How To Clean A Wahl Electric Razor

How To Clean Your Wahl Electric Shaver

For those of you who own a Wahl electric razor, whether it’s a Manscraper or Lifeproof model, taking care of it is important. We will show you how to clean a Wahl electric shaver and why you should bother with the process.

In the world of electric shavers, Wahl is one of the most popular models. That’s not surprising when you consider that the brand started with an innovative idea. 

In 1919, Leo Wahl made his way to the patent office with his concept for an electric hair clipper. Since then, Wahl has continued to be at the forefront of the male grooming industry.

Read on to learn how to clean a Wahl electric shaver as well as how to maintain it. We will also tell you the equipment you need (because that’s the kind of people we are here). 

What Do I Need To Clean My Wahl Electric Shaver? 

As the boy scout motto goes, “Be prepared.” So, before you start giving your shaver the clean that it needs, there are some things you need to have on hand first. 

Typically the following items were included with your razor when you bought it:  

  • A brush
  • Lubricating oil

If you have lost any of these bits, then you will need to go and buy new ones.

Also, grab a cloth or paper towel on which you can place the pieces of your shaver so to at they can dry. 

How To Clean A Wahl Electric Shaver

Giving your electric razor a regular clean will ensure that it delivers you the best shave every time. Also, you will have a product that lasts as long as possible. 

Cleaning your Wahl shaver is simple. Follow these steps(ensure your razor is turned off and not plugged into the power):

1. Detach the head 

Start by separating the head from the head of the shaver. This can be done by pressing the release buttons on the side of the shaver. 

2. Remove any hair

Place your paper towels or cloth on a hard surface. Gently tap the head of your razor against the towels/cloth to remove any hair. Also, use the brush to gently clean the surface of the head. 

Be careful that you don’t tap the foil against the surface, as this can damage it. 

3. Rinse the shaver head

The quickest way to clean your shaver is by washing it under water. However, it’s recommended that you remove the foil head first. 

By taking away the foil head, the water better access to the cutter bars so that any additional hairs are washed away.

4. Wait to dry 

Once you have washed your razor, leave the head on a new cloth or paper towel. Let it air dry completely.

5. Put everything back together 

When your razor has dried, reattach the head. Turn it on and give it a wee test (without shaving). 

Job done! Great work. 

How Do I Replace The Head and Cutters Of My Wahl Shaver?

If the foils and cutters of your Wahl electric shaver are getting worn, you can easily replace them. 

Follow these instructions and you will find that your razor had a new lease on life. 

  1. As mentioned in the previous section, you can remove the head from your razor with the release button. Press this, and the head will come away from the shaver.
  1. Gently press down on the cutters and turn them 90⁰ clockwise. Then pull them away from the shaver. Slide on your new cutters (they need to be sitting vertically from the body of the razor), then push them down and turn them 90⁰ counterclockwise. 
  1. Grab your new foil head, place it on the shaver, and then carefully push it down. You’ll hear it click into place. 

Now your Wahl shaver is as good as new (without actually having to buy a new one).

What Can I Do To Maintain A Wahl Electric Shaver

Replacing your foil head and cutters is one way to keep your Wahl electric shaver at peak performance. However, you want to maximize the life of these parts (as well as the other components of the razor). 

Let’s run you through some basic maintenance tips. Do these, and you will have a razor that lasts as well as gives you a great shave

Keeping things hygienic 

Your skin contains millions of bacteria as well as other nasties that you can’t see. If you dry shave, then you are transferring these onto your shaver. Scary. 

But there is hope. When cleaning your razor, wipe the blades, cutters, and foils with alcohol. That keeps your razor hygienic

If you wet shave, exfoliate your skin before shaving.

If you don’t want to use alcohol, you can opt for a hygiene spray

Oil your Wahl electric razor blades

How often you oil your blades depends on the amount of use your razor gets. If you shave a lot, then consider oiling the blades every 2 or 3 days. 

Oil the top and the sides of the blades. This allows for the oil to get into every part of the blade. 

By oiling your razor, you are reducing the friction between the parts. Also, the blades retain their sharpness so you won’t have to replace them often. 

Keep your Wahl electric shaver cool

Heat isn’t your razor’s friend. As you use your shaver, the friction between the various components can cause it to warm up. 

Using blade ice is a great way to reduce heat. After each shave, spray the ice over the blades to cool everything down.

How often should I replace my Wahl electric razor blades?

You can do your best at maintaining your razor and its blades. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever no matter how well you look after it. That includes the blades of your Wahl electric shaver. 

The rule of thumb is to replace the blades every 12 – 18 months. Of course, that’s a general guideline and you may find that you need to swap out the blades sooner. 

A Wrap Up Of How To Clean A Wahl Electric Razor

Wahl is a fantastic brand of electric razors and has been an industry leader since 1919.

Cleaning your razor is a simple task of popping off the foil head, removing any hair from it, and then rinsing the head under some water. Now you know how to clean a Wahl electric shaver.

To keep your razor hygienic, wipe it over with some alcohol. 

Eventually, you will need to replace the foil head and cutters. This is an easy task and saves you from having to buy a new razor. Something that you will be happy about if you love your Wahl electric shaver. 

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