Should You Shave Your Mustache?

Should You Shave Your Mustache (1)

There was a time when the mustache was commonplace amongst men, yet that seems like a bygone age. Until recently, that most daring piece of facial hair seemed too daunting for many men, then Movember came along.

For the month of November, millions of men grow a mustache to raise money for men’s health causes, so you should see them sprouting up.

Anyone that has participated in Movember may get unduly attached to their mustache. The strange, intrigued glances and the sense that it might actually suit you.

Then December comes along, and it is time to say goodbye. Or is it? After spending so much time cultivating your prized piece of facial hair, should you shave your mustache?

Reasons To Keep Your Mustache

Growing any facial hair can be a struggle at first. Whether you are growing a mustache or a beard, those first few weeks are punctuated by itchiness and awkwardness.

In the early stages, your face can look like it is unsure whether it wants this facial hair at all. Hair sprouts in certain places, yet gaps appear that can take time to be adequately covered. You may be tempted to take a razor to it and resign yourself to being clean-shaven.

The Longer You Wait, The More It Grows On You

Every passing morning should mean you become more accepting of the changes that facial hair brings to your face. Gradually, the mustache grows, and it grows on you.

Those awkward moments where you are tempted to look away from your reflection have now gone. You have come too far to give up now. Having a mustache is a bold choice that exudes manliness, and having the courage to sport one is an achievement in itself.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Embrace your mustache as your way of standing out amongst the crowd. Tom Selleck knew that as Magnum P.I., and so did Burt Reynolds in pretty much everything he starred in.

Can you imagine Freddie Mercury or Lionel Ritchie on stage without a mustache? No, you cannot. Beards are fine, going clean-shaven is admirable but only a select few men can grow and pull off a mustache.

As the facial hair grows to the length you want, you can begin to cultivate it to really stand out.

How To Maintain Your Mustache?

If you decide to keep your mustache, you should learn how to maintain it. Just as you would with a beard, it takes time and patience to grow one, then skill to pull it off.

All that time can be wasted if you do not look after your facial hair. The first step should be to let your mustache grow out, otherwise, you will have little to cultivate at all. 

When you decide to grow a mustache, you are best advised to avoid shaving for around a week so you have a good basis to work from.

The first shave should allow everyone to know that, yes, you are growing a mustache, and you need a decent length to show that. After a couple of weeks, you should have completed the groundwork, and your mustache will take shape and then begin to fill in.

Use The Best Tools

Now you are ready to cultivate your mustache and use the correct tools to do the best job. That should mean a trimmer or scissors, a good quality comb, and a clean mirror in a well-lit area.

Ideally, you want to see each individual hair in order to cultivate the entire mustache. Give the mustache a good clean before trimming to get rid of any dirt or food particles that may have gotten trapped.

Use warm water to soften those hair follicles and make them easier to trim.

You may be questioning whether to use trimmers or scissors and this largely depends on your preference. Whichever tool you feel more comfortable with and have spent the most time using is likely the best option.

For more controlled designs, we would recommend scissors. As you get more confident with your mustache, you may want to try trimmers as you gain a better understanding of the style you want. 

With a significant length of facial hair, you should also use a comb while trimming. Find one made of reliable material like wood as cheaper ones can pull and drag on the hairs.

The best combs will straighten out even thick hair to make the process of cutting it that bit easier. Trimming any type of hair should mean trying to avoid split ends, so comb downward to keep them in place.

While you comb, you can also examine the length of those hairs too and over time you can see where your hair grows longer in places. Creating an even look is essential to maintaining your mustache.

Styling Your Mustache

Once you have cultivated your mustache, it is high time that you styled it out. With the right amount of length, you can give your facial hair some definition.

It may not be Salvador Dalí yet you can do your own twist. Use some styling wax to gently mold your mustache hairs into something fashionable. You could also add some shine and much-needed moisture by rubbing some beard oil into the areas beneath the mustache. 

