Best Beards For Older Guys in 2023: 9 Styles to Rock

If you are searching for the best beard styles for older men, you have come to the right place. The cool beard styles in this article are great for those that want a mature yet rugged look. It doesn’t matter if you are an older father looking to add a layer of masculinity to your look, or perhaps you want to try something completely different; the best beards for older guys in this article are for you.

Studies have shown that most people view a beard to be attractive. So it doesn’t matter if you are sporting something modern or sticking to the classic styles; discover these cool beards styles for older guys.

can beard make you look younger

Simple and Common Older Men’s Beards Styles

The following are the best beards for older guys.

1.      Ducktail Beard

The ducktail beard is one of the cool beard styles for older guys that don’t want to go overboard. It is a distinguished and simple style that goes a long way. As one of the best beards for those over 60, the ducktail beard helps exude style and confidence.

This beard style is known for having long sides that sweep upwards like a duck’s tail, hence the name. It is one of the best beard styles for old men that want to oppose their age and look great. The hair shape, alongside its type and length, helps create a distinguished look that remains both classic and modern at the same time.

2.      Full Beard

The full beard is an extremely manly look that helps the wearer stand out for their age. A full beard style covers most of the face, and while there are numerous variants of this style, the full beard typically comes with long hair on the chin and neck that is either groomed or left unkept. This beard style does require a bit more grooming than others; however, it is worth it.

One hallmark of the full beard style is its versatility. You can wear it any time of the year, and it works with any outfit. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a more masculine look or looking to make a fashion statement; a full beard fits.

3.      Boxed Beard

The boxed beard is great for those that want a distinguished look. It can be sported in just about any style. This is one of the best beard styles for old men since it is very easy to grow and keep. Generally, the boxed style is much shorter than a full beard; however, depending on your face and preference, you can choose a medium-length boxy beard. This is an excellent choice if you are searching for a modern look.

4.      Stubble Beard

The stubble beard for older men is one of the cool beard styles for older men. This masculine and rugged beard style provide the wearer with a distinguished look. This look shows you are comfortable looking rough around the edges.

This stubble beard is well-groomed and typically has less than a week’s worth of growth. You can grow it differently; however, the most prevalent way is to shave every three days, letting your beard grow back in dense and thick layers. Doing this allows for maximum growth, making your beard darker, coarser, and thicker than if it is shaved daily.

When growing this style, certain people prefer to use a beard balm or oil to keep their face hydrated while the stubble grows out evenly. Additionally, you should regularly trim the stray hair to help you maintain an even appearance. What’s great about this style is that you don’t need a lot of effort to grow it—you need a couple of days of patience and some beard oil.

Best Beards For Gray Hair

There are numerous types of beard styles for older men with gray hair. However, these are the best beards for older guys:

5.      Full Beard

A full beard is for you if you love beards and grow a beard well. The full beard style offers a masculine and strong look, which goes with those with huge bodies. When growing a full beard, there are some things to note. For one, having a full beard can come with irritation as you have to deal with a lot of hair under your chin. For this reason, you should regularly wash your beard using a beard shampoo and apply beard balms or oils.

6.      Bushy Beard

The bushy beard is one of the best beards for older bald guys. It offers an adventurous and wild look to the face, enhancing each element. And while this style can be challenging to care for, it fits perfectly with those with strong personalities. If you have strong facial features, then this look is for you.

A bushy beard is one of the best beards for older guys.

7.      Biker Beard

A biker beard is excellent for those that want additional hair on their cheeks. Instead of trimming your beard to perfection, you can leave it slightly bushy. While this style appears bushy, it can be pretty complicated and isn’t for everyone. Nevertheless, if you are searching for cool beards for older bald guys, you can experiment with a long beard like the biker’s.

8.      Viking Beard

The Viking beard is a long beard that has a disorganized look. The hairs appear to be drifting away from the center of the lips giving it a cluttered look. Judging by its name, one can tell that this beard style dates back to the Vikings of southern Scandinavia. While this style looks unkempt, it is one of the most challenging styles to maintain as it requires a lot of care.

