Pointed Goatee Beard: How To Grow, Best Styles

Pointed Goatee Beard How To Grow, Best Styles

A beard can completely change someone’s appearance, as it can help shape the face, as well as bring attention to different features.

Not to mention that a beard can be styled in many different ways, to suit different styles and aesthetics!

But just like with hairstyles, choosing the right kind of beard can be a complicated process. After all, you need to figure out not only what you like, but also what suits you! 

Amongst the main popular types of beards, some are common and popular, and others are a bit more of a fashion risk that can either make you look…weird…or have you stand out from the crowd in the best of ways.

One of these is the pointed goatee beard. 

The pointed goatee beard is kind of an in-between stage between a mustache and a full beard, and it has been popular all throughout history. In fact, many famous historical and mythical figures have this type of beard!

Nowadays it seems to be coming back into fashion, with a bit of a modern twist, and it’s one of those trends that many men find themselves wanting to try out! 

But..what exactly does a pointed goatee beard look like? And how do you grow and maintain one?

What kind of styles can you create with a pointed goatee beard? And does it suit anyone, or should you have a specific face shape? 

Don’t worry. We’re going to tell you everything that you need to know in regards to pointed goatee beards so that you can make an informed decision about whether you want to try one out on yourself or not. 

So if that sounds good, keep on reading. We’re diving right in! 

What Is A Pointed Goatee Beard?

The first step, before we get into any proper details about growing and styling this beard, is to clarify exactly what this type of beard is. Just so that you know exactly what you’re getting into. 

Put simply, the pointed goatee beard is a medium-sized beard that results in a tuft of hair on the chin. It is shaped like a V so it grows downward in a pointed manner.

Oh, and it includes a mustache, which is why this style is often referred to as a sort of in-between stage between growing a mustache and having a full beard. 

The name, pointed goatee, comes from the appearance of this style of beard. It’s pointed, and it looks like the hair that goats have under their chin! 

This being said, the pointed goatee beard can be styled in different ways, so that it can look slightly different depending on how you want it.

You can have wider, narrower, longer, and shorter goatees. Plus, you can have a tidy and neat pointed goatee or go for a messy and “unkempt” style.

Not to mention that differences in depth, hair type, and texture that will also have an effect on the overall appearance of the beard! So really, it has many possibilities! 

So now that we’ve established the basics of the pointed goatee beard, it’s time to move on and start talking about who it suits, how to grow it, how to maintain it, and much more! 

Will A Pointed Goatee Beard Suit Everyone?

Will A Pointed Goatee Beard Suit Everyone

Not all types of beards will suit everybody.

And so, a pointed goatee beard also won’t suit absolutely everybody, meaning you have to consider whether it is going to suit you specifically or not before you commit (Unless you just want to go for it and take the risk, of course!) 

Now, we’re going to talk about the different face shapes that a pointed goatee beard is going to suit the most, as a general rule.

But before that, we thought it would be helpful to talk about the image of a pointed goatee beard in general, as in, what kind of famous people and figures have worn this type of beard, because ultimately, that is going to affect what people associate with the style. 

A lot of men choose to have a pointed goatee beard because it can be an excellent way to instantly attract attention, and have people notice you.

It is an edgy beard style, which when worn well, can be associated with class, intellect, and rebelliousness. It is a daring and risky kind of beard, and so it can make you seem like a daring risk-taker that doesn’t conform to what is easy.

Basically, it can make you seem very attractive and appealing, with that touch of dark mystery that people so often love. 

However, the pointed goatee beard is also very highly known for its association with danger, evil-doing, and untrustworthiness. The most famous figure known to have a pointed goatee beard, is Satan, the Devil.

And of course, this is what gives it most of its “evil” connotations.

The Devil, and the pagan God Pan, have been continuously depicted with a goatee beard throughout history, and it is said that the inverted triangle shape of the beard is what gives that sense of danger and going against the rules, of being something that it shouldn’t. 

But don’t worry. Nowadays, the pointed goatee beard is famous not only because of the Devil but also because many famous actors and figures of importance have worn it.

This is what gives it the associations with class, mystery, and intellect, as this beard can have an air of elegance and forbidden knowledge. 

All of this being said, you shouldn’t worry too much about what connotations a beard has, especially as more and more people are experimenting with beards nowadays, without a care for what they supposedly symbolize.

What is important is that you figure out whether it actually suits you or not, so let’s move on to talking about what face shapes the pointed goatee will look the best on. 

The most compatible face shapes, for the pointed goatee beard, are the following:

Round Faces

If you have a round face, you probably don’t have a very prominent chin, which can be a bit of a weakness, as it gives that baby kind of look.

