How To Clean A Braun Electric Razor

You may be looking at your Braun shaver and wondering, “How do I clean a Braun electric razor?” Don’t worry; we will run you through the process. 

Also, we will run you through tips on how to take care of your razor so that you can extend its life. 

Are you ready to clean your Braun electric shaver? 

How Do I Clean A Braun Electric Razor? 

It’s easy to clean a Braun electric razor. Rinsing it under running water is one method. Another option is to give the shaver a professional clean (for those models with a Clean and Charge station). 

How to wash your Braun electric shaver with water?

Though some models of Braun electric shavers come with a Clean and Charge station, you can still wash all models with water.

  1. Use a small brush to clean the razor head of any hair particles and other debris (the brush should have come with your shaver when you bought it).  Be careful not to use the brush on the cutter foil as this can damage the razor. 
  1. Switch on your razor and then rinse the head under warm water. You can apply some liquid soap to the head if you want to. 
  1. Remove the head of the razor by pressing the release button. Wash the underside of the head under warm water.
  1. Shake off any excess water and then allow the head to air-dry. 
  1. Reattach the head.
How to clean a Braun electric razor

How to use the Braun Clean and Charge station

The Clean&Charge station is designed to hygienically clean your Braun shaver. It’s an ideal way to maintain your shaver if the concept of manually washing it scares you. 

  1. Place your shaver into the Clean and Charge station. The back of the shaver has charging contacts, so ensure that you position the razor with the back touching the station.
  1. Press the button on the front of the unit to start the process.
  1. The cleaning solution will be flushed through the head of the shaver several times. 
  1. You can go and relax and let the Clean and Charge Station do its thing.

The initial wash cycle is about 3 minutes. However, the station will take around 40 minutes to complete the process. 

Is it better to use a Braun Clean and Charge Station for washing my shaver?

We discussed how the Clean and Charge station offers a more hygienic clean when washing your razor. 

That’s thanks to the cleaning solution. It not only washes the razor head, but it also sterilizes it, too. That’s something water alone can’t do (but rubbing alcohol can).

Yep! You can use alcohol to kill the germs and bacteria that live on your shaver’s head. 

There are other benefits to using a cleaning station.

Your Braun electric shaver is lubricated.

This allows the components to function at their optimum capacity while reducing friction. It keeps your shaver safe from heating up. 

Maintain your Braun electric razor blades.

The cleaning station preserves the blades. You will be getting a close, comfortable shave every time.

Your Braun electric shaver is ready to go when you are.

The cleaning station not only washes your shaver but also dries and charges it, too. So when you want to tidy yourself up, your razor is all set to go. 

With all these advantages, is there any reason why you wouldn’t use a Clean and Charge station?

Some people may not like the idea of having to constantly buy cleaning solution. 

You want to get the best use out of the solution, so that means you will need to replace it every 2 to 3 months. 

That could be costly if you are on a budget. 

How Do I Take Care of my Braun Electric Shaver?

How Do I Take Care of my Braun Electric Shaver?

You want your shaver to last you as long as possible. Here are some maintenance tips that will help.

Lubricate your Braun electric shaver. 

As mentioned, a Clean and Charge station automatically lubricates your shaver. 

However, if you want to wash with water or can’t use a cleaning station, you must manually lubricate your shaver.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Just add a drop of oil to the cutter block. 

The recommendation is to add oil to the shaver after every use. If that seems a little over the top, then twice a week is the bare minimum.

Replace the cutter on your Braun electric shaver.

There is nothing worse than shaving with a dull blade (or even one that is half-dull). You are just opening yourself up to skin irritation and a poor shave. 

Replace the cutter of your razor after 12 to 18 months.  

Wash your Braun electric shaver after every use.

Giving your electric razor a clean every time you use it may seem like a pain. But that will prevent it from getting clogged up with hair and other gunk.

The debris that is caught in the shaver can increase friction between the various components in the head. Now you are effectively shortening the life of your shaver.

Also, you won’t be getting a good shave by using an unclean electric razor

In addition, there is skin irritation to consider with bacteria on the razor head being transferred back to your skin. 

Safety precautions for using your Braun electric shaver:

When using your Braun electric shaver, you want to look after your well-being. That means sticking to some basic safety practices.

  • Don’t use the shaver in or near water when it’s plugged into a power socket.
  • Have the shaver sitting in a safe location where it won’t accidentally fall or be tugged into water.
  • Only use the recommended power cords with the correct level of voltage when using it charging your shaver. 
  • Immediately replace any damaged or frayed cords.

Winding Up How To Clean A Braun Electric Shaver

Braun’s first shaver came out in the early 1950s. Since then, it has become one of the more recognized brands for men’s shaving.

All models can be washed with water. That makes life easier for you if you want to give your electric shaver a quick rinse-off (which is recommended after every use). 

Braun makes cleaning their electric shaver more convenient with its Clean and Charge system. This not only washes your shaver but sanitizes and charges it. 

Whether you choose the manual method of washing your shaver or using a cleaning station, one thing is certain…

With a Braun electric shaver, you will have a shaver that will last you for years. You get a great shave every time you use it.

How To Clean An Electric Shaver

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