9.      Short Beard

The short beard is perhaps the easiest style of beard on this list. For this reason, it is the go-to for most men. While college students and younger adults are known for generally chopping their beards and aligning the outlines, this style can also be great for gray hair. The short beard is great for those that don’t want the hassle of regularly caring for and managing their beard. It also helps that it goes with almost every outfit worn daily.

Do Beards Get Better With Age?

Beard growth has been shown to increase as we age. Such beard growth starts at puberty, with most beard growth coming after most men reach 25 years of age. As we grow older, our beards get thicker and darken due to constant exposure to testosterone.

Most people expect to see a nice thick beard in their teens; however, that isn’t the case, as studies have shown that most people only truly begin to grow beards after 20 years of age.

Older Men’s Beard Style 2023

Older men's beard styles - Man with grey beard in blue suit jacket

2022 brought a new catalog of cool beard styles for older guys; however, here are the 2023 beards for older bald guys.

Typically, the growth of grey hair tends to start once a man attains the age of 30. Nevertheless, it can take a couple of years to grow a full gray beard truly. That being said, here are the best beard styles for the old man:

Wise Look

Older adults and kings were known to sport the wise look in the olden times. This beard style conferred to them an air of authority. A long gray beard with gray hair certainly fits the bill.

De-Ager Styling

This is perhaps the most natural and easiest older men’s beard in 2023. Typically, you simply have to trim your beard every for four days, allowing small outlets of gray hair to grow. When this happens, your face begins to have a dotty structure, making you look pretty cool.

While this style can work on just about anyone, it works best with those with an abstract jawline flourish. You can plan for this beard style by trimming your beard every couple of days.

Santa Claus Beard

The Santa Claus beard style is a toned but long shabby gray beard style. While it can be dense, it is much more charming in person. This is one of the best beards for over 60-year-old men. The great thing about this style is that you don’t need a particular facial structure to sport it. It is one just about anyone older can rock.

Styling and caring for this beard style is also relatively easy; you simply need to stop trimming your beard and let it grow. Remember that your mustache needs to be trimmed, as a full mustache isn’t part of this look.

Bald Head With a Beard

Don’t forget the old faithful beard style for older guys. Just shave your head clean and grow out a beard. As we get older… wiser; I mean, most guys’ hair begins to thin out. So just embracing hair loss and going bald with a beard can be a fantastic look.

Check out these famous guys with a beard and a bald head style.

Buzz-Cut with a Beard

I should add a buzz-cut and a beard to the list. Here is my buzz cut with a beard style. Instead of fighting with the thinning, I just decided to buzz-cut it down and test out the look. I like it so far. This is my daughter and me on a water ride at a theme park.

My daughter and I showing my beard style and bald head.
My daughter and I were on a ride at a theme park with my buzz cut and beard.

FAQs on Best Beard for Older Guys

This section answers various questions about cool beard styles for older guys.

Can a beard make you look younger?

Studies have shown that having a beard can make you look older, with some beards making men look around eight years older than those without beards. Nevertheless, there is an age you reach where having a beard can, in fact, make you look younger.

How much older do beards make you look?

Research has shown that having a beard can make you look older by as much as eight years. Besides, many people agree that the longer the beard, the older you look. So, it is safe to say that a clean shave is synonymous with a younger physique.

Do Beards get Better with age?

As humans advance in age, many changes occur throughout the body, the beard included. As a result, no matter your current beard style, you have a high chance of growing a full beard with age. With the right hygiene and ideal meal, you can grow a full beard in at most three months.

However, it is not uncommon for people to give up after a week when the beard growth does not match their expectations.

What beard length will make me hot?

According to an Australian study, ladies find men with stubble hot and attractive. In other words, leaving your beard to grow wild for a simple ten days make you more attractive than a clean-shaven man. Such beards can equate to dominance, maturity, aggression, and responsibility, based on women’s gauge.

Best Beard For Older Guys – Wrap-up

That you are advancing in age does not mean your fashion sense should also grow old. These older men’s beard styles will go a long way to bring out the masculinity in you. Besides, all you need is regular grooming and good hygiene. You need no special ritual to have a cool beard!

Doug Wells