A pointed goatee can hide this, by not only covering up the rounded chin but also by elongating your entire face, to add more definition. 

Diamond-Shaped Faces

If you have a diamond-shaped face, you probably have quite angular features that are well-defined. This means that most types of beards can look a little out of place, but as the pointed goatee is also angular, it’s a perfect fit! 

Oval-Shaped Faces

If you have an oval-shaped face you will have a slightly elongated chin, and the pointed goatee can highlight this and complement it perfectly! 

Triangular-Shaped Faces

If you have a triangular-shaped face you probably have a wide forehead and a face that narrows towards the chin.

A pointed goatee beard can balance the width of the forehead, and can draw attention to the chin for definition. 

A square-shaped face can also be an acceptable match for the pointed goatee beard, as you will have a strong and defined jaw that will work well with the defined shape of the pointed goatee. 

If you have an Oblong face shape, however, you should absolutely avoid a pointed goatee beard! This is because oblong faces are already very long, with the chin being prominent.

If you add a pointed goatee on top, the face will seem even longer, to a weird amount, and there will be way too much attention brought to the chin area. 

How To Grow A Pointed Goatee Beard

Now that we’ve talked about who the pointed goatee beard might suit, you can figure out whether it is something that might look good on you or not so that you can decide whether you truly want to go through with this beard or not. 

Or maybe you don’t care whether it looks good or not, and simply want to try it out, in which case, hats off to your daring resolve!

Okay, so if you’re willing to grow out the pointed goatee beard, you’ll be wondering exactly how to do it.

The process will be easier or harder depending on how your beard naturally grows, and your type of hair. But just so that you have a guide to follow, we’ll guide you through the standard process.

Here are the steps for growing a pointed goatee beard:

  1. Grow your facial hair out

First of all, you need to grow out your facial hair. You can’t style a beard without a beard to style, after all! In order to get a pointed goatee, you need to grow your beard out below your chin, around your mouth, and below the nose.

There needs to be a good amount of hair too, so you should avoid trimming or cutting for at least 10 days! 

As you grow your facial hair, you will notice that it grows into whatever beard it naturally gravitates to, and will not look like a pointed goatee.

This is why you should brush your chin hair downwards every day, to encourage the beard to grow down in that direction! 

Also, be warned that the process of growing out facial hair is not always nice, as it can get pretty itchy! We find that applying some moisturizing lotion can help with this. 

  1. Prepare your beard for styling

Once your facial hair is long enough to begin the styling process, the next step is to actually prepare your beard. This means thoroughly washing and brushing it, so that it is dry, clean, and untangled.

That way it will be easier to shape and style, and will also end up looking healthier and better overall. 

Plus, you can’t style a beard if it’s all tangled up, it would be very painful! You need to wash and brush your beard so that it is easy to manage during the styling. 

  1. Create a goatee outline, defining the neckline

Once your beard is clean and detangled, ready for styling, you can finally begin to shape it. The first thing to do is to either trim or shave away the cheek hair so that you can start creating the pointed goatee outline.

Whether you trim or completely shave is up to you, maybe trim first to see what it looks like, and then decide if you want a full shave! 

Once you have gotten rid of the cheek hair, you have to create a neat outline around your neckline.

Use a trimmer blade to make small cuts, starting above your Adam’s apple and working your way around. Oh, and it’s best to leave it long at first, so you can shorten it as needed.

  1. Get the perfect V shape

Once you have a basic outline, it’s time to get that iconic V shape that completely defines the pointed goatee beard. We recommend starting at the edges of your lips and shaving at an angle to create the V shape you need. 

Make sure to decide how wide or narrow you want the goatee beard to be, beforehand! As a general rule, the width of the V begins at the width of your mouth and then narrows downwards. 

Make sure that you are combing your beard every so often during the trimming process so that the goatee is even on all sides. It wouldn’t look good if some hairs were longer on one side than the other! 

  1. Finishing touches

Finally, you need to touch up the beard so that it looks just the way you want it. Get rid of any stray hairs, and neaten up your mustache by trimming it to your desired length.

Go over the outline again if you want an especially neat goatee but leave it be if you’d rather have a bit of a messy style. 

Maintaining A Pointed Goatee Beard

Facial hair won’t stop growing just because you’ve styled it into a certain type of beard, and this means that you’re going to have to constantly tend to your beard in order to keep it the way you want it. 

But how do you maintain a good-looking pointed goatee beard? Are there any specific routines you should follow? 

Well, the main thing with a pointed goatee beard is that you need to keep the well-defined edges.

This means that you should regularly neaten up the outline, get rid of any stray hairs, and keep the angular pointed shape in check.

The best way to do this is by using a high-quality trimmer that allows you to maintain it regularly, without too much of a hassle. 

