough that it does feel smooth when you touch it (particularly nice for the ladies!).

A Buzz Cut For Every Occasion

As 3 is such a versatile hairstyle, you can wear it off for every occasion. From job interviews to cocktail parties and weddings, Number 3 is always a good choice, which looks formal and smart.

Perfect For Bald Patches

Another great advantage of this hair length is that it’s perfect to cover up bald patches. Hair trimmed short makes the thinning of the hair less obvious.

Disadvantage Of The Number 3 Buzz Cut

Pretty much the only disadvantage of the Number 3 buzz cut is that it doesn’t keep the hair long enough that you can style it.

If you want to go with a medium-length buzz cut that you can style, then your best option is Number 4.

How To Trim A Number 3 Buzz Cut All-Around

How To Trim A Number 3 Buzz Cut All-Around

Now that we looked at all the benefits of the Number 3 buzz cut, and you are still keen on getting this easy hairstyle, let’s find out how to trim a number 3 buzz cut all around.

We put together 3 simple and straightforward steps to help with your new routine of trimming your hair down to 10mm in all directions.

What You’ll Need

  • An electric clipper (with a Number 3 (10mm) clipper guard)
  • A handheld mirror (or any other mirror that you helps you trim the back)
  • Newspaper or hoover to tidy up after the trim

Clean Your Hair Thoroughly

It’s not just a barber’s myth but clean hair is much simpler to cut and trim.

Before you start trimming, it’s best to wash your hair thoroughly and allow it to dry. If you are in a hurry, then use a blow dryer.

While longer hair is better to cut when wet, trimming works better with dry or almost dry hair.

Get Your Tools Ready

Before you get started with trimming, you should make sure that your electric clippers are fully charged.

Running out of power in the middle of a trim can be so annoying because it starts to pull causing an uneven trim.

Check that the blades are clean from hair. Ideally you want to clean your electric clippers after each use because the hair can quickly clog up the blades making them dull.

Another thing you should check is that the blades are in good working order. Some blades might need lubricating oil to run smoothly and the oil can also improve the lifespan of your clippers.

Set up the clipper to the right length and then attach the clipper guard. Check that it’s the right Number 3 (10mm) clipper guard.

Ensure that the clipper guard is fastened properly. Depending on your type of electric clippers, you might need to fasten it with a click.

Don’t forget to keep your handheld mirror or anything mirror ready that allows you to maneuver trimming the back of your head.

For those who already have a little experience with trimming, they might not need the mirror.

For beginners, a handheld mirror is a good support to help you visualize what the trim at the back of your head will look like.

For the DIY trim around the sides and on the top, you are fine using your bathroom mirror

One final aspect to consider before you get started with trimming is the clean up. You may want to place newspaper on the floor or have a hoover ready so you can tidy up quickly.

Try not to let any of the hair drop into the sink as a large amount of hair could clog up the sink, especially when you do this regularly.


Time to trim! Turn on your electric clippers with the Number 3 clipper guard and start trimming anywhere you like.

If you do this for the first time, you may try out a few places to see what feels comfortable for you.

For most men it’s easiest to start with the top, then do the sides and finally trim the back of the head.

It’s best to trim against the direction of hair growth for a good and even cut. 

Don’t worry. You will develop a sense for what direction your hair is growing over time.

If you start trimming with the top or sides, it’s usually quite straightforward. The top of the head should be trimmed backward, whereas the sides are commonly trimmed in an upward motion.

Try to go as slow as possible to achieve an even trim and ensure you cover all the areas. When you work on the top, you need to look out particularly for the temples and the frontal hairline.

In order not to miss these areas, you may want to go over them a few times.

Next up are the sides. When you start trimming the sides, you need to pull your ears backward and forward to reach the difficult parts behind the ears.

This sounds tricky but when you try a couple of times, you’ll get the hang of it.

Now to the most difficult part: the back. Trimming buzz cuts in the back can be quite awkward as you can’t see where you are going with the clippers.

The best way to get an even buzz cut trim in the back is to turn around so your back faces the main bathroom mirror.

Then hold up the handheld mirror in one hand, and start trimming with the other.

Again working against the hair growth direction, trimming the back of your head should be done in an upward motion.

The only place that’s more tricky is the crown as it usually grows in all directions, so it takes a little bit of practice and a few runs over this area.

Make Sure It’s Even

Once you are done with the main trim, you need to check if each area looks evenly trimmed. This involves the mirrors again.

