5 Advanced Hacks To Tame Your Wavy Beard

Wavy beard

You know how some people have straight hair and other people have wavy or curly hair? And, you know how wavy and curly hair is generally a lot harder to tame, due to the volume?

Well, the same applies to beards! After all, a beard is just hair that grows on your face. So, if you have wavy hair, you are likely to have a wavy beard too!

Wavy beard

Wavy beards can look amazing, as they have a lot more volume than straight beards, meaning they look a lot fuller and thicker, with the same amount of hair.

That being said, they can go a little wild sometimes. Due to the wave of the follicles, the hair will grow out in many different directions and this can sometimes ruin the shape of the beard style you are trying to maintain.

But not to worry, just like how wavy hair can be tamed, wavy beards can be kept in check so that they look as good as possible.

In fact, we’re going to give you 5 of the most advanced hacks that are amazing for taming a wavy beard, and with them, you should be able to style yours without any problems whatsoever!

Does that sound good? Then let’s jump right into it!

Why Do Wavy Beards Happen?

Before we get into the taming of the wavy beard, you might be wondering why on earth you’ve ended up with a beard full of waves and curves.

Most people have straight beards so how does a wavy beard happen? Is there a reason?

The truth is that wavy beards come from the combination of two things: genetics and styling.

Some people are simply born with a predisposition to having wavy beards because they naturally have wavy hair. If you have wavy hair on your head, you are very likely to have wavy hair on your face – it’s just how it is.

As for the styling, different beard care routines can cause the beard hair to be one way or another. The products you use also have an effect on this, along with how you style and brush your beard.

It’s relatively easy to straighten a wavy beard, in order to keep it under better control!

But regardless of how you have ended up with a wavy beard, the fact is that you have one, and you should embrace it! Wavy beards can look amazing. They just need a little bit of styling and the right care.

How To Tame A Wavy Beard – 5 Advanced Hacks

How To Tame A Wavy Beard

Time to get to the heart of the matter and talk about how to tame a wavy beard.

There are many tricks you can use in order to keep your wavy beard under control and, at the end of the day, it is all about figuring out what works for you and your beard by playing around and experimenting.

But just so that you have some reliable methods with which to start out, here are our favorite pieces of advice, which are the 5 most advanced hacks for taming wavy beards:

Having The Right Beard Care Routine

Having the right beard care routine is important regardless of your beard type, but if your beard is wavy, this becomes even more important, as otherwise, your waves will be left to go wild and out of control.

Depending on how you care for your beard, your waves will become more or less manageable, so this is where it all starts. You have to make sure that you are washing and detangling your beard so that the waves don’t build up and become too big!

We recommend finding a beard comb and brush that are designed for wavy hair so that they work a lot better, as it might be a little tricky to detangle your beard after a long day.

But consistency is key, and as long as you keep those waves tidy and neat, they will stay under control so that your beard looks its best.

Style Your Beard In A Way That Suits The Waves

There are many different styles of beards and not all of them will suit wavy hair. This is why it is super important that you find a style that works with your waves and suits your face and appearance.

Usually, longer beard styles are better for wavy hair as it allows the waves to grow out. The heavier they get, the tamer they will become. It also complements their fullness and makes full use of the volume!

That being said, there are also short beard options for those with wavy hair. It just takes some digging around. It is worth talking to a trusted barber for some tips on this!

Trim To Add Shape And Definition

Trim To Add Shape And Definition

Wavy beards tend to have a lot of volume as the hair turns on itself and spikes out in all sorts of directions.

This creates an illusion of fullness. If left unchecked, these waves can go wild and end up taking over your face, so much so that the beard can become a bit much.

The easiest solution to this is to manually add shape and definition by trimming your beard in the right places.

Make sure to create defined cheek lines and to push the hair in different directions by trimming. That way, the beard will stay in its designated areas and remain tamed.

Use Beard Oil

Beard oil is always beneficial, regardless of your beard type and hair. But when you have a wavy beard, it becomes all the more useful.

Mainly, because the beard oil will add moisture to the wavy hair, which avoids it from frizzing up and becoming hard to manage.

With beard oil, wavy hair will be softer and more flexible so that you can brush and style it with more ease, taming it into the shape you want.

Plus, beard oil can help keep the wavy beard healthy and nourished so that it is softer and looks better. Not to mention that beard oil smells amazing and there are many different options to choose from!

Straighten The Waves Out

If your wavy beard is becoming difficult and you really can’t figure out how to tame it in its natural state, an option that you have is to straighten it.

You can do this by washing your beard with the right shampoo and conditioner and then blow-drying it. Alternatively, you can now use beard straighteners that have become available in the market and are considered to be highly effective.

Once your waves are all straightened out, your beard will be a lot easier to manage and keep in check, as it will essentially behave as a straight beard would.

The downside, however, is that you will lose the volume and all the fun things that come with having waves.

Other Tips For Taming A Wavy Beard

As we have already mentioned, there are many tips and tricks for taming a wavy beard. So if the 5 most advanced that we explained aren’t enough, here are some other things you can incorporate into your beard care routine:

  • Train your wavy beard to grow in a specific direction by combing and brushing it that way regularly, applying conditioner as you do so
  • Use moisturizing products to keep your beard soft. The softer it is, the more manageable the waves will become
  • Style your beard in ways that are compatible with wavy hair, and always use the right products
  • Trim the waves down so that they aren’t as big or as wild

Final Thoughts

Wavy beards can look amazing, as they have a lot more volume, and give the illusion of being thicker and fuller. It’s why they suit longer and bigger beard styles!

That being said, they can sometimes become a bit of a nightmare, as wavy hair grows out in all directions, and can become hard to manage.

The solution is to use the right hacks so that you can keep the waves under control. Using the right styling and having the right care routine is absolutely vital.

And, you should also use the right products to keep the waves moisturized and soft so that they are easier to detangle and shape.

Doug Wells