What Happens When You Shave with a Rusty Razor?

Imagine getting ready to shave in the morning and noticing the razor has rusted. If you’ve ever been in that situation, you might wonder whether using a rusty razor to shave can harm you. In this article, we will clarify everything that you need to know.

What Can Happen if You Use a Rusty Razor?

There are several risks of using a rusty razor. First, the rust on the razor can make it dull and greatly affect its ability to give you a flawless shave. Besides, it can cause bumps, razor burns, and even certain infections.

What Can Happen if You Use a Rusty Razor?

Shaving with a rusty razor can cause staph bacteria which infects the hair and can make your face susceptible to various infections. It can also lead to folliculitis, which causes red bumps to appear on your face. The bacteria on a rusty razor may also lead to painful red boils, known as abscesses.

Can You Remove Rust from a Razor Blade?

You can remove rust from some blades, but make sure to replace the cartridge. Also, note that you should only try to remove rust from a standard razor blade or a straight razor blade.

Yes, you can. However, while it is very easy to remove rust from some types of blades, it is very difficult to remove it from other types. Before we discuss the differences, make sure to check out this brush – an excellent product that will keep your beard healthy and in ideal condition.

What Types of Razor Blades Can You Remove Rust From?

The four popular types of razor blades include Cartridge, Disposable, Safety, and Straight razor blades. You can remove rust from certain types, but other types are just not worth it.

Can You Remove Rust from Cartridge Razor Blades?

You shouldn’t waste your time by trying to remove rust from a cartridge razor blade. It is also very cheap, so it is much easier to simply replace it.

Can You Remove Rust from Disposable Razor Blades?

As the name says, it is a disposable razor blade. Just throw it away and buy a new blade.

Can You Remove Rust from Disposable Razor Blades?

Can You Remove Rust from a Safety Razor?

Yes, you can! A safety razor allows you to remove the blade, which makes it possible to remove rust from the blade. However, safety razor blades are quite cheap, so you might just throw away the rusty blade and use a new one. I usually change my safety razor blades out after every couple of wet shaves, anyway.

Can You Remove Rust from a Straight Razor?

Yes! A straight razor is probably the only type of razor that is worth taking the time to clean the rust. Below, I will explain how to properly remove the rust from a rusty blade.

Can You Remove Rust from a Straight Razor?

How to Clean Rust off a Razor Blade?

If you’ve been wondering how to remove rust from razor blades, don’t worry. You can do it efficiently in a few simple steps.

Gather the Materials

To properly clean your razor, you will need white vinegar, which helps remove rust, and sea or table salt, which acts as an abrasive and helps remove rust. Besides, you will need an old toothbrush, some clean towels, cotton balls, and rubbing alcohol for blade sterilization.

Rinse the Razor

Rinse the blade under a stream of water, and make sure to get out anything that might be stuck in the slots. Just make sure not to use harsh chemicals, such as bleach or soap, since they can damage the blade.

Soak the Razor in Vinegar

Get a small bowl and pour some vinegar. Submerge the razor completely and let it sit for at least 30 seconds. If there is still some rust after that, soak it for a little longer.

Make a Cleaning Paste

While the razor is soaked, put a bit of sea salt into a separate bowl, then pour some vinegar. Mix it all together until you notice a thick paste forming.

Scrub and Rinse the Blade Again

Remove the blade from the vinegar, and cover it completely with the paste using a toothbrush. Scrub the razor and if necessary, cover and scrub it again.

Rinse the blade again and remove any big chunks of paste. However, make sure that all the rust is gone since it can spread if not removed completely. When the razor is completely free of rust, blot it with a soft towel to remove moisture.

Sterilize the Razor

Finally, soak a cotton ball in alcohol and wipe the razor, which will help dry and sterilize the blade. Note that a rusty razor can easily be damaged, so make sure that there are no small nicks in the metal prior to shaving.

How to Prevent Razor Blades from Rusting?

There are three essential things you can do to prevent your razor from rusting. First, make sure to rinse the razor after every use, to remove hair and dead skin cells. Of course, make sure to properly dry the blade after use with a rag to remove moisture.

The second thing you should do is store the razor outside of the bathroom. Leaving the blade in the shower will quickly cause rust, but even being in the bathroom can cause rust due to humidity. You should store the razor away from the humidity, such as on a shelf or in a drawer.

Finally, you should apply camellia or mineral oil to the blade after each use. However, make sure that the razor is completely dry before applying the oil. It is a good way to prevent oxidation which leads to rusting.

How Often Should Razor Blades be Replaced?

A general rule is that if your hair is thicker and denser, you will need to replace the razor more frequently. However, you won’t make a mistake by replacing the razor after 5-10 shaves. Gillette even recommends replacing the razor after 5-7 shaves.

Can You Get Tetanus from a Rusty Razor Blade?

Unlike popular belief, you can’t get tetanus from getting rust on your skin. Rust is a molecule made up of iron and oxygen atoms, which is not known to be harmful.

Can You Get Tetanus from a Rusty Razor Blade?

Stepping on a rusty nail is usually associated with getting tetanus. However, you get tetanus from Clostridium bacteria which thrives in deep wounds, and stepping on a nail can cause a deep wound, whether it is rusty or not.

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