The other thing you should do is wash your beard regularly. The healthier the hair is, the better it will keep the shape of the beard, and the better it will look overall!

With a goatee beard, especially, you want the hair to look full and healthy so that it doesn’t seem that you’ve chosen this style due to being unable to grow a full beard! 

The Best Pointed Goatee Beard Styles

The Best Pointed Goatee Beard Styles

Right at the beginning of this article, we mentioned that the pointed goatee beard can actually be quite versatile, as you can style it into slightly different appearances, depending on what kind of end result you want.

So you can alter the standard goatee to better suit your own appearance, as well as your preferences! 

Just so that you get an idea of the versatility of the pointed goatee beard, here are the best pointed goatee styles (which are also some of the most popular if you’re looking for inspiration): 

The Van Dyke Pointed Goatee

Antony Van Dyke, a successful artist, and painter from the 17th century was one of the first well-known people to wear the pointed goatee beard, making it an appealing and desirable style.

Up until then, the beard had only really been seen on depictions of the Devil and similar! 

Van Dyke modernized this look and made it fashionable, and the beard style became perfect for those with thick and long hair, paired with a mustache. 

Other celebrities, further down the line, such as Johnny Depp and Eddie Vedder, also took on the Van Dyke style of the pointed beard, making it even more popular and desirable in modern-day times. 

The Ducktail Pointed Goatee

The Ducktail pointed goatee is a version of the beard style that has the end look more like the tail of a duck, rather than the beard of a goat. It is still pointed and has a scruffier sort of ending on the chin. 

The mustache is kept shorter and the beard overall merges into the cheek line, rather than being a super highly-defined outline.

It also sits lower on the face, which makes it more apt for men that have thinner hair, or that want to merge the beard into the cheeks even more.

That being said, the Ducktail is known for having no hair at all on the upper cheeks! 

It can be hard to maintain, as it requires a lot of shaving to keep up the contours, but it can be very attractive and is associated with elegance.

In fact, this style of the pointed goatee has been made popular by A-list celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx, and Mel Gibson.

The Anchor Pointed Goatee

The Anchor pointer goatee is another popular version of this beard style, which has more of an anchor shape. As in, the anchor of a ship.

With this style, your mustache will be a lot thinner, and you will have a chinstrap beard to help define your face and jawline. 

The neck and cheeks are kept completely clean-shaven, so the style is amazing on round faces, as it makes them seem a lot narrower! 

It is also a lot shorter than the traditional goatee beard, which is why it can work for younger men! It has been made popular by celebrities such as Christian Bale. 

Choosing The Right Beard Trimmer For A Pointed Goatee

If you want to grow out and style a pointed goatee beard, and you want to then also maintain it for a while, you’re going to need one very vital tool: a high-quality beard trimmer.

Seriously, you cannot style a pointed goatee without one, as this beard is all about defining the outline and shaping the V so that the goatee is truly pointed. 

Also, a high-quality beard trimmer is necessary regardless of the type of beard you want anyway, as a man, you definitely need one in your life! 

But how do you choose the right beard trimmer? The market is full of options, so many that it can be hard to figure out which product is the right one for you, and your beard.

And trust us, it is worth finding the right one because it will make beard trimming a whole lot easier in the long run! 

We usually recommend buying a beard trimmer, by taking into account four very important factors:

The Quality

Stainless steel should be your go-to material to look for and you should also consider the make and brand, as that can reveal a lot about the quality of the product.

The better it is, the longer it will last and the better it will work, so it is worth spending a little more if necessary! 

The Weight

In order to maintain a pointed goatee beard, you are going to have to trim your beard very regularly, so, the lighter the beard trimmer is, the better.

Especially because you will be a lot more efficient if your hand isn’t tired from holding the trimmer up to your face. 

The Length Options

Beard trimmers can have different length options so that you can trim your beard to the desired length.

It is very important that your beard trimmer comes with the options that you want to use so that you can style your beard as desired! 

The Price

Unless you’re super-rich and don’t care about money, this is a factor that is absolutely going to determine what you can and cannot buy.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of high-quality beard trimmers that are budget-friendly! 

On average, a beard trimmer will cost between $20 and $100, just so that you’re aware. 

Final Thoughts

And that’s it, that is all of the basics that we think you should know about growing and maintaining a pointed goatee beard!

As you can see, growing one out is all about creating that defined V shape and styling the outline by trimming around the cheeks and neckline in an appropriate manner. And then, of course, you have to regularly maintain it! 

Just make sure that a pointed goatee beard is going to actually suit you before you commit. Otherwise, you might find that you end up looking like a bad caricature of the Devil!

Doug Wells