How To Clean An Electric Shaver

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How To Clean An Electric Shaver

How do you clean your electric shaver? After all, you consider your electric shaver as your best friend…or close to one as a bathroom object could be. Like your human friends,  you want to look after your shaver. 

That’s when the questions arise. How do I maintain my shaver? What can I do to make it a relationship that will last?

In this article, we will give you all the tips and advice you need to ensure you give your electric shaver the care and attention it deserves. Then it will reward you by giving you a good shave time and time again. 

How To Clean An Electric Razor Head

The main process in how you clean an electric shaver is to clean the electric razor head. Yes you should take care to keep the handle and screen clean and free from shaving cream or shaving products. The most critical part is how you clean and maintain the electric razor head of your shaver.

How you clean an electric razor head will also be determined by what type of electric razor head your shaver has. Below we will detail how to clean an electric razor head for all different types of shavers and electric razors alike.

Can You Wash An Electric Shaver?

The answer to this is…it depends. If your razor isn’t waterproof, you can’t simply rinse it under a tap. The best option you have in this case is to use a spray cleaner. 

Can You Use Water To Clean Your Electric Shaver?

It is possible to clean your electric shaver with water if it’s a waterproof model. 

There are a couple of options regarding washing it with water: soap or dishwashing liquid. These will work fine in cleaning your electric razor. 

However, the first thing you want to do is clean out the shaver. Then you can dive in and wash it. 

Can You Clean An Electric Shaver With Alcohol? 

You can use alcohol to clean and sanitize your electric shaver. For a quick clean, use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol to wash your blades/fools. 

Again, just like cleaning the shaver with water, you will want to do a basic clean-out first. 

How Do I Clean Out My Electric Shaver?

In the world of electric shavers, there are two types: rotary and foil shavers. 

The best way to clean out your razor is by pulling it apart. That sounds difficult, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is. 

Rotary shaver

To dismantle this type of razor, look for the button near the head of the shaver. Press this and then twist off the shaving head. 

Remove the blades from the head. You’re ready to go! 

Foil shaver

These shavers also have a release button for removing the shaving head. Usually, the button is on the side of the shaver. 

Press the button and the head and foils will pop off. Then you need to remove the cassette(s) from the head by softly pulling them out. 

Giving your razor an initial clean

Before you properly wash your shaver (either with water or alcohol), quick removal of any hair is the first step.

Follow these instructions to perform an initial clean of your shaver: 

  1. Grab the brush that came with your razor. If you can’t find the brush, a toothbrush will work. 
  1. Brush away any hair from the blades/foils, the blade housing, and the shaving head. 
  1. Gently tap the components onto a paper towel or cloth to remove any stubborn hair. 

Now you’re ready to wash the shaver. 

How Do I Clean My Electric Shaver?

As we mentioned you can use water or alcohol to give your shaver a clean. 

With the hair removed from the blades/foils and head it’s time to take the next step.

Cleaning your electric shaver with water

This may be stating the obvious, but it’s a precaution that is vital…make sure your shaver isn’t plugged in before you wash it. 

With that warning out of the way, let’s start.  You will need to reassemble the shaver before proceeding with these instructions. 

  1. Add some soap or several drops of liquid dish soap to the razor head. (You could also use gel). 
  1. Turn the shaver on and let it run under warm water for 10 to 15 seconds.
  1. Dismantle the shaver once more.
  1. Pat everything with a soft cloth to remove as much water as possible. Let everything air dry. 
  1. Put the razor back together again. 

Cleaning your electric shaver with alcohol 

The process of cleaning your electric razor with alcohol is similar to that with water. Once again we reiterate the safety message of having the razor unplugged before cleaning.

If you prefer to use alcohol (Swan is a great option) instead of water, follow these instructions.

  1. Take apart your shaver and lay each component on a soft cloth.
  1. Dip another cloth into the alcohol and then wipe over the pieces. 
  1. Put the razor back together again. 