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Back To A Beard

Getting rid of your mustache does not necessarily mean going clean-shaven. If you have grown accustomed to having a beard then you do not have to completely lose the mustache, just part of it.

This does require some patience to trim the mustache down while you wait for the surrounding stubble to cover your chin and cheeks.

It can be a delicate balancing act that may require a week’s growth to get a sufficient level of overall facial hair. Once you have enough, the mustache will blend into your beard

How To Shave Off Your Mustache?  

Should You Shave Your Mustache (1)

When you are ready to shave goodbye to your mustache, you may be wondering how to. Sure, you know how to give yourself a clean, smooth shave a couple of times a week yet that mustache is some serious facial hair.

After a month of growth, the skin underneath will have become sensitive as that upper lip protector has so ably protected it. 

There is a lot to consider; the potential trimming beforehand to the razor bumps you may encounter.

Several products can also make the shave that bit more pleasurable so when you have to see it go down the drain, your face is not stinging or sore.

With A Safety Razor

Your first step is preparation so you should use beard shampoo and conditioner on your mustache. Regular hair shampoo and conditioner can do a job yet is not as tailored for dealing with facial hair.

Make your mustache even softer by combing before trimming with some trimmers or scissors. This will get rid of any excess hair and make it easier on your razor. 

There should only be an excess of stubble left so you can treat this like you would a regular morning shave. Either take a warm shower or apply warm water with a wet towel to soften the remaining hair and open up the skin pores.

At this point, you can apply a pre-shave oil for that extra protection before you lather up some shave gel or foam

The final part is familiar enough as you will simply shave with the grain of your mustache and watch those remaining hairs fall off. Keep rinsing the safety razor in warm water and do a couple of passes to ensure you get a close shave.

Rinse your face with cold water to close up those skin pores then add some aftershave lotion or aftershave gel.

I personally use a Merkur safety razor similar to the one below for shaving and I have for years. It is the best safety razor I have ever used. The weight is distributed perfectly and it feels and looks nice in my hand.

I don’t mind putting a few dollars more into something that will serve me well for many years. There are a few cheaper options if you click through our affiliate link below, you can look at all the options and decide.

With A Straight Razor

If you want to go purely old-school as a treat, then use a straight razor. The methods are still largely the same though you will want to trim your mustache significantly, so the straight razor is only the finishing touch.

You should still use a warm towel though you may just want to place it on your mustache as the natural oils of your skin can act as a lubricant for a straight razor.

Pre-shave oil is the more frequently used lubricant that you should apply here, as is shaving soap applied with a decent brush to exfoliate your skin. 

The straight razor is exceptionally sharp so shave in tediously slow strokes going along with the grain. Hold the razor at a 30-degree angle and have your pinky finger on the curved part of the razor.

This helps gain control while you shave, as your other three fingers will be on the reverse side of the shank for precision. Allow the healthy weight of the blade to cut, then use your hand to glide it down your lip gently.

Ideally, you want a taut surface, so stretch out your lip downward and tilt your nose up with your 

With An Electric Razor

There are a few marked differences if you decide to use an electric razor. You can use a beard trimmer for the excess hair though the preparation is largely the same.

The pre-shave oil should make the hair straight for a closer shave, and you should pull the skin tight to create a taut surface for the electric razor to go over. Pass over your lip slowly, then apply aftershave.

Final Thoughts

Whether you should shave your mustache is a decision you may spend a long time over. If you are participating in Movember then you have a simple deadline when you are expected to shave it off.

However, that month of growing may have given you something to cherish. A look you did not think you could pull off and one you want to keep.

After a few weeks or even a month, you can trim your mustache into the shape you want. You may even want to cultivate and style it for that extra eye-catching touch.

If you do decide to shave your mustache, do it properly and show it the respect it deserves. Treat it well with pre-shave oil and trim it so returning to that clean-shaven look is not as painful as it could be. 

Doug Wells

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