Are Goatees Attractive? Pros And Cons, Goatee Styles

Are Goatees Attractive Pros And Cons, Goatee Styles

Goatees are back in style. They look great on men, but are they attractive or unattractive?

The goatee has become a symbol of masculinity and ruggedness. In recent years, however, it seems that the trend is changing.

Are Goatees Attractive Pros And Cons, Goatee Styles

Men are growing out their facial hair, and some even shave off their entire beard.

Some say that goatees are unattractive because they don’t suit everyone. Others believe that they are attractive and should be worn by those who want to project confidence.

What Is A Goatee Beard Style?

A goatee beard is a style of beard where visible hairs start from the side of the face and go down to the chin. Goatees are a trendy beard style today.

They look good on some faces, but not on others. Goatees are one of the most recognizable forms of facial hair, and they are pretty easy to maintain and groom, too. 

Why Should You Grow A Beard? 

Facial hair can change the shape and appearance of a man’s face, and it can completely alter how you look.

A bit of stubble here and there may make a baby face look older, or even make a thinning hairline appear fuller. Beards really do hide a lot of issues, whether you know it or not! 

Men are now experimenting with different facial hairstyles, and there are a lot more styles than there ever has been. Years ago, a mustache may have been seen as ‘creepy’ or unattractive, but the world has completely changed.

Facial hair is now being seen as an attractive attribute, to which it should definitely be embraced! If you are able to grow a beard, do it! 

Goatee Beards On Different Face Shapes

Goatee Beards On Different Face Shapes

Some men wear goatees because they think they look good with them. You should know whether you’re a round or an oval face before deciding if you want to grow a goatee.

There’s nothing worse than sporting a style of facial hair, and having no idea that it does not suit your face shape.

Always make sure that you know what kind of style you are going for, and how it may look with your certain facial shape. 

Below, we are going to talk about the different facial shapes, and how each one may suit a goatee beard, and which style of goatee beard may suit each shape better.

All in all, a goatee usually looks best on a thin face, with a thinner chin, rather than a broad chin or jaw. 

For A Round Face 

If you have a round face, it is likely that you have a more subtle curve leading to the chin, with rounder and softer features.

In terms of growing a goatee with a rounded face, a goatee may not be the most suitable style of beard for you, but if you are looking to grow a goatee, a less imposing style will suit you. 

For A Pear Shaped Face

A pear shaped face is often seen as the reverse of a heart shaped face. This means that if you have a pear shaped face, it is likely that you will have a smaller forehead, but a wider jaw and chin.

Pear shaped faces are regarded as having a more feminine shape, which doesn’t mean they won’t look good with a goatee.

Because pear shaped faces have a wider chin, they will suit the least imposing styles of goatees, such as the vague style. 

For A Diamond Shaped Face

If you have a diamond shaped face, you are likely to have sharp features, with pronounced and good cheekbones, but a narrow forehead and chin.

A goatee simulates a thinning and sleek look, so a goatee suits a diamond shaped face pretty well. With a diamond shaped face, you will have a narrow chin, meaning it will suit a goatee pretty well.

This shape of face will suit fuller styles of goatee beards. 

For A Square Shaped Face

If you have a square shaped face, it is likely that your jaw and chin are a lot wider, and you have a broad and slightly sharper jawline.

Square shaped faces are seen as being pretty masculine, so you will definitely be able to pull off a goatee with a square shaped face. It is better to go for a fuller goatee beard with a square shaped beard. 

For A Heart Shaped Face

If you have a heart shaped face, it may present similar to a rounded shape face. However, a heart shaped face typically sports a broader forehead, and a thinner chin, presenting the same shape as a heart.

Similar to the diamond shaped face, a heart shaped face is one of the best face shapes to have for a goatee beard. A heart shaped face is guaranteed to suit a fuller goatee beard, as well as an anchor style. 

For A Rectangular Shaped Face

Rectangular face shapes are not that common, but they do exist. A rectangular face is similar to a square shaped face, but is longer than it is broad on the sides.

With a rectangular shaped face, you can actually grow your goatee to make your face appear rounder and longer, with the anchor shape or the landing strip style. 

Pros Of A Goatee Beard

There are many pros to having a goatee beard, as any kind of facial hair has been known to accentuate certain features for you. 

  • A goatee gives you a sleek, relaxed appearance. It can act as an intermediate stage between a completely shaved face and one that’s completely unshaven, as there has been care and effort put into it, but it is also relaxed. 
  • A goatee makes you look more professional, wise, and mature, especially in business settings.
  • Goatees are known for making men look a lot more manly and masculine, with the rough and tumble look. 
  • Quite a lot of women find men with specific styles of goatee quite attractive. 
  • A goatee is far easier to maintain than a fully-bearded face.
  • A goatee is a lot less maintenance than a full beard or a mustache, yet it still holds a look that implies you take care of your appearance. 
  • Growing a goatee can help boost your confidence. Being one of the easiest types of beard to grow, you can practice with other styles of goatee along the way. 
  • There are over ten different styles of goatees to sport – you can even make up your own! 

Cons Of A Goatee Beard

  • If you have let your goatee grow for too long on its own, it can easily appear unruly and unkept. 
  • Thin goatees, or goatees with a singular small tuft of hair may be more unappealing than appealing to a lot of people. 
  • Goatees can trap bacteria and dirt, just like many other kinds of beards. Goatees are usually thicker in the middle, around your mouth. To stop bacteria getting trapped and encouraged in these areas, wash your face thoroughly and keep your goatee well trimmed and kept. 
  • Certain people may actually look older and less attractive when sporting a goatee. 
  • It has been said that a lot of women prefer full beards that are well kept, rather than goatee beards that are not full in certain places. 

