How to Grow The Famous Tom Selleck Mustache: Style Guide

how to get The Tom Selleck Mustache

If there is any facial hair style that gained its fame, the famous Tom Selleck mustache is certainly one that comes to mind. Many people even believe that Tom Selleck’s mustache is much more famous than he is.

Back in the day, a couple of television producers banned him from shaving his mustache while acting in their projects. It is no surprise that more and more people are looking to imitate this mustache style.

Are you ready to channel your inner Tom Selleck and grow the iconic mustache that has become synonymous with the actor? Growing a mustache can be tricky, but with the proper techniques and grooming habits, you can also achieve the famous Tom Selleck style. In this article, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to grow and style your mustache so you, too, can rock the classic look.

The Tom Selleck Mustache

The Tom Selleck Mustache

The Tom Selleck Mustache is a thick mustache that is neat, classy, well-groomed, and easy on the eye. It also doesn’t hurt that this mustache style is easy to maintain once you grow it.

I grew up watching Magnum PI as a kid and idolized Tom Selleck. It’s only natural to view Tom Selleck’s mustache as the pinnacle of style and a cool manly mustache.

The release of the modern take on the classic Magnum PI in 2018 brought back memories of the classic episodes of the original. Now with the release of the 5th season moving to Fox from CBS, I thought no better time to research how to grow the famous Tome Selleck mustache.

I thought maybe some of us ’80’s kids could don our Hawaiian shirts, grow out our Tom Selleck mustache and relive the glory days.

How Much is Tom Selleck’s Mustache Worth?

Tom Selleck’s mustache is iconic and synonymous with the actor’s image. The mustache has become a symbol of masculinity and ruggedness, and it is no surprise that many men have tried to emulate the style. But how much is Tom Selleck’s mustache worth?

It is priceless. It is that simple! Tom Selleck’s mustache is a part of his signature look and has helped him become one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood. It has played a significant role in his career and has helped him land some of the most iconic roles in T.V. and film.

From his role as Thomas Magnum in the popular T.V. series “Magnum, P.I.” to his role in the “Three Men and a Baby” film, Tom Selleck’s mustache has been a staple in his career. It has helped him establish a unique image and has become a part of pop culture.

Furthermore, the mustache has helped him establish a unique brand and has been used in marketing campaigns for various products. Many brands have used the mustache to sell everything from razors to beer, and it has become a famous symbol of nostalgia and retro culture.

Basically, Tom Selleck’s mustache is worth more than just an arbitrary monetary value. It symbolizes his career and has helped him establish a unique image in Hollywood.

The Tom Selleck Mustache Style

The style of Selleck’s mustache is characterized by its thick, full appearance and defined edges. This style takes inspiration from the classic handlebar mustache, which stands out for its upward-curving ends. You can style and wax the end to achieve a distinguished look. However, unlike the classic handlebar, the ends of this style do not curve upward. The mustache is also well-groomed, with no stray hairs or unkempt edges.

To achieve this look, starting with thick and healthy facial hair growth is essential. You can achieve this by letting your mustache grow for a few weeks before beginning to shape it. Once the hair is long enough, it can be trimmed and shaped using scissors or clippers. The edges should be defined, and the mustache should be shaped to suit the individual’s face shape.

Try to wax and style the ends regularly to maintain the upward-curving shape. It is also essential to maintain the mustache through regular grooming and trimming. Keeping the mustache clean and moisturized is also necessary to prevent dryness and irritation.

How to Grow a Mustache Like Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck Mustache Guide: How to Grow a Mustache Like Tom Selleck

If you want to know how to grow a mustache like Tom Selleck, then you will need the following:

  • Beard balm
  • Trimmers
  • Beard comb
  • Medium to full-length mustache

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How to Style

Tom Selleck’s mustache is a classic and iconic style that many have admired for decades. The style is characterized by its thick, bushy appearance and well-groomed edges. If you’re looking to replicate this classic mustache look, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to style your mustache like Tom Selleck’s:

  1. Start with a clean, dry mustache. Make sure to trim any stray hairs or wild edges.
  2. Use a mustache comb to brush your mustache hair in the direction you want it to grow.
  3. Apply a small amount of mustache wax to your fingertips and rub it evenly into your mustache hair. This will help to shape and hold the mustache in place.
  4. Use the comb to shape your mustache into the desired shape. Make sure to keep the edges neat and well-defined.
  5. Use scissors to trim stray hairs or shape the edges of your mustache.
  6. Use a mustache brush to brush your mustache hair in the direction you want it to grow.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 until you have achieved the desired shape and style.
  8. Finishing touches: Use a small amount of hair oil to hydrate and moisturize the mustache hair to keep it looking healthy and shiny.

Remember that growing and styling a mustache like Tom Selleck’s takes patience and dedication. It may take several weeks or months for your mustache to reach the desired length and thickness. But with the proper grooming techniques and patience, you can achieve the iconic Tom Selleck mustache look.

Tom Selleck Mustache Tips: How to Trim Mustache Like Tom Selleck

You must frequently shave your face while trimming the edges to stop your mustache, like Tom Selleck, from losing its form or getting messy. Doing this can help you maintain the sharp contrast a Tom Selleck mustache style is known for.

Frequently combing out the mustache using an appropriate beard comb is also pertinent, as it provides a nice edge. You can use a combination of beard balm and beard oil to promote healthy facial growth—a vital proponent of the Tom Selleck mustache.

How to get Tom Selleck’s mustache

Growing the Tom Selleck mustache isn’t something that you can rush. It does take a couple of weeks or even months to grow a mustache like Tom Selleck. The rate at which your mustache grows will also depend on how quickly your hair grows. The most important thing to remember is that you should let your mustache grow and ignore it. Don’t spend too much time trying to get it to grow faster than possible.

Before trimming your Tom Selleck mustache, you need to allow the hair on your upper lip to grow to an appropriate length. Once done, you can then consider combing, trimming, and shaping it. For these processes, you can use specialized tools. If you need to gain experience growing and caring for a mustache or facial hair, you can enlist the services of a decent barber.

One thing to remember when trying to grow a mustache like Tom Selleck is that you should always keep your chin and cheeks free of all facial hair. While wearing a mustache can help you pull off the manly look, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put the effort in.

If you simply let your facial hair grow just about anywhere, you can begin to look messy, and it might make your face odd—a style that is at odds with the Tom Selleck mustache. The key to this look is to present a contrast between the thick mustache and the clean, soft face.

When trimming your Tom Selleck mustache, ensure that you only do it when it is dry. This is because the hair is longer when wet, and trimming it at that time could result in you cutting off more than necessary. Always let your mustache dry out before trimming it. When trimming it, use a mustache comb and a pair of scissors only to comb it out.

You should always trim for length first. Once you have the desired size, you can choose the thickness by combing the mustache upward and removing the excess. Also, consider shaving your neck, chin, and cheeks to make your mustache prominent.

How to get Tom Selleck's mustache


In conclusion, growing the famous Tom Selleck mustache is a process that requires patience and dedication. It’s essential to start with a healthy diet, a good skincare routine, and regular grooming to ensure that your mustache hair is strong and healthy. Once you grow the mustache, it’s important to style it correctly using the right products and techniques to achieve the desired look.

Remember, it’s not just about increasing the mustache but also maintaining it properly. With the right approach, you can achieve the iconic Tom Selleck mustache style that many have admired for decades.

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