Use the mirrors to take a look at the buzz cut from different angles around the sides, back and front. It’s also worth checking it in a different light as sometimes with a lighter hair type missed spots can be difficult to spot.

You are not just assessing your handiwork but also check if you missed any patches. If you did, then go over these areas again and even them out.

Shape A Neat Neckline

Naturally, with a Number 3 buzz cut trim the neckline will look already pretty tidy by now. Some men are happy to leave it at that.

If you want to round or square off the neckline, you could choose to use the naked clipper blades for this.

A little warning. This isn’t the easiest bit to do so it’s worth asking for some assistance.

Clean Up

When you are done with the final finishing touches, you are ready to hop into the shower. It’s the best way to get all the long and short hair off your skin. 

Once you disposed of the newspaper or hoovered the excess hair, you can finally take a look in the mirror and enjoy your brand new Number 3 buzz cut. 

The Number 3 Buzz Cut With Beard

Do you have a beard but you are still interested in getting a buzz cut? 

There is good news. While a buzz cut, like Number 3, doesn’t allow you to style your hair by adjusting it to the shape of your face, you can put a lot more focus on your facial hair.

Beards can really add a touch of individuality, and they also make some understated parts of your face more pronounced.

There are however a couple of things to bear in mind when you want to combine a size 3 buzz cut with longer facial hair.

Men who enjoy the luxury of thicker hair can easily wear off a full beard because the hair balances out the thickness of the beard.

For men with thinner hair a well-kept short beard style can be a way to draw attention to the beard, rather than a receding hairline.

There is no doubt that the contrast of a short buzz cut and longer facial hair is a true statement. That’s why, it’s good to get some advice from your barber to really pull this look off.

So if you think a size 3 buzz cut would work for you and your beard, then why not give it a go?

The Number 3 Buzz Cut With A Fade

One of the greatest benefits with a short haircut is that a good fade looks fantastic.

A fade is essentially a much shorter cut hair – often in the shapes of a letter, words or even pictures – standing out against your normal length hair.

Most men choose to get a fade done on the sides or the back but we have also seen some great fades on the top of the head.

If you want to have a fade, then it’s a good idea to speak to your trusted barber. He can give you some advice on what cut and trim is best, and how to maintain the fade in the best way.

Then you can give it a go for yourself.

Especially the Number 3 works very well with fades that end just above the sideburns or a fade around the temples.

Most fades are quite obvious and can be truly attention grabbing.

What’s The Difference Between A Number 3 And Number 4 Buzz Cut?

We mentioned the Number 4 buzz cut here and there as a slightly longer alternative to the Number 3.

This buzz cut style is 12mm long and while this doesn’t sound like much, the size 4 buzz cut allows you to be a bit more flexible with styling.

With Number 4, you can try one of the shorter buzz cut lengths without too much risk.

The reason why testing a shorter look first is because you can get a pretty good idea of how the hair cut shapes your head. 

Sometimes this can be the most difficult thing, knowing what the buzz cut looks like before you have seen it.

In this case, Number 4 is a great choice because it offers you a glimpse of the style, shape and texture of this hairstyle. All shorter buzz cuts will look more defined.

If you are not sure if Number 3 or a size 4 buzz cut is really for you, then why not ask trusted friends and family members to give you their honest opinion. 

This can give you a different perspective and may help you with making the right decision for yourself.


Whether you want to try a buzz cut as a new look or you just want to see if it could suit you, Number 3 and Number 4 are two of the best testing buzz cut lengths.

There may be many different reasons why you want to try out a medium-length buz cut. We should not forget that our hair is a form of expression of how we feel about ourselves.

Getting a short hair trim can allow you to reinvent yourself, and even start from scratch. Perhaps you need a little bit of time to consider what you want to do with longer hair.

A size 3 buzz cut gives you the time you need to consider how you want to style your hair.

If you have enough time and money grooming your hair, then trimming it short will definitely save you plenty of cash.

Longer hair always equals more shaping and taming by using hair products. These can be expensive, or if you go for the cheap ones, you might find yourself disappointed that they don’t create the style you want.

Buzz cuts take away all the hassle. You don’t need to style it and there is no need for expensive hair styling products. 

Another aspect to consider with changing your hairstyle is that it can often change people’s perception of you. 

When you cut your wild long hair and trim it down to 10mm, then even your friends and family might not recognize you anymore.

That’s not to say that they would think better or worse of you. They would simply see you in a new light, and sometimes we all need a fresh perspective.

Whatever you choose, we recommend that you also have a chat with your trusted barber as usually the professionals have a good idea what style works for individual face shapes.

Doug Wells