Are Goatees Attractive? 

There are many reasons why people choose to grow a goatee beard. Some men like the way it looks when they sport a full beard, but then decide to grow a goatee instead.

It’s all about personal preference. Goatee beards on their own are not seen as the most attractive form of facial hair, as the singular chin tuft can look odd on its own. 

However, it was recorded in a study that people find men more attractive with beards or facial hair than without.

Goatees are obviously a form of facial hair, and the fuller types of goatee beards are certainly regarded as more attractive than styles such as the landing strip or the vague goatee style. 

Additionally, it has been said that goatees do suit a particular kind of face, and they can actually be incredibly attractive on this kind of face.

This kind of face is a slim, angular face. If you have a slim, angled face, a goatee may well suit you. 

However, if you let it grow too long, it may make your face look sunken, and too thin. Goatees have also been known to make a round, chubbier face look slimmer.

Goatees are some of the only styles of beard that focus on the vertical growth, rather than the all over growth. This is something that helps make your face more attractive and slimmer. 

Best Goatee Styles

Facial hair has made a huge comeback over the past few years. It leaves men with a lot of options when it comes to choosing how to grow their facial hair.

If you’re looking for a goatee style, here are some of the best ones to help you get started.

Van Dyke Goatee

This beard style is inspired by Anthony van Dyke, the great 17th century artist. This style features a French mustache with a fully shaven jawline.

The cheeks are clean shaven, with a small soul patch that connects the French mustache to the goatee. 

Extended Goatee

This style of goatee simply spots a patch of hair on the chin, with the beard hair stretching upwards to cover the jaw bone, too.

In terms of beard styles, this style is rather low maintenance, and will not add much shape to your face. 

Vague Goatee

A vague goatee is the best kind of goatee for those who may struggle to grow a beard.

This goatee is simply a small patch of hair at the tip of the chin, giving a vague look of a goatee, but not a full beard. 

Goatee Beard

A classic goatee beard is characterized by a full length tuft of hair around the chin and underneath the chin, with shorter, more shaped hair around the jaw and sides of the face.

The main feature is the longer tuft of hair on the chin. 

Full Goatee

A full goatee covers the mouth, stretching around the upper lip with a mustache and soul patch.

The soul patch, mustache, and patch of hair all join together, becoming one full goatee beard. With this style, the tuft of hair on the chin is full length, as is the mustache. 

The Anchor

The anchor is a popular style of goatee beard. This goatee style features a vertical strip of hair from the lip to the chin, that then extends horizontally to cover the jawline.

This type of goatee is an outline, forming the shape of an anchor. 

Landing Strip

The landing strip is similar to the anchor except in this instance, it is a single line to the chin tip.

This style of goatee is different from the anchor style because it does not spread out along the jawline, just from the lip to the chin. 

The Untrimmed Goatee

If you can grow an easy-to-grow beard, this style is a good choice. The unshaven goatee is a good look for relaxed guys who want to appear casual and laid back.

This works best when combined with a sharp mustache and heavy sideburns.

This style of goatee is another popular one, and it simply gives some style and shape to a full beard. 

How To Trim And Style Your Goatee

Depending on the type of goatee beard you like, goatees are typically quite low maintenance to style and trim. Make sure your face is clean, and your facial hair is clean and dry.

Next, trim your goatee to the desired length, which is probably around 10 mm. 

Shave the shape of your goatee, with a precision trimmer. This will ensure your goatee stays sharp and defined. Trim any bits that you may want to keep longer with beard scissors.

With goatees that are not as full, use a handheld razor to shave the smooth areas as smoothly as you can. 

What Beard Styles Are Seen As The Most Attractive? 

It has been said that men with full, but well kept beards are seen as the most attractive to women and men.

Overall, fuller beards as well as general stubble was seen as the most attractive style of facial hair. Facial hair is seen as more attractive than a clean shaven face. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Pull Off A Goatee Beard? 

Pulling off a goatee definitely depends on the shape of your face and chin, as well as the type of skin you have and the color of your hair.

If you have a rounded face or a weak chin, a goatee can absolutely suit your face, as you can help define your own face.

Dark facial hair will result in a more dramatic look, as well as lighter complexions. 

Which Celebrities Have Goatees?  

Celebrities who are known for their goatees are Kanye West, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Idris Elba. 

Why Do Men Have Facial Hair?

Facial hair is supposedly not just for aesthetic purposes. It has been reported that facial hair actually prevents nasty germs and dust from getting in your mouth.

In a more scientific approach, men produce facial hair due to a particular hormone that they have. 

What Beard Styles Make Your Face Look Thinner?

You may notice that as you gain weight, fat accumulates on your cheeks and jawline, making your face look rounder, shorter, softer, and less refined.

To make your face look thinner and sharper, choose a beard that adds vertical length instead of width, with sharp angles at the jawline.

How Far Should A Goatee Go Under The Chin?

Put your hand under your chin, so your fingers are going left to right. If you can fit at least 2 fingers between your Adam’s apple and the beard, you have a sufficient goatee. Typically, goatees do not grow any lower than this. 

Final Thoughts

There are many types of goatees, but they all share one thing in common – they add length to the face. The more length you add, the longer your face appears.

So if you want to appear taller or slimmer, have a look at some of the post popular goatee styles.

Certain styles of goatees are nowadays seen as quite attractive, and they can improve the shape and appearance of your face dramatically.

Doug Wells