Unlike water, you don’t need to be concerned about excess moisture on your components. That’s because the alcohol will evaporate. But if you still have some concerns about the liquid affecting your shaver, then you can let it air dry.

Can You Clean An Electric Razor With Hydrogen Peroxide?

It is possible to use hydrogen peroxide to clean your shaver. The benefit of doing so is that it provides a similar sanitizing effect as that of alcohol.  However, the main difference is that hydrogen peroxide takes longer to dry than alcohol (which evaporates instantly). 

If you want to clean your electric razor with hydrogen peroxide, here is what to do: 

  1. Dismantle your shaver and lay out each piece.
  1. Dip or soak the components in the hydrogen peroxide.
  1. Use a cloth to absorb any excess moisture. 
  1. Lay the pieces out to air dry.
  1. Reassemble your shaver.

Some warnings go with hydrogen peroxide. It can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, and skin if you are exposed to it. The severity of the reaction depends on the duration of the exposure to the substance. 

Another factor to consider is the strength of the concentration that you’re using. Typically household hydrogen peroxide is 3% concentrate. Don’t think that means it won’t cause a reaction. 3% hydrogen peroxide can lead to mild irritation. 

Should you use hydrogen peroxide to clean your electric shaver? That’s up to you. However, if you have sensitive skin we recommend you avoid using it. As we mentioned, alcohol does just as good of a job at disinfecting and cleaning your electric razor. 

Can I Use A Cleaning Solution To Wash My Electric Shaver? 

Can I Use A Cleaning Solution To Wash My Electric Shaver? 

Not all electric shavers are created equal. What that means is that there are models that can self-clean and those that can’t. If you have a cleaning station, then you can use a cleaning solution.

If you want to take the hassle out of cleaning your razor, look at upgrading to one with its own cleaning station. These types of electric razors come with a bottle of cleaning solution. You can buy more solution when it runs out. Here are some options:

Braun CCR5+1 Clean & Renew Cleaning Cartridge, 6 Piece

This value pack contains six replacement cartridges and 170 ml of cleaning solution. It also has a subtle lemon scent for a refreshing touch. You can also get a pack of three of 6 is too much.

Philips Cleaning Fluid for Electric Shaver 

If you have a series 5000, 7000, or 9000 Philips electric shaver, then this cleaning solution is suitable. You get three quick clean pods, each lasting up to three months.

Philips Norelco Cleaning Cartridges 

These are compatible with all Philips SmartClean shavers. Its DualFiltration system is 10 times more efficient than cleaning with water. This system can remove any hair, gel, and soap that is clogging up your electric shaver. 

The two cartridges offer up to 4 months of cleaning (that is, one cartridge lasts up to 2 months).

What is a cleaning station?

A cleaning station is simply a device that is created to clean your electric shaver. It contains a cleaning solution that washes your shaver.

To use the cleaning station, you clip the head of the razor inside the unit. Then the station does its thing, which is to clean all the hair and gunk from your razor head. It also lubricates the blades which provide two advantages: 

  • Your shaver gives you the best shave every time 
  • It prolongs the life of your shaver.

How does a cleaning station work?

As we mentioned you only have to click the razor head into the cleaning station for it to wash it. The cleaning station then pumps cleaning solution along the head. Within this cleaning solution is also the lubricant that looks after the blades. 

Finally, there is a tiny heater within the station that dries the head once the washing is completed.

The pros and cons of a cleaning station

Like anything, cleaning stations have things that you love about them and then there is the downside. 

Using a cleaning station means that your razor is getting a thorough clean. Something that can be hard to do through manual cleaning. The secret behind how a cleaning station offers such a superior wash is through the high-pressure water it pushes through the head. 

Also, because of the lubricant within the cleaning solution, you are getting a comfortable shave every time. On top of that, skin irritation is reduced thanks to the magic of the solution.

The main negative with cleaning stations is that razors with this option can be a little pricey. There is also the ongoing cost of buying cleaning solution to consider. If you’re budget-conscious, then maybe a razor that comes with its own cleaning station is off your shopping list.

