What To Do If Your Beard Is Curly | 3 Steps To Fix This

What To Do If Your Beard Is Curly | 3 Steps to Fix This

A beard is a man’s pride and joy so it is important to have it looking well-kept and to perfection. However, more often than not is a man disappointed by the quality of their beard.

It may not grow out evenly, it may be patchy or too hairy to control. For others, the problem for them is beards being too curly.

What To Do If Your Beard Is Curly | 3 Steps to Fix This

Curly beards are a feature which many have come to dislike and it can be tiresome trying to handle the curled mass.

Luckily, there are ways to fix this which we will be uncovering within this article.

What’s So Bad About Curly Beards?

There are probably many out there who would question what’s so wrong with having a curly beard, but unless you have experienced the pain of having one then you will never truly know.

Any beard can be difficult to tame and maintain, so just imagine what it’s like to have a curly mess on your face. It may look good to an outsider but can be depressing for the wearer.

Combing And Cleaning

With a curly beard, combing through the hair can be a challenge. You are having to be in a constant battle with a knotted and tangled beard which is difficult for a comb to run through.

As well as that, keeping a curly beard clean calls for much difficulty too.

As the curls are tight, things such as dirt, dandruff and food particles will constantly be getting trapped in the hair meaning the cleaning routine needs to be adjusted.

Although washing with shampoo will solve the problem, it is only a matter of time before the mess comes back and contaminates your beard.


This point is probably the most common reason for a man’s dislike of their curly beard. When the goal is to have your beard growing long and lusciously, a curly beard hides this growth.

As the hair is growing in tight curls, you will not be able to see the true growth of the beard, meaning it will take a long time to reach the desired length.

Not being able to show off what you have worked so hard to grow can make anyone feel deflated.

Is Straightening Your Beard The Answer?

Beards have been a part of mankind’s history for centuries.

The first beards were worn by men in order to protect their faces from sunburn and beards are also considered as one of the signs of masculinity.

Because of this, men want to keep their facial hair at its best condition.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for some people to love their beard when it is full of curls and this only encourages a person to ignore their beard.

Ignoring your beard is a bigger issue than some may want to believe. You may wash it when it needs to be cleaned, however this is not showing the affection it needs.

When a person is so underwhelmed by the quality of their curly beard, they may see it useless to try to keep it healthy. This will only cause damage.

So, is straightening the answer?

For some, yes, however only if you know the right way to go about straightening your beard.

There are a variety of ways to go about straightening your beard, ways which will still allow your beard to grow strong and healthy without any damage.

A curly beard cannot be helped. It is most likely that you have this type of beard purely because of genetics, but not everyone enjoys this look.

If you are someone who is wanting to straighten their beard, below we will be sharing some of our top tips.


One of the best tricks in the book is to use a blowdryer to aid the straightening process. You should blow-dry downwards in order to get all the strands set in the right direction.

The heat from the dryer helps to flatten the curls out and the air it produces moves it in one direction.

Beard Gel

Another tip is to apply beard gel. Beard gel works to keep your beard healthy and protects your beard when applying any heat for straightening.

Furthermore, this is a good choice for someone who is wanting to grow their beard out.

With a curly beard, the length of the hair takes longer to show due to the tight curls. Using beard gel will help its growth.

Beard Straighteners

You have the choice of going down the traditional use of straighteners, however if you do choose this make sure to use straighteners specifically made for beards.

With beard straighteners there are plenty to choose from so make sure that you are using one of a suitable size. As well as this, you have to be very careful with the heat used.

Make sure to have the beard straightener at an appropriate temperature (around 385 degrees fahrenheit).

If your straighteners are on too high a temperature then you are at risk of burning and damaging your beard.

Heating Brush

If beard straighteners are not the choice for you, try using a heating brush instead. This is just how it sounds – it is a brush which heats up.

With a heating brush you are provided with different levels of heat to choose from. Make sure to have your brush set to low to prevent any risk of burning.

However, with this being said, the temperature it is set to is all dependent on your hair type.

Look at the manual or box and look at what they recommend.

This is an ideal option for many as it is believed to be safer for the beard as it does not get too hot.

Handling A Curly Beard

Curly beards are completely different from others and require much more work.

Just like the hair on your head, if your hair is curly then there are specific methods and products needed to be used in order to maintain its quality.

What To Do If Your Beard Is Curly | 3 Steps to Fix This

Handling a curly beard only requires 3 simple steps.

Once these steps have been mastered, you will find your beard will be healthy and of the best quality.

Washing Your Beard

The first step is centered around washing the beard.

Although anyone can wash a beard, it is important to know the best way to do so in order to have the best results.

Using beard wash and conditioner, wash your beard 3 times a week; avoid washing every day as this will only dry out your beard.

It is also important to use shampoo and conditioner made specifically for beards.

Whilst a beard is hair, it is not the same as the hair on your head.

Keep your beard full of its natural oils by using conditioner and shampoo specifically tailored for beards.

Moisturizing Your Beard

The next step is to moisturize. There are many people with beards who only acknowledge washing the beard without considering the importance of moisturizing.

Moisturizing will not only restore moisture but will have your beard shining and ready for the next step.

To moisturize, use beard oil – all you need to do is apply 3 pumps to the palm of your hand and rub the oil through the beard, massaging the skin too.

To complete, add some beard balm to give it that extra needed protection. All that is needed is a pea-sized amount when applying to the beard.

Straightening Your Beard

If you are only looking to maintain your beard’s quality then this step is not too important, but if you are looking to get rid of the curls then straightening your beard is the best thing for you.

After completing the first two steps, you can choose one of two options: a straightening iron or comb and brush.

By using a comb and a brush, your beard will straighten out well, especially after the dirt has been cleaned from the beard, it has been detangled and it is well moisturized.

You can also choose to use a heated straightening iron.

If you do choose this method, the first two steps are not necessary to end with the results you desire.

Final Thoughts

Beards can be one of the best qualities for a man. It adds style, personality and shapes the face. There are some who even refer to beards as “makeup for men”.

But the only downside to everything, which makes the beard so great is having to maintain it, especially if you are dealing with a curly beard.

Although from an outsider’s perspective a curly beard may seem great, the wearer may believe something different.

Any type of curly hair, whether that is the hair on your head or on your face, is difficult to handle.

Curly hair requires special treatment and it usually takes a few trial and errors to understand what your curly hair needs.

Above, we have gone through the 3 major steps to taming and handling your curly beard, even going as far as helping you straighten your beard.

When it comes to looking after your curly beard it is down to how it is washed (dandruff and dirt can easily get tangled in the curls), the way it is moisturized (this transforms the curly beard) and the straightening process.

Going through these steps not only helps to handle the beard but is very important for its condition.

Beards should be shown off, and to do this they need to be looked after. Keep your beard clean, moisturize it, let it shine, and keep your beard healthy.

Doug Wells