8 Funny Beard Facts

Having a beard can significantly change your appearance, the way people perceive you, and even the way you feel about yourself. It can also make you more confident and masculine and stand out from the crowd. In this article, I will talk about some of the most exciting and funny beard facts you may not have heard before.

Funny Beard Facts

Below, I have included some funny beard facts. Make sure to check them out! It will “grow” your knowledge about beards and also have something funny and exciting to say the next time you talk to someone about beards!

Is There a Fear of Beards?

Yes, there is – it is called Pogonophobia. The fear can be mild, but some people are terrified when they see a beard. Although there is no exact theory of why and how this phobia occurs, scientists believe certain negative experiences can cause Pogonophobia.

The term is derived from the Greek words “pogon,” which means beard, and “phobia,” which means fear. On the other hand, there is also the term Pogonophile, a person who loves beards or bearded people.

This beard fact and others are also in our beard facts backed by science.

In August 2013, a history lecturer and the author of The Beard Movement in Victorian Britain, Christopher Oldstone-Moore, made an interesting comment about beards. He stated that, for the past century, beards had been thought to reflect a suspicious streak of defiance. He also mentioned that politicians, journalists, businessmen, and other public servants risk their reputations and careers if they abandon the razor.

Ironically enough, we wrote about historical beard facts, and one specific beard fact talked about the first president to ever have a beard. How it may have led to him getting elected, and how a most unexpected person may have led to his decision to grow a beard. Read that and more historical facts about beards.

Is There a Million-Dollar-Worth Beard?

Yes! Not only one, but actually, two of them. Back in 1984, a famous razor brand, Gilette, offered Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill from ZZ Top what would today be worth around $1 million to shave their heads. They turned down the offer.

When asked why he turned down the offer, Gibbons said that seeing himself shaven in the mirror is a prospect not to be contemplated, no matter the compensation. Gibbons and Hill, along with their drummer, fittingly named Frank Beard, are currently working on their 15th album, which will be the first album after 2003.

Can a University Ban Beards?

Yes – if you intend to go to Brigham Young University anytime shortly, don’t plan on growing a beard. Although there are some exceptions here and there, men on campus are generally expected to be clean-shaven.

For the first time in its history, the university has outlined guidelines for exceptions to that rule, which are effective from this semester. However, these exceptions are quite strict.

For example, a small group of students that includes Muslims, Sikhs, and other students who wear beards to honor their faith are allowed to break the rule. It is a significant change from recent years when those students were not allowed on campus.

Students with facial scars or sensitive skin need to get permission from the university’s doctor, while non-LDS students who grow beards as a part of their faith need to get permission from a chaplain. Students who are actors in theater and need to have beards as a part of their role need to get permission from a theatre department.

On top of that, the final permission comes from the honor code office. In the past, permissions were granted case-by-case, and there were no special protocols.

Do Amateur Boxers Have Beards?

If you have watched amateur boxing, you may have noticed that none of the boxers have a beard. This funny beard fact comes from the official rulebook of the IBA (International Boxing Association). It doesn’t allow amateur boxers to wear beards. It also applies to mustaches, piercings, and various body accessories.

According to MGGA-St. Mary’s coach Dennis Shimmell, the reason behind this rule is that the beard and mustaches have a coarse texture, potentially leading to cuts. However, he also mentioned that the real reason could be that IBA wants clean-cut-looking fighters.

What does B.E.A.R.D Stand for?

Have you ever heard of the abbreviation “B.E.A.R.D.”? Although it might not be considered a beard fact, it is usually an acronym for Being Exceptional Among Regular Dudes. I am sure you didn’t know that! In unrelated news, I could not agree more.

Are Men More Likely to Compliment Your Beard?

Surprisingly, yes! Many types of research have shown that women naturally tend to fall for men with beards over clean-shaven men. However, researchers have also concluded that it doesn’t mean that women will compliment your handsome appearance. If you have a beard, you will most likely get compliments from other men. One of the main reasons is that men with beards know how much time and effort it takes to grow one.

In a different post about beard facts, I asked whether bearded men are sexier. Numerous studies have shown that women tend to find bearded men sexier, at least in short-term relationships. Check out the post to learn more psychological beard facts to pair with these.

Did the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team Ban Beards?

Yes, the players were prohibited from wearing a beard. But not only beards – they were not allowed to have any type of facial hair. This funny beard fact states in 1999, left-fielder Greg Vaughn, wanted to grow a goatee, and surprisingly, the team owner agreed with his decision. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that regulations against having a beard completely disappeared.

Can Anyone Grow a Beard in British Army?

No! Not in this funny beard fact. You must have a special rank to grow a beard in the British army. Some exceptions exist, but generally, a beard is a unique symbol of a Pioneer Sergeant. The rule dates back to the 1700s when it was the role of the Pioneer Sergeant to look masculine and be a manly man. That way, he would be respected as a leader in his military unit.

Funny Beard Facts – Wrap-Up

I hope you enjoyed reading all these funny beard facts. They were entertaining to research, to say the least.

We’ve also written about psychological beard facts that will blow your mind! If you’re a history buff, you can’t miss our historical beard facts from the past. As my daughter would say, that must be from back in the day, daddy.

If you know some other fun facts we haven’t mentioned above, please let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to check out our other facts about beards in the posts linked above.

I made a round-up of all the beard facts I could find in one post. Check out this post and let me know if there was any that I missed.

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