How Do I Lubricate My Electric Shaver?

Lubricating your electric shaver will not only make it operate at its best every shave, but you will also be extending the life of the product. It may sound difficult to lubricate your razor, but it’s very simple. 

A note of caution: The head of your razor needs to be completely dry before applying your lubricant. If you don’t do this, then the lubricant won’t be able to provide you with the maximum benefit.  

The way you apply the lubricant depends on whether you have a rotary shaver or a foil one. 

Lubricating a foil electric shaver

Here is how to use lubricant on foil shavers:

  1. Apply a couple of drops of lubricant to each foil, also add a similar amount onto the trimmer. 
  1. Turn the shaver on and let the oil spread evenly over the head. If you aren’t happy with the way the oil is spreading, you can use your finger to carefully distribute it over the surface.
  1. Remove any excess oil by gently patting the razor head.

Lubricating a rotary electric shaver

For those of you who proudly own a rotary shaver, follow these instructions to lubricate it:

  1. Place several drops of oil over each head. 
  1. Switch on the shaver for a few seconds and let the lubricant work its way over the components.
  1. You are done!

What are the best lubricants to use?

Everyone has their favorites when it comes to products. Ask your shaving buddies which shaver, cream, or other product they recommend and you will have a variety of answers. In saying that, here are our humble suggestions for electric shaver lubricants. 

Though this is made for Whal brand clippers and shavers, you can still use it as a universal lubricant. It is specifically designed to reduce friction between the components of the shaver.

This helps maintain the efficiency of your electric shaver. It contains white mineral oil which has beneficial effects on your skin and hair. So both your razor and you are being taken care of.

Here is an oil that is scientifically proven to keep the blades of your shaver working at their best. It lubricates all the metallic contacts within the shaver so that the build-up of heat and debris is decreased. It’s also a green product, which means it is environmentally friendly. So you can take care of yourself and the planet. 

How Often Should I Clean My Electric Shaver?

You should give your electric shaver a quick rinse after every use. Also, brush out the hair each time you have shaved. If you don’t have time, then at least make sure you clean out the shaver before you use it next time. 

A deep clean should be done after 5 to 7 shaves. Always lubricate your shaver. If you don’t use lubrication you will be causing damage to the razor and you will feel the result when you shave. 

Other tips to extend the life of your electric shaver are:

  1. Keep it in a case: This protects it from any harm such as knocks or being dropped on the floor. Having it stored in a case also keeps any dirt or debris from entering the razor.
  1. Replace any worn-out heads: As soon as you notice a shaver head or blade becoming dull, swap it out with a new one. 
  1. Don’t use oils before shaving: You may be a fan of shaving oil, but this can clog up your razor. That will cause it to work harder than it has to.  

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions that came with your electric shaver. Then adhere to these religiously!

By showing your electric razor the care that it needs, you will have a unit that will last you for many years.

How Long Do The Blades of Electric Razors Last?

Nothing lasts forever and that includes the blades of your electric razor. How long your blade lasts depends on how often you shave. Typically you should replace these every 12 – 18 months. But, if you notice that the blade is getting dull then replace it immediately. 

Final Thoughts On How To Clean An Electric Shaver

When it comes to cleaning your electric shaver, you can use water, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide. The last two options will disinfect your razor head and other components, yet hydrogen peroxide takes longer to evaporate. 

Wash and lubricate your razor each time you have finished shaving. Give the unit a thorough clean once after 5 to 7 shaves. 

How you clean your shaver varies slightly depending on whether it’s a rotary model or a foil shaver. 

If you can’t be bothered cleaning your razor, you can always replace it with a model that has a cleaning station. Just click the head of the razor into the unit and then it will be automatically washed, lubricated, and disinfected. 

By keeping your razor in tip-top condition, you will be rewarded with a clean and comfortable shave every time you use it. 

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