What Is A Beardstache? Full Style Guide With Pictures

What Is A Beardstache Full Style Guide With Pictures

Beards come in a variety of styles, allowing you to find one that suits you. This facial hair can enhance your look and increase your confidence.

What Is A Beardstache Full Style Guide With Pictures

One of the facial hairstyles that you may want to try out is the beardstache. Find out everything you need to know about this beard style right here. 

What Is This Style?

A beardstache is a type of beard that has been trimmed in a way that combines both the beard and the mustache. Hence the name “beardstache”, which combines both of these words.

The mustache part of it will be longer than the beard part, making it stand out from the rest of the beard.

It’s also a style that allows for more versatility when styling your beard as well. You can grow it long or short, depending on your preference.

If you are looking for a style that will make you feel like a rugged man, then this might be the style for you!

Advantages Of The Beardstache 

There are many reasons why people are adopting the beardstache style. 

The beardstache is an excellent option if you have a full beard but would still like to add some length to your face.

It gives you the opportunity to experiment with different lengths without having to shave off your entire beard all at once. Plus, it doesn’t require much maintenance.

Moreover, men adore the style because it looks very aesthetically pleasing. It has a modern aesthetic that many prefer.

Part of this reason is that it gives men the opportunity to frame their face. You can highlight cheekbones and the chin area. 

If you have any bald patches in your beard, this style will not emphasize that. Instead, it will give you a fuller appearance. This makes it ideal for people who have a patchy beard. 

It won’t leave you looking like a shaved ape either. Instead, it will create a more natural-looking appearance. 

How To Grow A Beardstache

How To Grow A Beardstache

If you like the sound of the beardstache, here is how you can achieve it. 

  1. Wait a while for your beard to grow. It is best to have a full beard before you start styling it. This will give you more options in terms of length.You should use beard balm and oil to make the facial hair as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, it can take a few months for men to fully grow their beards. 
  2. Next, you must decide whether you want to grow it long or short. This will be an important decision. 
  3. Select an aesthetic for your mustache. You can have several styles with the beardstache. For example, you can adopt a horseshoe mustache if you want to achieve a bold look. 
  4. Then, you should trim the mustache portion of the beard first. A beard trimmer is the best tool for this, as it will give you an even look. Though scissors can also be utilized, it will be hard to trim your facial hair at equal lengths. For the mustache section, most people prefer beards that are roughly 4 mm in length. 
  5. Trim the cheek and chin sections of your beard with a beard trimmer. This should be noticeably shorter than the mustache area. For example, if your mustache is 4 mm long, you may want a beard that is 3 or 2.5 mm. Do not be afraid to go even shorter than this if you usually don more of a stubble beard. 
  6. If you want a cleaner look, be sure to use a razor blade to perfect the lines of your beard at the cheek and neck. If you want a more rugged style, simply use a beard trimmer for this task. 
  7. Enjoy your beardstache!



One of the things that we love most about beardstaches is that they are quite an easy style to emulate. You will only need a few items of equipment to conduct these instructions. For instance, you will need the following items:

A Beard Trimmer

This item will be essential for trimming your beard. If you already have a beard, you may already possess one of these useful devices. 

If not, they can be bought in beauty shops and online. Ideally, you will need a beard trimmer with multiple clipper guards. This will allow you to make the mustache area shorter than the sides of the beard. 

A Razor Blade

This item will help you shave off the excess facial hair on your cheeks and neck. The razor blade will be used to remove the hair from your neck and cheeks. 

Shaving Foam

Shaving foam is great for keeping your face clean after shaving. It will also keep your skin moisturized. 

You can purchase shaving foam at your local drugstore. Just ensure that you buy a good quality product. 

A Comb

To make sure that your beard is even, you may want to utilize a comb.

Beard Oil

This product will keep your facial hair moisturized. It will also prevent your beard from getting too dry. Make sure that you buy a quality brand.

Beard Balm

This product will keep the facial hair soft and supple. It will also protect against chafing. Use a few drops of beard oil and balm to make your beard healthy.

A Towel

To prevent your clothes from being tarnished by beard hairs or shaving foam, we recommend placing a towel around your neck.

How To Maintain A Beardstache

How To Maintain A Beardstache

If you have a beardstache, it is essential that you properly maintain it. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep your facial hair looking its best:

  1. Always wash your face before bedtime. This will keep your facial hair well-hydrated. Also, washing your face in the morning will eliminate any dirt that has accumulated overnight.
  2. Shave and trim your beard regularly. A daily trim is recommended, though it may be excessive for some. If you find that you do not like shaving every day, you can still shave once per week.
  3. Keep your beard trimmed. This will be especially important for the beardstache look, as the mustache must be longer than the rest of the beard.
  4. Use high-quality products to ensure your beard is in top condition.

Will A Beardstache Suit Me?

The beardstache is one of the latest trends in men’s fashion. Though it can suit a wide range of men, it may not fit everyone perfectly. Here are some things to consider when choosing what type of beard to wear.

For instance, it will not work brilliantly for men with patchy mustaches. As the mustache is the most prominent point of this style, you will need a string mustache to properly achieve this look.

Likewise, those with thin mustaches may not be capable of pulling off the look.

In addition, you will need to take into consideration your face shape. Being able to identify the shape of your face is crucial for knowing whether a beard or hairstyle will be suitable for you.

The beardstache doesn’t always work well on round faces. In fact, it will appear too bulky. Instead, it is best suited for square faces.
If you have a round jawline, you may want to opt for a longer, bushy beard instead.

You can still experiment with the beardstache, but it may not work perfectly for you. Those with heart-shaped faces may also want to consider other styles.

Alongside square faces, the beardstache best suits triangle, diamond, and oval-shaped faces. The reason why this style works so well for these types of faces is that they already have a defined center-line. So, there isn’t much room for error.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should My Mustache Grow?

There is no set length for how long your mustache should grow. After all, everyone’s beards will grow at different speeds. 

However, if you are planning on growing a full beard, it is advisable that you wait until at least six months after shaving. 

Should I Use A Comb?

A comb is not necessary for maintaining a beardstache. However, it can help you get rid of stray hairs. 

To remove them, simply run the comb through your beard and pull out the offending hairs.

Final Thoughts

Beardstaches are becoming increasingly popular among men. They are simple enough to pull off yet stylish enough to make any man feel like he has just stepped out of a barbershop. 

Hopefully, this guide will have encouraged you to grow your own beardstache. With the tips and instructions above, this should be an achievable task.

Doug Wells