11 Beard Facts and Myths

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A long, well-groomed beard can help you stand out from the crowd and boost your confidence. If you have a beard, you’ve probably searched the web to find information about the care of your beard. When you get conflicting information, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the facts about beards and myths.

Of course, in the modern era, with a lot of available information, not all the facts you see are true. In this article, I will present some interesting beard facts and debunk some popular beard myths.

Beard Facts and Myths

Below is the list of beard facts that you might have heard about. However, after a lot of research, I found out which facts are true and which are not. Let’s dive into the details!

Do Beards Itch?

This is one of the most popular beard myths, and fortunately, an itchy beard IS avoidable. If you have a long beard, you have probably experienced itchiness at multiple points. It is usually caused by coarse hair or skin drying out, but beard itch rarely lasts more than a month.

However, with proper care, your beard will be healthy and won’t cause itchiness. If your beard is longer than a stubble, you should regularly apply beard oil which moisturizes the skin underneath the beard.

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Will I be able to Grow a Beard if I can’t grow one in my 20s?

It is a popular myth that if you don’t have a beard in your 20s, you will never be able to grow one. However, the beard facts say otherwise. Being able to grow a beard mostly depends upon genetics. There is a small chance that you will never be able to grow a beard, but for most men, beard growth is a continually progressing journey. It means that your beard will probably be better and grow faster in your 30s than in your 20s, which is even more noticeable in your 40s.

Will I be able to Grow a Beard if I can’t grow one in my 20s?
Young man in his 20's with a stubble beard. Resting his head on his hand looking deflated.

Can I Wash my Beard with a Regular Shampoo?

A lot of guys believe that shampoo is for all body hair. The beard facts about washing your beard are contrary.

I advise you NOT to wash your beard with a regular, 3-in-1 shampoo. Although it is good for your hair, it doesn’t work the same for your beard. Regular shampoos contain certain foaming agents and other ingredients that reduce natural oils from beards. Without those oils, the skin below your beard will dry, which can lead to a variety of beard-related issues. We strongly recommend you use a soap meant to be used for beards.

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Will a Beard Make me Hotter in the Summer?

Unlike the popular and seemingly logical belief, a beard won’t make you hotter during summer days. Not only that, but the beard will also keep the sunlight off your face and protect you from sunburns. According to recent research, a beard will also keep the skin on your face cooler.

Do I Need to Trim my Beard?

Although most people think that you shouldn’t trim your beard for it to grow, that information is false. The beard facts say that to ensure your beard reaches its fullest capabilities, you must give it an occasional trim. Split ends are not only an issue with long lady hair but with beards.

Note that without trimming your beard now and then, you can ruin its growth potential. It also increases the risk of getting beard hair split ends. Make sure that your beard stays healthy, hydrated, and well-groomed.

Do I Need to Trim my Beard? 
A barbers hands trimming a man's ginger mustache with gold trimmers.

Will Shaving Make my Beard Thicker?

This is an interesting beard myth since most people think shaving a beard will make it thicker. Unlike popular belief, the best way to get a thicker and fuller beard is to let it grow. Shaving your beard will increase the blood flow in the area, but it is much better to give your face a massage than to use a razor.

Is Beard Hair a Pubic Hair?

I haven’t heard of this before, but a beard is considered pubic hair. Theoretically, any hair that grows in a place it didn’t grow before puberty is pubic hair. Wow! This blew my mind; I’ve got pubes on my face! Well, you can’t argue with facial hair science, I guess.

Can I Fix my Patchy Beard?

Yes, you can! However, most people assume that if your beard is patchy, it will stay patchy. The truth of this beard fact is, if you give it some time, probably a couple of months, it will almost certainly fill up. There can be some medical reasons why certain spots on your face won’t grow hair, but in most cases, you need to give it time. Also, note that some areas on your face might take longer to grow hair than other areas.

Do I Have to Shave Before a Job Interview?

This is another funny beard myth – because you don’t need to shave before a job interview. There are some professions, like catering, where having a beard might not be ideal. Over the years, many employers have become open about personal grooming choices. Recently, even the US army and NYPD allow men to grow beards.

Does a Beard Grow in a Uniform Pace?

No, they don’t; some parts of your face will grow hair slower than others. For example, while the chin line usually grows faster, cheeks take more time to fill in. If you thought otherwise, it might be because many men trim the longer areas to make everything look uniform. We recommend that you let it grow a little bit longer and then trim it as necessary.

Do Beards Contain Poop?

In 2015, the theory that beards contain poop was trending everywhere. However, it is not true. The story originated in Albuquerque, where a local microbiologist found certain bacteria in men’s beards but not the actual poop. It is the bacteria that can also be found in your stomach, your skin, and even in different foods. On top of that, the bacteria pose no harm to your health.

I was scared to research this one after the pubic hair discussion above. I’m really glad there is no poop in my beard. I’m adding that to the list of things I never thought I would say. Check out more gross beard facts in our post, 12 Gross and Weird beard Facts.

Beard Facts and Myths – Wrap-Up

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. The next time someone brings up any of these beard myths, you can confidently explain to them what’s the real story. I’ve also written the article 8 Funny Beard Facts, so make sure to check it out!

I made a round-up of all the beard facts I could find in one post. Check out this post and let me know if there was any that I missed.

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